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Friday, October 24, 2014

Get Your FREE Credit Score!

disclaimer:  The link below is my referral link.  You are not under any obligation to click on my link if you don't want to but I would really appreciate it if you did : )
Credit Sesame
 Mommy in PA:   Credit Sesame offers its members the ability to view your credit score at any time.  The great thing about it is that it is always Free.  My husband and I have been members since shortly after they started the site and I must say that I have never had any issues with them. 
  And it's not just a free credit score.  You can also view your credit reports, see cool charts that tell you how you compare to others on debt to income ratios, you can set it to send you emails if there is something new posted to your credit report, or when companies look at your credit report, and even just to let you know if your credit score drops.  It even has a chart to show you how much home you can afford.
  They do also offer some paid features (you never have to do these if you don't want to) but that is how they are able to keep the site running and for all of us to get our free credit scores : )  The credit card finding feature is also handy, it shows you what credit card offers you may qualify for and how much they could save you. 
  I personally love this site because it gives me the ability to check my credit score whenever I want and it is always exciting getting on there to see what kind of progress I am making. 
Credit Sesame has a referral offer going on right now that you can also take advantage of, just get six of your friends to sign up for their free credit score and Credit Sesame will send you $150 Amazon Gift Card (limited to the first 100)!
  If you would like to sign up for Credit Sesame you can do so here. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Dream Team Pets + Deal Alert!!!

disclaimer:  We received the following information from to share with our readers.  We will be receiving one Dream Team Pet in exchange for this and all following posts about the Dream Team Pet.  All opinions remain our own.
Dream Team Pets
  Do you have a small child that has trouble sleeping through the night?  I'm sure we've all been there at some point, as it seems all little ones go through this stage. 
  Dream Team Pets are here to help make your nights a little more restful by teaching your kids how to sleep train themselves by sleep training their Dream Team Pet. 
  Each Dream Team Pet comes with its own stickers and certificate so that your child can award them for sleeping through the night.  And if your child does happen to wake up they have their dream pet there to help them (even though they believe they are helping the pet). 

To find out more about Dream Team Pets:
  Our readers our receiving a special 30% off code USFGUIDE that can be used here. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Schwan's Home Delivery Service + discount codes!

disclaimer:  We received a gift card from in exchange for our honest opinions about the service.  All opinions remain our own.
Schwan's Home Delivery Service
  Back in August we had posted some information and a discount for our readers from Schwan's home delivery service.  You can see that post here.  Well in exchange for that post we were issued a gift card so that we could actually try out the service and let ya'll know what we thought.  Well due to some technical issues we just recently received the gift card. 
  Gift card in hand, we excitedly started browsing Schwan's website.  We had to split the gift card so we each carefully decided what we wanted to buy and proceeded to attempt checking out mommy in GA's cart first...that's when we hit a snag.  Mommy in GA (even though she lives in a much larger suburb area - compared to mommy in PA's rural setting) was unable to get home delivery via truck at her address which would have cost her almost $15 in shipping...which was over half of her share of the gift card : ( 
  Mommy in GA decided to just let mommy in PA use the gift card since shipping via truck to her house was going to be less than $2.  Thanks mommy in GA!!!
  Mommy in GA: My grandparents' (Mommy in Pa's parents) ALWAYS had Schwan's ice cream cups or other Schwan's ice creams to choose from so this post was a fun chance and brought up some GREAT memories!!!
We were so excited about the Schwan's post only to be super bummed about the shipping costing more than my half of the gift card :(

That being said the have a HUGE selection to choose from now at pretty decent prices....If only they were in Ga!!

