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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

derma e Purifying Skincare Line

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

derma e Purifying Skincare Line

  You read that right...derma e has a new line of products and we couldn't be more excited!!!

  The new line contains the Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask, Purifying Daily Detox Scrub, Purifying Youth Serum, Purifying Toner Mist, Purifying Oil-Free Moisturizer, and Purifying Gel Cleanser.

   Using ingredients inspired by the Earth and sea (marine algae extracts, Activated Charcoal, Green Tea, and Aloe Leaf juice) this line will help draw out toxins, replenish nutrients, and restore skin's resistance to oxidative stress.

  Mommy in GA received the Purifying Daily Detox Scrub and Purifying Youth Serum.  The Purifying Daily Detox Scrub is  gentle enough for daily use.  It lifts away impurities and pollutants leaving behind a healthy radiance.  The Purifying Youth Serum is a mineral rich treatment that shields the skin from environmental and age damage.

  Mommy in GA: I LOVE the Purifying Daily Detox Scrub!!!! I absolutely use it every day because I love the way it makes my face (and an added bonus my hands!!!) feel!!!

The smell when you use it is not fantastic but it does not linger on your face and it is not a horrible smell while you are using it. I am huge on smell good stuff and I will just tell yall it has not stopped me from usimg it!!!

Again, the Purifying Youth Serum didn't smell as great as I would have liked it too...but it could also be due to my oversensitive sense of smell due to the pregnancy.  As far as the product performing well I have noticed a definite glowier complexion...but alas, that too could be due to the pregnancy : )  Most folks say that I appear younger than I am anyway so I really didn't expect a whole lot from this product.  I am happy with it keeping my skin feeling radiant though.  

  Mommy in PA received the Purifying Toner Mist and the Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask.  The Purifying Toner Mist is a pH balanced skin mist that replenishes minerals and antioxidants to your skin.  The Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask is a dual-action, deep-detox formula that purges pores of toxins and exfoliates away micropollutants.

  Mommy in PA:  I just can't put into words how much I love the 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask.  As I have said so many times before I am a HUGE fan of 2-in-1 products and this is no exception.  What sets this mask aside from any mask I've used before is the fact that after you allow it to dry and you go to remove it with water you actually just wet your hands and exfoliate your face while removing the mask thanks to the Apricot Seed Powder within.  May I just say...BRILLIANT!!!  Now onto the even better news...this stuff really works.  I use this on Monday mornings and could literally get away without using any other products all day and my face feels wonderful.  

  The Toner Mist also works well, it leaves my face feeling cooled and refreshed though I don't really care for the light tackiness I feel after application but it does go away within a matter of minutes.  Well worth the fresh feeling : )  The mist also has a very pleasant scent which I personally enjoy in any product I put on my face.  

Monday, October 5, 2015

disclaimer:  I received the product below for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions remain my own.

  Do you ever just look around your house and feel like something is missing?  It's amazing what one art print or a collection of them can do to finish making a room feel complete.  Or do you have a multi-purpose room that needs a little help designating the areas...well art can help there too.

  Well once you decide on what type of art your are looking for then you need to find a place to order it and we know just the place. has a little bit of everything.  And not only do they have a little bit of everything, they have prices that make museum-quality art affordable.

YAY!!!!! Its here!!!!! I have been VERY excited for this review :)

They packaged it so well and snug so it wouldn't crack on the way to my house!!!!

Everything you need!!Just grab a nail and a hammer and get to it :)

  Mommy in  GA: This was one of my favorite reviews!!!!  I had looked everywhere for something to match the kids' crazy peace bathroom!!! So I went onto and actually just typed in my peace sign search and it brought up all of my choices!!

I found my perfect print...... picked my frame (several to choose from!!!!!) and you also get to pick your glass or plexiglass and your matte

I chose the colors for the matte also.

Super fun, easy and I got exactly what I wanted!!!!! You should head over and have a look!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2015


disclaimer:  I received the product below for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.


  Scars...we all have them.  And when they are in a noticeable location they can really be upsetting.  Well what if there was a way to help conceal the scar without some expensive technique or cosmetic surgery?  That's where Dermaflage steps in.

   Dermaflage uses a simple three-step procedure to fill and conceal the scar.  And unlike makeup, Dermaflage is flexible so it moves with your skin. It is also waterproof (go ahead and take that shower or go swimming), and can last up to 36 hours.