  Mommy in PA:  My parent's used to order stuff from the Schwan's guy all the time.  I think we tried about every ice cream flavor there was.  I didn't really recall them having such a wide variety of other foods before but that could also just be because I was a kid at the time and all I cared about was the ice cream : )
  I had a really hard time deciding what to try but ended up ordering a package of the Chicken Cordon Bleu, a package of the Seasoned Stuffed Chicken Breast, and a box of the Chocolate Sundae Crunch Bars.  I was able to use a special coupon they had going on for $2 off 2 of the Stuffed Chicken and a $5/$25 discount offer which made my total with delivery and everything only $23.22. 
  Signing up for my account online was super easy and I was impressed by all of the payment options.  You can even order online in advance and pay cash when it shows up : )  I was also impressed at the speed of my delivery (I kinda lucked out I guess).  I placed my order on 10/8 and it showed up on my account that it would be delivered on 10/9 between 11AM-1PM.  
  The next day at noon the Schwan's guy (Nate) pulled up in front of my house.  In the meantime, I had decided that I would really like some of the vanilla with fudge swirl ice cream cups, so I decided it was worth asking...and he had them in stock on the truck : )  He was very nice and even explained how I would even earn points for my ice cream cup purchase since I had already signed up online.  He had handed me their catalog which has the next delivery date on it and explained how as long as I placed my order by 11 PM the night before that my stuff would be on the truck (how awesome is that?!?!). 
  I also learned that you don't even have to be home when they deliver your food.  They actually have the option for you to buy a reusable freezer bag for under $5 that you can have the driver place your food in. 
  So now onto the food likeability test...everyone agreed that the ice cream cups and the sundae bars were delicious.  I made the stuffed chicken breasts for dinner one night and even my daughter who does not like broccoli had some of the ones that I had gotten for myself.  She said they weren't bad but that they use too much broccoli, I on the other hand think they were delicious except I wish that they had a crunchier coating on the outside (more like the Cordon Bleu ones).  My husband had the Cordon Bleu ones and he said they were just as good as any other ones he's tried. 
  To summarize, great selection of products, reasonable prices, you can't beat the home delivery (if available in your area), and the food was tasty.  We will definitely be ordering again soon!
  Here are some discount codes for our readers so that they too can try out Schwan's Home Delivery Service:
$  5 off $25 Order: JULIEN2
$10 off $50 Order: JULIEN2
$15 off $75 Order: JULIEN15

Enter for a Chance to Win a Keurig 2.0!!!

disclaimer:  I received this information from the One2One Network to share with my readers.  I am not receiving any compensation for this post.
Say Hello With Keurig 2.0 Sweepstakes
  If you could have coffee with a friend/family member...who would it be?  Well Keurig is giving one person a chance to do just that.  One winner will receive a trip for them and their one friend or family member of their choice to New York City. 
  And that's not all...they are also giving away 5 Keurig 2.0 Home Brewing Systems each week.  And for every entry Keurig is donating $1 (up to $20,000) to the United Service Organization which helps support programs that help troops connect with their families. 
  So what are you waiting for...head over to or #HelloKeurig #Sweeps  for your chance to win!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Essenza Luxury Hand Soap

disclaimer:  I received the products below for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.
Essenza Luxury Hand Soap
Essenza is a new line of hand soap. The soap is available in various scents such as :French Lavender, Rosemary Mint, Pomegranate Acai, Pear Glace, South Pacific Waters and Mango Agave.
The Essenza line is available nationwide at Target, select Bed Bath & Beyonds, Walgreens and . A 12 oz. bottle will run around $3.99 and a 16.9 oz. bottle is around $4.99.  Can you say luxury on a budget?!?!
The soaps are made from a blend of essential oils, shea butter, and aloe.  They are all free of artificial dyes and colorings, making them great for those with more sensitive skin. 

Mommy in Ga received one of each sample scent and fell in LOVE!!!  I know you all know about my obsession with that fresh burst of smell I love it in my laundry, cleaners and soaps...everywhere really so needless to say I Really LOVE the essenza!! 

I put one in my Kitchen and one in each bathroom in the house!!  I like all of the scents I don't think I have a favorite or a least favorite and I LOVE the bottles as well! They are much more fashionable than the other hand soaps we set around our houses.

I leave mine out all the time and company has come by and had to wash their hands' and told me how much they like the new soap too :)

The kids' are not picky when it comes to soap...they can make a mess with anything ;) but, it is kind of nice to go in the bathroom after my 5 year old had filled the sink and made a bubble palace in there...the palace not being the highlight but it smells FANTASTIC, while I am in there cleaning up his mess!!!!