  It was created by a Special Effects makeup pro and has been used by television and movie stars.  But don't think that superstar product means superstar price...Dermaflage costs $50 for a starter kit that contains multiple applications.

No Dermaflage above....... Ugly scar but a great day behind it!!!!

The pic above is the light color Dermaflage (A tad too light for right now I think!!!) Also my first attempt at Dermaflage ever!!!!!

The pic above is the medium tint and matches much better!!! My second attempt at dermaflage :)

  Mommy in GA:  I was super excited about trying the Dermaflage and got the entire starter kit!!! As stated above you get multiple applicators and also get to choose 2 color tones. you will get several uses out of one applicator (even more if your scar area is smaller)  You also get the compact where you keep the spnge to smooth your application.

It didn't look great but it was very easy to use and mine looked way better the second time!!!  After you use it for your special occasion or are just done it peels right off, super easy and no big mess :)

Country Save Laundry Detergent

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Country Save

  So in our quest for helping our families understand how important it is to use healthy and/or environmentally friendly products we often come up short when it comes to the "money saving" part of our name.  But in all fairness we do understand that research and some of the techniques used to make healthier/environmentally friendly products does cost more.  We really lucked out on this one though...Country Save has it all.

  If I did my math correctly it looks like it costs about 12 cents a load using the powder version purchased off Amazon in bulk.  You get 40 lbs. of powder detergent for under $80.  Hey, guess what I just found...a chart that compares prices to leading brands, and guess math was correct, chart found here.

  Now onto the health/environmental aspects of this product.  It is Fragrance and Dye Free, 100% Phosphate-Free, Completely Biodegradable, Safe for Septic Tanks, Cruelty-Free, No Animal Testing, No Animal By-Products, and is ideal for sensitive skin.

  Country Save was kind enough to send us each a big sampling of their Powder Laundry Detergent and some of their Powdered Oxygen Powered Bleach, try saying that three times fast LOL!

  Mommy in GA: There are A LOT of us and when you do as much laundry as I do........ This is one of the BEST review opportunities EVER!!!!!!!  I do a ton of laundry and have also tried out A LOT of different brands.

With so many kids you have somewhere you can use anything under the sun and not have a reaction and you can have others that are SUPER sensitive..... I got lucky and have a few of both :) So to save money we try to stick with the detergents that are gentle.

Country Save is in that market!!!! It is good for sensitive skin and it is easy on the pocket...... your clothes smell clean and the Powdered Oxygen Powdered Bleach helps keep those white clothes white and that includes your stinky socks looking and smelling better :)

  Mommy in PA:  I too was very excited about trying out this laundry soap.  I don't do nearly as much laundry as Mommy in GA but I too have one child with no sensitivities and one with sensitivities.  Let me tell you...we had no issues at all.  I also love the fact that the Oxygen Powered Bleach actually did help my clothes look whiter.   I have issues using some products in my water as we have a high iron content.  Some products actually turn my clothes orange because I guess they bind with the iron particles, not in this case though : )  

  I will admit I am not a huge fan of things being fragrance free but I just added a little bit of another product in sprinkle form to the wash on the loads that I really needed fragrance (towels and bedding mainly).  The product performed well and left my clothes feeling and smelling clean.  I was even surprised how well it cleaned my husband's greasy work clothes.  

Cave Tools

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Cave Tools

  Recently we each got the chance to choose and review a Cooking/BBQ tool from Cave Tools.  Mommy in GA received the BBQ Tools Set and Mommy in PA received the Digital Cooking Thermometer.

  Mommy in GA: This was awesome!!!  We grill out a lot and I love getting new utensils!!!  They are silver which is always appealing to the eye!!  I got the spatula, The fork and tongs which makes grilling easier!!!  You can use your fork or tongs for your chicken or pork chops (you know your thicker meats)  I LOVE the spatula for Burgers and Dogs.....these are the most common grill meats at my house :)

  Mommy in PA:  This is way better than the standard cooking thermometer that I have had for years.  I love how easy it is to read and how quickly it adjusts.  This thermometer has a lot of nifty features, my favorite being the cool little tube shaped case that it slides into when you need a free hand.  Just put the thermometer in the case and hook it in your pocket.  Another great feature is the fact that it is waterproof/shatterproof.  I can guarantee that the standard thermometer I have now is neither.  It actually will get fogged up if I hold it over the stove/grill for very long.  

  I also like the automatic off feature, it will actually turn itself off after 10 minutes.  This came in really handy for me recently when my fridge was on the fritz.  I got up the one morning and went to get a drink and realized that it didn't feel very cold.  Well thanks to the Quick Read Thermometer I was able to tell that my fridge was not keeping things as cold as it should.  I was able to continue checking the thermometer throughout the day.  I even used it in the new one to make sure that the temperature was cold enough to begin placing our food in.  This may not be its intended use but it sure helped me out : )

  To purchase your own set of BBQ Tools head over here.  Use discount code VLOMCLTN to recieve 20% off your purchase.  

  To purchase your own Digital Cooking Thermometer head over here.  Use discount code ONCTPYKL to receive 20% off your purchase.  

Monday, July 27, 2015

Tulip Body Art

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Tulip Body Art

  Looking for a fun thing to do at parties/sleepovers/sporting events?  Then Tulip Body Art will have you creating in no time.  

  Tulip Body Art has a full line of products that kids and/or adults can use to decorate their skin.  They carry Face & Body Paints, Crystals, Stencils, Glitter Tattoo Kits, Body Markers, and Hair Chalk to name a few.  

  Don't have time to wait for them to arrive in the mail?  No worries, the Tulip Body Art kits are available at Michael's, Jo-Ann, Meijer, Hobby Lobby, and AC Moore.  Or you can order them directly from  

Mommy in GA: This is one of my favorite products we have reviewed!!!! When they told us they were sending it out I jumped around and squealed like a 5 year old. We had so much fun with the kit, we got it out several times for birthday parties and sleepovers!
I have 3 girls so of course you add in their friends and you have a good size group for fun!!
The majority of it is really easy.... The girls were giving each other glitter tattoos because they had the stencils and the glue and glitter were easy to use..... Just keep an eye on them or you may have a glitter or glue overload!

  We had so much fun with the tulip body art and the supplies lasted quite some time but, are also super easy to order online! The only down fall was the hair chalk we were pretty dissappointed but, in tulip body arts favor I have yet to find a hair chalk we love, this hair chalk didn't work real well in the girls' hair as they all have kind of dark colored hair.

This is a product i would definately review again and even buy.

  Mommy in PA:  I can't say enough good stuff about the Glitter Tattoo Kit.  It was super, super easy.  My ten year old even did his own and they turned out great.  We actually did our tattoos for at the local fair but ended up not being able to go that night...bummer : (  I figured we'd have to do the tattoos again the next night but amazingly they were still intact and looked like we had just done them.  Well it is four days later and just to see how well they held up I was super careful not to scrub over my tattoo in the shower and it is amazingly still there.  Not as glittery as it was but still easily recognizable : )  

  My daughter and I actually tried the hair chalk too (we got the pink).  We, like Mommy in GA, were not impressed at all : (  It hardly showed up, we were looking for really bright.  But again, we have darker hair too so this may just work better for lighter hair color.  

  All in all we were very impressed with the Tulip Body Art for its ease of use and the fact that the product lasts a long time and you can even reuse the stencils as long as you stick them back on the plastic backing, or get creative and make your own designs : )

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

derma e Hydrating Night Creme

disclaimer:  I received the product below for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.

derma e Hydrating Night Crème
  We all know how important it is to keep our bodies hydrated during the summer months, but how many of us really think about how important it is to keep our skin hydrated as well? 
  derma e Hydrating Night Crème makes it simple to keep your skin hydrated with minimal work on your behalf.   Just apply once daily to help keep your skin softer, smoother, and younger-looking.  
  One of the ingredients used is Hyaluronic Acid.  One molecule of Hyaluronic Acid is said to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water.  This crème also includes anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins C and E, and Aloe. 
  Mommy in GA:I am so excited about our reoccurring work together with derma e!!! Derma e has soooooo many great products and they are decently priced for the amount of product you get and how long it lasts!!

I received the derma e Hydrating Night Crème this time and I really like it!!!

I am only 32 so I am hoping that not getting a miraculous result on looking younger is because........ I am already looking younger!!!!!!

The texture is fantastic!! Some lotions are too thick or too thin or too greasy etc....  The derma e Hydrating Night Crème feels like a thicker lotion, but it is just right!!! It does not leave a greasy feel on your skin which I LOVE!!!!!! I can not stand the feel of greasy residue on my face after the fact.
Another great thing I love is the smell of it I can't explain it but, it just smells good which is a great feature for a product you wear on your know...around your nose where it smells everything!!!