"Crap Taxidermy"

disclaimer:  I received the following book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.
Crap Taxidermy
by Kat Su
  "Crap Taxidermy" is a collection of photos compiled by Kat Su from all around the world depicting well...crappy taxidermy. 
  Each photo includes a title to the "piece of art" and the items location.  Some of the taxidermy in this book was meant to look silly on purpose while others...not so much. 
  Kat Su organizes the book into the chapters as follows:
  - Introduction (obviously the introduction into why someone would compile these)
  - It's in the Eyes (Something about these critter's eyes just isn't quite right...think googly eyes.
  - Dynamic Poses (I didn't think their bodies could move like that)
  - Grin & Bear It (Look at them chompers)
  - Improving on Nature (No, I don't think cats have wings...)
  - Strange Anatomy (A good example is the cover of the book)
  - Anthropomorphic (Animals taking on human roles)
  - Get Stuffed (A section dedicated to help you learn how to stuff your own mouse)
Mommy in PA:  So if you haven't heard of Kat Su from the popular Tumblr site than you probably didn't even know that there were people interested in crappy taxidermy.  I know I sure didn't.
  So you are probably wondering why I would even be interested in a book like this.  Well in two words...the cover : )
  My kids and I agreed that the picture on the cover made the book well worth looking into...and it did not disappoint : )  OMG did we laugh!!!  We had favorites in every section but the two that I recommend folks getting this book to see are the "Creative Beer Bottles" and "Road Kill's Revenge". 
  Our favorite section is the Anthropomorphic one.  This is the one where they take the animals and dress them up and use props...a good example is the one where they have a frog sitting in a chair with a pipe and a mug of beer.  He just looks so alive...
  That brings me to the part about the book I do not like, the death part...I told the kids that the animals most likely died of natural causes and I truly hope that they did.  I really thought the book would be about wild animals that people normally hunt for food/furs/etc. but there are a few in there that were not of that variety (cat, dog, guinea pig).  I assume that these ones were made up because the pet owners wanted to keep their furry friends around forever. 
  All in all I think this book would make a great gift for a taxidermist, or a great coffee table book for the old hunting lodge. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Willie's Redneck Time Machine"

disclaimer:  I received the following book for free from Tyndale in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.
"Willie's Redneck Time Machine"
By John Luke Robertson
with Travis Thrasher
  So if you haven't heard of The Robertson's of "Duck Commander" and "Duck Dynasty" fame by now then my best guess is that you must be living under a rock : )
  Willie Robertson and his family formed a company called "Duck Commander" that produces duck calls and then later starred on a television series titled "Duck Dynasty" based on their everyday lives running the duck call business. 
  Willie's son ,John Luke Robertson, decided to make his own contribution to the family's fame by writing a series of books that allow the readers to be one of the Robertson's and choose how the story will end.  The books in his series are "Willie's Redneck Time Machine", "Phil & the Ghost of Camp Ch-Yo-Ca", "Si in Space", and "Jase & the Deadliest Hunt".
  "Willie's Redneck Time Machine" gives you a chance to play the role of Willie.  It is Korie's (your wife) birthday and you are trying to figure out what kind of gift to get her when you realize that there is an outhouse in the middle of the Duck Commander warehouse.  Or is it an outhouse? has antennas on it. 
  Your son, John Luke shows up while you are inspecting the outhouse.  He steps inside and disappears.  This is where you get to make your first of many decisions in the book.  Some will take you back in time to your high school prom, some will take you to the future, and yet others will take you way, way back in time. 
  Mommy in PA:  I was so excited to see that this was a book written by a Robertson.  My family loves watching "Duck Dynasty".  I was even more excited to see that it was a book that allows you to choose which path to take.  I used to read books like these all the time when I was a teenager and was disappointed to see that there aren't really any books made like that for today's youth. 
  John Luke did a wonderful job making this story about his father.  It was just like I was watching an episode of "Duck Dynasty" in my head as all the characters were just like they are on the television show.  Same humor and everything : ) 
  This was a great book to read with my nine year old.  He had a blast choosing which path to take in the story.  He did a great job choosing the right path for Willie.  And even if you do choose wrong the outcomes are never scary, so perfect for all ages.
  I love that it was something we could read over and over again but never get stuck with the same ending.  They do a wonderful job at helping teach the kiddos how to choose between good and bad decisions.  Good ones typically end up with good results, whereas bad ones can make you end up wishing you would have made a better choice. 
    I can't wait to pick up another book from this series for my son.  We are thinking of getting "Jase & the Deadliest Hunt" next because my family is big on hunting : )
  To find out more about "Willie's Redneck Time Machine" you can do so here.  Also be sure to enter via the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win your very own copy of "Willie's Redneck Time Machine".
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Are you looking for another way to follow our know you are LOL!  Well here's an easy way to watch our blog and other blogs that you are interested in. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Everything That Remains"