The jar is super cute, not very fancy but, it is relatively small and easy to keep out of the way, unlike the big bottles that take up so much room :) 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

derma e Products

disclaimer:  I received the products below for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.
derma e
  So if you haven't noticed already, we have tested quite a few derma e products.  Well today's post is about two more of their product line, the Tea Tree and E Oil and the Hydrating Facial Wipes.
  The Tea Tree and E Oil is a multi-purpose product.  It can be used for a variety of skin issues.  It is made using 75% Tea Tree Oil (known for being a potent antibacterial, antifungal, and a natural antiseptic) and 25% Vitamin E.
  derma e actually calls this product their "medicine kit in a bottle" and they say you can use it on cuts, scrapes, dermatitis, eczema, ringworm, fungal issues, poison ivy, insect bites, rashes, blisters, and fungal issues. 
  Mommy in PA:  Well of course I used this on my dry hands first and let me tell you, not only did it give me instant relief from the dryness but it actually helped heal my hands back up from all of the cracking. 

So the verdict on the insect worked, and it worked within seconds.  Now the itching did come back from time to time over the next couple of days but another dab of the oil and I was good to go!
  The smell of this is a little strong but it really does grow on you after awhile : ) 
    derma e is also looking out for those who travel with their Hydrating Facial Wipes.  Need to take your facial care on the go?  Then these facial wipes would be perfect for you.  The packaging is small enough to toss in your bag or glove box and again they are multi-purpose.  Not only are you cleaning the gunk off your face but you are also moisturizing with Hyaluronic Acid which leaves your skin conditioned, softened, and smooth. 
  These wipes contain the superfruit extracts Grape Seed and Maqui Berry. 
  Each pack contains 25 compostable wipes and even the outer packaging is recyclable. 
  Mommy in PA:  What a great product to toss in your glove box or in your gym bag.  These come in super handy for when you need a quick freshen-up but don't have access to running water.  I've tried a few different facial wipes in my day and most leave your face feeling almost too clean, tight, and dry.  Not these wipes, they leave your face feeling soft and smooth, no oiliness here. 
  The scent of these is nice too.  Nothing overwhelming, just a nice natural smell. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jinja-a-Day Giveaway!

Jinja a Day giveaway header

Are you a woman with a purpose? Jinja Jewelry is throwing a launch party to celebrate their newly redesigned website and online shop!

Fans can join in the fun with the Jinja-a-Day Giveaway - just submit your name and email in the form on the entry page to enter! 30 Chances to win!

From July 1st to July 31st, 30 different winners in total will receive a free piece from the Jinja Jewelry collection. Additionally, everyone will receive 30% off their entire purchase for all 30 days of the giveaway. Once you enter you will be directed to a page with your exclusive 30% off coupon code.

Click Here to Visit the Entry Page

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

derma e Skin, Hair and Nail Oil

disclaimer:  We received the product below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.
derma e Skin, Hair and Nail Oil
Multi-purpose products are all the rage.  Who wants a product that does only one thing when you can have something that takes care of a wide range of beauty issues in one small package?!  Well derma e has done just that in their Skin, Hair and Nail Oil.
  The Oil is a concentrated, multi-benefit beauty treatment with Organic Argan, Organic Jojoba, and Kukui Oils.  As with all other derma e products this one is also cruelty-free and 100% vegan. 
  You can use the oil on your skin to help replenish moisture, on your hair for taming frizz and boosting shine, and on your nails for conditioning. 
  Mommy in GA: we have done a lot with derma e poducts and have yet to be dissappointed! This product is the same! I tried it on my hair on the ends (the oil helps with frizziness and if you have ever dyed or bleached your hair before a much needed cut you know the frizz im talking about!)  i put a drop of oil in my hair and the frizz instantly subsided it doesnt even look super oily!
Next i tried my nails.... This was different because it leaves a glaze, i am typing on my phone after re applying and i can see everywhere my hands have been! Might need to clean the screen after this! The bright side being my nails look better!!

Last but not least my skin...... I know you are all probably thinking good god why doesn't mommy in GA just go get a pedicure already!!! But again I used this on my cracked dry heels. I don't know why I won't get a pedicure, it's a luxury and takes time I guess lol. I notice a difference in my heels it seems to help hold the moisture a little better.
It comes in a cute bottle with it's own dropper and it smells different but not stinky different.
  Mommy in PA:  Just like Mommy in GA and her dry heels, I tried this oil on my worst problem skin hands.  I love how it instantly helped soothe them and made them feel a lot less tight, dry skin is just so irritating and this was a quick fix.  I also love how it made my nails shiny and it made my cuticles look healthier too. 
  I personally did not use this in my hair because my daughter stole it before I had a chance too...LOL.  What she used it for was her face.  During the winter she had some problem areas where her skin got dry and flaky, this helped her quite a bit and she even said she noticed her face wasn't breaking out as much either. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fresh Cab

disclaimer:  We received the product below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Fresh Cab

  Most of us have had to deal with a rodent problem from time to time.  But who likes the thought of having to use scary chemicals to get rid of the problem rodents?  Well the company earthkind has the solution.  

  Fresh Cab is a non-toxic, green product made for repelling rodents.  Just place the pouches anywhere you see signs of rodent activity.  Be sure to place one near your dryer vent close to fall as those little buggers are always looking for a nice warm place to get out of the weather. 

Mommy in GA: I am not sure if i had any issues with mice before i tried this product or not,but I can tell you i definitely didn't after i used it!!

I have 4 relatively small children and their safety is the front and center of my concerns.....I was able to sit this out and not worry too much about them getting ahold of it. I stuck one in my laundry room and one outside in my carport (i will be honest and tell you their are enough crawling critters out there and i do NOT need mice too!!) i have not noticed any mice or nesting supplies or even those lovely pellets they like to leave us��.

Overall i am pretty impressed....... We have enough to worry about without those little buggers moving in!!

Mommy in PA:  Unlike Mommy in GA, I know we have rodent issues from time to time...yuck!  You would think that having cats would totally get rid of the mice but it doesn't.  I have actually watched a mouse steal some of my cat's food before.  

  I was so excited to try out the Fresh Cab because sometimes it just isn't safe to sit a mousetrap or mouse poison where we are having the mouse near the cat's food.  But with the Fresh Cab I didn't have to worry about it : )  And guess mice since I put it out YAY! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

"Let's Visit Maui"

disclaimer:  We received the book below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

"The Adventures of Bella & Harry:  Let's Visit Maui!"

Written by Lisa Manzione
Illustrations by Kristine Lucco

  This is actually book twelve in the series of "The Adventures of Bella & Harry".  Bella and Harry are sister and brother Chihuahuas that, along with their family,  take kids on adventures to different locations around the world and show them the different cultures, customs, traditions, and landmarks.

To find out more and give your children a chance to interact with Bella & Harry you can head over to their site here where there are online study guides, coloring print outs, and games. 

Mommy in GA: my 10 year old said she loved this book, it is a really great way to teach children as far as teaching differant islands and they used some hawiian language. It was good because they used pictures and maps and showed examples of the things they were talking about so it was a good way to learn!

My 9 year old said " i like it but there is too much learning about stuff i can learn at school."
She obviously only wants to read for fun not too absorb anything real lol.

My 6 year old says "nothing" 
He is big on description!!

Mommy in PA:  This was a great learning adventure for me and the kids though my youngest said he already knew most of the stuff in the book (He is a tad bit of an overachiever...LOL).  He kept interrupting my reading with other facts he knew which made the book that much more special. 

 My daughter and I both agreed that the pictures were gorgeous (and that's something coming from a 17 year old).  Every page is completely covered with beautiful art. 

I also love that they use a good selection of the native languages although I would really have loved it if they would have included a page in the front or back that had word pronunciations for the tricky words.  The page with all the island names had my kids looking at me a little goofy because I didn't know how to pronounce them all : )

These would make great books to have available in the classroom for learning geography and about native languages and cultures.