disclaimer:  We received the book below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.
"Everything That Remains" :  A Memoir by the Miniamalists
by Joshua Fields Milburn & Ryan Nicodemus
  As you can tell from the title this is a book about minimalism.  Minimalism is basically people living with only the things they need and not holding onto a bunch of useless possessions. 
  Joshua and Ryan were both making good money in high paying jobs.  After Joshua's mother passes away and he is getting divorced he realizes that although he had pretty much anything he wanted he just wasn't happy. 
  Joshua is the first one to attempt the minimalist lifestyle.  He eventually convinces Ryan to try it too.  Now they have their own website where they keep people updated on how their own minimalist lifestyle is going along with tips for others to start their journey to a life with little extra baggage. 
  The book takes us from the beginning of Joshua's lifestyle change the whole way through to their success on their website and the books that followed.
  Mommy in GA:  Mommy in GA hasn't had a chance to read the book yet but says she will get around to it once her kids leave the house LOL!  You know how kids are and wanting to save every little thing they've ever owned.  "Don't throw that's my favorite". 
  Mommy in PA:  This was a great book, I didn't want to put it down.  It really inspired me to start taking inventory of all the useless stuff I have been holding onto for years.
  Mommy in GA and I were so excited to get a chance to review this book because almost every time we talk (which is almost daily) we talk about clutter and trying to keep our houses tidied up.  Less possessions = Less time cleaning!
  The book is mainly about Joshua's experiences but is peppered throughout with helpful and sometimes comical comments from Ryan.  The only thing I didn't care for is how they put the numbers for reference in the text but then you had to go the whole way to the back of the book to find out what Ryan said.  I think they should have just put his comments at the bottom of the pages to make it easier.  There were times I would read three or four pages before I realized I had missed some of Ryan's comments. 
  I love the part about them packing up all of Ryan's stuff in his apartment, the "Packing Party"  (some packing up just involved covering the furniture so that it would have to be uncovered to access it.  Then Ryan would only take out items that he actually needed for the next 21 days.  After the 21 days was up then they would donate, sell, or trash the remaining items.  If it wasn't for the rest of my family I would do this in a heartbeat.  I know for a fact that there are things in my son's room that haven't been played with in over a year.  But I know for a fact too that if I went and got rid of something he'd ask for it the next day.
  This book has really motivated me.  I've gathered up about 7 bags of clothes that need hauled off to Goodwill and two big boxes of stuff that I plan on selling or donating and I still have tons of stuff to go through.  Thanks Joshua & Ryan for making me see that my time is way too valuable to spend it all cleaning up and organizing the things I don't really need. 
  To get free tickets to see the Minimalists in a city near you just go to their site here to check for tour dates.

Rice n Simple + Free Sample through 10/10!!!

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Rice n Simple

  Are you looking for a quick meal idea but tired of the same old freezer dinners?  How about an all-natural, cholesterol free alternative...Rice n Simple.

  Rice n Simple comes in two varieties (Jasmine or Californai-grown Brown Rice) and the choice of three flavoring pouches (Soy Sauce, Shiitake Mushroom Sauce, or Teriyaki Glaze).  Each box contains a microwaveable bowl of rice and one flavor pouch. 

  Preparation is simple.  You take the bowl out of the box, peel off the film cover, cook in the microwave for one minute, stir in your flavoring, and you are ready to eat.  And because the flavoring packets are separate you can always just use the rice in your own recipes or choose a little or a lot of flavor that's included. 

  Mommy in GA: We tried all of the rice and LOVED it!!!  I will admit the one night I was making beef tips and rice and I had no other rice so I improvised and used the rice n simple I actually used a box of both  kinds and then we put the beef tips over it! the kids' ate it up like crazy!!!

My oldest is just a rice fan so she opened up the jasmine rice and just had rice one day no flavoring or anything and she LOVED it, she said it was a little sweeter than the rice I usually buy.

We actually did not use any of the flavoring, my kids' are weird about flavors lol.  This is one of my favorite features of the rice because you have the option to use NO sauce, a little sauce OR you can use ALL of the sauce. Totally up to you where as usually when you purchase something like this the sauce is mixed right in :(

  Mommy in PA:  I was the only one who actually ate the brown rice and I personally didn't care for it as it seemed quite dry.  The flavor was good, just too dry for me. 

  The Jasmine rice was great!  I was the only one who actually had it with the flavoring packets, my daughter had hers with cheese sauce, and my hubby had his with gravy.  I really liked the flavoring packets in the Teriyaki Glaze and the Shiitake Mushrooms but I did not like the Soy Sauce. 

  The bowls for the Jasmine Rice were the perfect size but the ones for the Brown Rice were a little on the small side to try to stir in the flavoring.  I love the fact that these only take one minute each in the microwave. 

  Rice n Simple is offering everyone free samples through tomorrow.  Just head over here to get yours. 

Soothie Suckers (Giveaway Alert)!!!

disclaimer:  We received the product below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.
Soothie Suckers
    Now that the weather is getting colder, cold season will be in full force.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have something to give your children for immune support that they would actually want and that is all natural?!?! 
  Soothie Suckers are just that...these pre-measured one ounce pouches can be consumed as-is or frozen, contain no artificial flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, no alcohol, and contain certified organic or wild-crafted herbal extracts.  And they are ok for everyone two and up.
  They are available in two formulations:  Orange for Immune Support and Grape for Nasal Support. 
We received samples of both and here are what our kiddos thought of them:
  Mommy in GA: My 5 year old son is a popcicle fanatic so as soon as we opened these he didn't even want me to freeze them he just wanted one! I let him have one, it says right on the box they don't have to be frozen :)  He liked it ok but, "it's even better when it's ice mommy!!".

My 9 year old daughter still makes a face when I mention them but, she is more like me and not much of a popcicle fan..... I know, I'm not sure what is wrong with us either!!

My 8 year old daughter liked the grape ones best but said they have a funny after taste but, "still good."

My 11 year old daughter loved them she said they tasted good and she wondered if we had more lol.

All in all they had pretty positive reviews but, the best part is most kids' enjoy them and they are supposed to help your health too!! :)
  Mommy in PA:  My son is a Type 1 Diabetic so instantly the first thing I looked at was the number of carbs, typically anything I give him for colds (except items made specifically for Diabetics can really throw off his numbers) but I was happy to see that these only have 4 carbs : )

Now for the true test...I took one of each out of the freezer and told my son he just had to take one bite of each one and let me know what he thought. 

First up the Orange..."Not bad" he says as he continues to take more small bites.  He ended up finishing the whole thing afterwards.

Now on with the Grape (Keep in mind my son typically eats nothing grape...I usually have about two boxes full of just grape popsicles in my freezer to give to my niece and nephew because my son won't eat them)...anywhoo..."Wow, this is pretty good...tastes just like grape juice".

Then it was my turn to try them...The Orange is good but the Grape is my favorite, it really does taste just like grape juice.

I think my household is now ready to prepare for cold season : )
  Thanks to Soothie Suckers, one of our readers will be receiving some of their very own.  Be sure to enter via the Rafflecopter form below : )

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Looking for Companies who would like to be included in the Best in Baby (& Kids!) Biz Holiday Catalog! Great Opportunity for Huge Exposure!

disclaimer:  We received our information from Social Media 22 and are only receiving compensation if businesses agree to sign up. 
Get huge media exposure for your business, click below for more information!
Click here to sign up. - Deal Alert!

disclaimer:  We received this information from to share with our readers.  In exchange for this post we will be receiving two free photo books.
  Do you love making photo books but hate how long it takes to make them?  Then you may want to check out has a One-Click Photo Book that uses an auto-placement program to automatically suggest where you should put the photos.  Then you can view your photos using the aerial overview function to quickly swap any that you like. 
  You can use photos of any size from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or your computer.
  Click here to receive a special discount of 51% off a 20-page 11.5" x 8" Hardcover Photo Book from 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Free 3-Month Subscription to Scribd!

disclaimer:  We are receiving nothing in exchange for this post.  We were just wanting to share this deal with our readers.
  For all of you book lovers out there, Scribd is celebrating their exciting new partnership with Harlequin by offering a free 3-month subscription to their vast selection of over 500,000 ebooks!!!  That could mean a ton of free reading for all of you : )
  Just head over here and get yours! 
And these aren't just romance books either.  Scribd offers a huge selection of New York Times bestsellers, classics, non-fiction, etc.  There is something for everyone.
  Also be sure to check out the giveaway that A Little Alytude is running here.
  Mommy in PA:  If you haven't guessed already by my book review posts...I LOVE to read (when I can find the time).  I just wanted to let you all know that even without the Free 3-month subscription, Scribd is only $8.99 a month (less than the cost of just one single book in most cases).  Well worth it in my opinion : )

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Operation Baby Shower Surprise!