  You can pick up your own copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


Friday, June 26, 2015

ToiletTree Products - Portable Oral Irrigator

disclaimer:  We received the following product for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.
ToiletTree Products - Portable Oral Irrigator
  Keeping your teeth clean and healthy, especially when on the go can be daunting at times.  Especially when you hate to floss.  Well ToiletTree Products has a solution that will not only make oral health easier but also more convenient...the Portable Oral Irrigator.
  The Portable Oral Irrigator helps you get a deep down clean in all those hard to reach places using an adjustable pulsating stream of water.  Great for people with bridges and braces where normal flossing just won't cut it.
  The nozzle (they include 2 so you don't have to share the same nozzle) rotates a full 360 degrees allowing you to reach every corner of your mouth, and it even folds down for easy storage.  The irrigator itself even folds down to half its normal size when done using so that you can take it with you wherever you go.  Great for business trips, lunch breaks, etc.  It also features two different operating modes (normal and soft) allowing you choose which works the best for your dental situation.  And the unit is even rechargeable.
  Mommy in GA: Okay so the Oral Irrigator I was a little hesitant to use, and now I am furious I missed out that time!!! This is great........ I am probably about to overshare but here it goes! I used this for the first time when I still had the morning bed fuzzies (meaning before brushing my teeth !Eww I know) I used it then so that I could see how well it was really going to work and let me tell yall I was really impressed!!

I had to brush my teeth to get the fresh feeling only brushing gives you but, the irrigator is a nice thing to have to keep your teeth feeling clean between meals or on the go!
I used the low setting because my teeth are a little sensitive, I also tried the normal setting and it wasn't unbearable, but that is he nice thing is you get an option not just one setting!! 
  Mommy in PA:  As soon as this arrived I handed it to my teenage daughter.  She has had tons of dental issues the past couple of years, the most recent being a bunch of small cavities between her teeth...obviously due to a non-diligent job of flossing : ( 
  She filled it up and decided to try it out on her hand first to see just how hard the water shot out.  Well needless to say, she was a little scared to try it in her mouth.  After a few minutes she decided to try it out and ended up handing it back to me saying she was just too afraid it might pop out her fillings. 
  Well that left me to try it out and I just wanna say that if you've never tried an oral irrigator before be very careful as to not totally drench yourself and all of your surroundings like I did...LOL!  This does take some practice : )  But I will say that it is great for getting out all of those tiny food particles and for removing plaque.  I just wish I would have had one of these when my daughter was younger and maybe we could have avoided a lot of the issues she is dealing with now. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Essenza Luxury Hand Soap

disclaimer:  I received the products below for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.
Essenza Luxury Hand Soap

Essenza is a new line of hand soap. The soap is available in various scents such as :French Lavender, Rosemary Mint, Pomegranate Acai, Pear Glace, South Pacific Waters and Mango Agave.
The Essenza line is available nationwide at Target, select Bed Bath & Beyonds, Walgreens and . A 12 oz. bottle will run around $3.99 and a 16.9 oz. bottle is around $4.99.  Can you say luxury on a budget?!?!
The soaps are made from a blend of essential oils, shea butter, and aloe.  They are all free of artificial dyes and colorings, making them great for those with more sensitive skin. 

Mommy in GA:  No, you're not experiencing dejavu, I did indeed review these soaps awhile ago but the company was kind enough to allow me to review again.

This time I received the Pomegranate Acai and the South Pacific Waters.  My favorite being the Pomegranate Acai. 

I still totally love the packaging of these soaps.  It's a little bit of added luxury in the bathroom or the kitchen and they don't cost a fortune. 

Also they smell amazing!!!  It's also nice to know that these soaps are available in a lot of locations so no need to wait to have them shipped. 

Balanced Guru

disclaimer:  We received the following products for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.
Balanced Guru

  Are you looking to add a little more balance to your life (balance in your skincare routine that is) then Balanced Guru has you covered.  Balanced Guru carries a full line of certified organic products for your skin, body, and hair to help everyone find their own balance. 

  Mommy in GA and Mommy in PA each received samples of Balm Me Up and Soothe Me Slowly and here is what we thought:

  Mommy in GA:  These both had equal effectiveness on my nasty, dried out heels.  I noticed that they both left an oily residue but that's ok because my heels feel smoother now and that was the point.  It was amazing how quickly these products relieved my dry skin.  And they even smell good, the Balanced Guru products that is, not my feet. 

  Mommy in PA:  The Balm Me Up was a great product for relieving my dry skin issues.  My hands tend to dry out a lot, especially in the winter and this product actually made the dryness go away instantly.  It did leave my hands feeling on the oily side but it wasn't the kind of oiliness that leaves a residue on other surfaces (which is a huge plus, especially when you are typing a lot). 

  I really like the smell of the Soothe Me Slowly.  It really does give you a soothing feeling.  This is great for spraying on your skin before bedtime.