BABY-operation-surprise-baby-shower-smallWe all know how hard our service men and women work to serve and protect our country, and it is our duty as citizens to support the troops (and their families!). Many women living on military bases do not have the comfort and support of friends and family back home, which is especially difficult for them when they are expecting a new bundle of joy. They often miss out on typical experiences most moms-to-be look forward to - like baby showers! That's why we're started the Operation: Baby Shower Surprise campaign to salute military moms and support these women who are stationed overseas. Two amazing moms currently stationed in Germany at a U.S. base received the surprise of a lifetime when all the brands below came together and threw them an awesome baby shower complete with beautiful gifts! They EACH received 36 gifts! (Video coming soon of the moms opening their gifts - we will share.)

Meet the two expecting moms: Morgan who is having a baby boy and Baillie who is having a baby girl!

NOW, we want all moms to join in on the fun and enter for a chance to win a grand package giveaway of these 36 AMAZING baby/kids must-haves! There are tons of cool and easy ways to earn entry points (see the Rafflecopter below) such as liking the brands Facebook pages and fun (optional) ways like:
  1. posting a selfie on Facebook or Instagram of yourself (if you are a military mom) using #militarymoms OR
  2. posting a selfie of you with a military mom using the same hashtag. If you post a selfie in uniform you can earn even more points! OR
  3. If neither #1 or #2 applies to you, then just search #militarymoms on Facebook and/or Instagram and share another person's photo on social media (look for recent pics so you know it's likely part of Operation: Baby Shower Surprise). Make sure to include #militarymoms hashtag.
  4. And so many other ways to enter!

REMEMBER….the more points you earn the better chance you have to win! The Rafflecopter entry widget is below.

Please share with friends and family and good luck!

Scroll below the entry form to get more info on our wonderful sponsors and prizes! Enter via Rafflecopter.

First, a BIG thanks to our Sponsors:

Operation Baby Shower - Sponsors Graphic
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prizes (and a BIG thanks to all brands!)

So what are the AMAZING prizes? Here are the Participating Brands (Giveaway Open to U.S. Residents Only): Buttons Diapers buttonsdiapers Buttons cloth diapers were born at home. As a husband and wife team, we designed our diapers to be easy to use and affordable for everyone - the way it should be. We believe in keeping our lives simple, even when it comes to diapering. When you purchase Buttons Diapers, you are supporting a family business! Package includes a one-size diaper cover that snaps to fit babies from 9-35 lbs, 2 snap-in daytime diaper inserts made of absorbent microfiber and soft moisture-wicking fleece, and a small wet bag. Star Kids starkids Star Kids Products is an innovative children’s product manufacturer that specializes in making fun and safe products for busy, traveling families. We specialize in safe and easy-to-clean products to make life easier when traveling with children whether via car on road trips, railroad or by plane. ZizzyBee Bags eco friendly storage bags travel bags ZizzyBee Bags are handy, compact, reusable, washable storage bags convenient for every part of your life. The neat freak in your family will love that they help you store and organize just about anything! From diapers/wipes, make-up and sports gear, to even purse clutter these trendy bags makes organization easy and they’re see-through so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Reduce single-use bag waste while keeping life’s clutter cleaned up. With two eco-friendly bag sizes to choose from, ZizzyBee Bags are a perfect fit for storage and organizational needs. PullyPalz This innovative toy not only entertains baby, it keeps a pacifier in view and reach! With PullyPalz, dropped pacis even come back… Which is great for those times when parents need an ‘extra hand’. The toy uses something similar to a pulley system… When baby drops one, and it falls to the side, another is in view and reach. By grabbing the one in view and pulling toward mouth, the dropped paci comes back! Mo Mo, Moo Moo, and Puddles are always ready to lend a hand…or hoof! Piggy Paint piggypaint Piggy Paint is a non-toxic, odorless, hypoallergenic nail polish that is safe for use on everyone, including babies and pregnant women! Baby Cakes 2 polish gift set is perfect for any baby shower with Muddles the Pig (nude pink) and Bubble Trouble (light blue) polish. Lalabye Baby lalabyebaby It all started with a great idea and a little hard work. Today we're proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy. And most of all, we hope you'll enjoy the products as much as we do. We hope that cloth diapers will become the norm and together we will make cloth mainstream. Rockin’ Green green laundry detergent Rockin’ Green is made for families that care about taking care of themselves and the Earth. We can all do our part for the environment while doing something good for ourselves. Rockin’ Green products are made with a biodegradable plant-based and petroleum-free surfactant. They are septic and grey-water safe. They are never tested on animals. yoomi yoomi The yoomi 3-in-1 feeding system is a premium easi-latch bottle, a travel warmer and a bedside warmer in one compact and stylish package. At the touch of a button, yoomi warms baby's milk to the natural temperature of breast milk in just 60 seconds. Now includes the NEW super-quick charging pod to make feeding even easier. Baby Elephant Ears head rest for baby car seat neck support Baby Elephant Ears is a multi-use headrest providing spinal/neck alignment and comfort for babies — and they’re designed to look like adorable elephant ears! Baby Elephant Ears go wherever baby goes — stroller, swing, car seat, changing table, etc. The headrests are fully washable and require no attachments, straps or special skills and they’re offered in diverse prints and organics. The superior design and durability of these headrests make them the perfect gift for parents! Undercover Tape undercovertape Undercover tape is a hypoallergenic, latex-free self-adhesive tape that acts as a barrier between you and your irritating seams/tags on clothing, hats, wigs, socks, or anything that keeps you from feeling your best. PunkinWrap punkin The PunkinWrap is your all-in-one baby solution! Originally designed with moms in mind, we have found it is becoming the new “go to” baby gift. A wrap created to do it all! Use our baby safe PunkinLinks to attach the wrap to your existing car seat or stroller – don’t worry about which brands are compatible, no conversion kits necessary. Every PunkinWrap comes with the wrap, nursing strap, drawstring PunkinPouch, and 8 BPA-free PunkinLinks. Easy peasy! Blue Star Bazaar bluestar Blue Star Bazaar is an eclectic boutique offering something special for everyone. We specialize in finding unique, well-designed products from small brands. We especially like things that are handmade or made in the USA. Blue Star Bazaar offers clothing for women and kids, accessories, toys, books, and baby gifts. Baby Dipper babydipper The Baby Dipper bowl means true one-handed feeding of infants. It also helps toddlers learn to feed themselves. The Baby Dipper bowl's unique combination of features includes a non-slip base, transparent sides, a triangular shape, and a slanted interior surface that leads to a spoon-shaped corner for easy collection of food. The Baby Dipper bowl also helps children with special needs and adults who have medical needs to feed themselves using only one hand. Refresh-a-Baby refresh-a-baby1   A Diaper Bag Necessity! Refresh-a-Baby turns ordinary water bottles into baby bottles keeping baby happy anywhere, anytime making feeding time easy for moms and dads! Simply pop the leak free Refresh-a-Baby on a water bottle of your choice, just add baby formula, and baby is ready to be hydrated. *Fits on leading “ready-made” formula/juice bottles *Made right here in the United States/BPA Free *It’s universal, reusable, convenient for travel, dishwasher safe, with virtually no clean up! *Refresh*Reuse*Recycle! Parking Pal parkingpal Parking lots can be dangerous, even fatal, for children. Protect your little loved ones with a colorful magnet that keeps them near to you and far from moving vehicles. Kids love using the Parking Pal, while being taught responsibility in parking lots and around vehicles. Baby J babyjco This perfect baby play mat was designed for the germaphobe mom who always wants a clean area for their little one. The baby play mat is crafted with vibrant and colorful, 100% cotton, designer fabric and super plush minky. It’s comfy and cozy for any new baby, and great for tummy time. This Baby J play mat is soft enough for baby to lay his face on, and the minky dots give him something to poke at. Not to mention, the modern and chic fabrics will make any mom look and feel fashionable the second they pull it out of the diaper bag. This is a definite must have for a new mom and baby. Noblo noblo The mom invented Noblo Beach Umbrella Buddy has become a beach gear must have for parents who want to relax and enjoy a safe day at the beach without the fear of the beach umbrella flying away in a gust of wind injuring either their children or another beach goer. The Noblo acts as an anchor holding the beach umbrella in place. spbang spbang spbang launched at ABC Kids Expo in October 2013. A mom with a ‘job 1' in the automotive industry was tired of tossing ziploc bags daily. She then moved onto reusable fabric snack bags but they would stink like yesterday’s lunch and would never come truly clean. Using automotive material and processes, spbang reusable snack bags are FDA food touch safe and free from lead, BPA and phthalates. Best part is you toss them in the dishwasher at the end of the day and they are ready for tomorrow. Jinja Jewelry jinja-2 copy   Jinja Jewelry is proud to offer a large selection of handmade jewelry from Bali including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings. Jinja Jewelry draws inspiration for its beautiful, high quality coral and silver jewelry from local and global trends in affordable jewelry and accessories. Jinja Jewelry helps support the talented people of Bali and provides their families with a safe and secure future. Wristy Buddy wristy copy Wristy Buddy is a one piece teething wristband comprised of a wristband with an absorbent animal in the center, a textured teething attachment, and a satin attachment. Wristy Buddy is designed for babies that are teething that haven't developed the motor skills to hold traditional teething objects. Babies that can't grasp toys can manipulate Wristy Buddy. Wristy Buddy is made of absorbent materials to help keep little faces and clothing dry. Its various textures and colors engage and stimulate. It is easily accessible to your teething baby and is more sanitary than traditional teething objects. Nizo Wear nizowear All Nizo Wear nursing bras feature a unique patented pocket in the pull down flap that can hold a warm or cool pack. The pocket acts as a thin barrier between wearer's skin and the warm and cool pack, which increases wearer's comfort and safety. Our bras also include a removable molded pad to provide a little lining when you want it (to hide leaks, nursing pads or nipples) but gives you the ability to take them out when you dont. This innovative design is offered in amazingly soft fabrics that boast feminine designs. Buti-Pod butipod Our uniquely designed buti-pods will keep your wet wipes moist for months instead of just days. Each buti-pod is a soft and durable yet super-flexible and lightweight plastic pouch featuring a center zipper for easy wet wipes dispensing. Their compact and flexible design also makes them just the right size for holding coupons, receipts, recipes and many other small items. They are simple, but effective, and you will have wet wipes when you need them most! Woombie woombie The Woombie Air is the first breathable swaddle that allows excess body heat to escape and requires no wrapping. Invented by a mom of five, 19-year RN, and Infant Care Specialist, the 14-award winning Woombie is a unique peanut shaped swaddle that imitates the comfort and security of the womb resulting in longer periods of sleep. It helps reduce the risk of SIDS as well as prevents overheating, face-scratching, startling, and colic (voted as a top colic product by the Fussy Baby Site). Over a half a million babies and counting have used the Woombie and parents swear by it! Bobee Inc bobee A wall-mounted diaper & wipe caddy, Bobee allows for one-handed access so you can keep one hand safely on your baby. The diaper caddy comes white and is customizable with included colorful decals to decorate and match your nursery room decor. Changing table space is freed up for other important baby items, and the diapers and wipes are up and out of the way from curious little hands. The dispenser fits high quantities in all sizes and brands of disposable diapers. Pre-package wet wipes fit neatly below. Wee Urban wee-urban   Wee Urban™ offers the modern family a unique and fresh collection of baby gear and accessories that goes beyond the conventional and explores the exceptional! Tired of traditional pinks and blues and cute motifs, we offer sophisticated designs, “conscious” organic alternatives, practical functionality and superior quality. Using our custom certified organic cotton blends, low-impact dyes, and other trendsetting fabrics, we hope to inspire families to be make better choices and of course- do it all in urban style! Strong Little Sleepers strong Strong Little Sleepers specializes in helping families get the sleep they deserve. Lori Strong is a an award-winning Certified Child Sleep Consultant and Certified Happiest Baby Educator. She works with families through email, phone, and in-home visits in order to help their children (ages 0-6) sleep better. When children sleep, parents sleep, and the entire family is happier! Babee Talk logo-with-product Babee Talk offers organic and eco-friendly baby bedding and plush toys with healthy, safety and style in mind. Drool-friendly and chew-friendly, our products help to ensure a healthy start in life for your baby. Babies love the cushy, coziness of our Eco-Buds® Take-Along Pals. Earth friendly, parent approved. These portable little playmates attach to strollers, carseats, high chairs and more quickly and easily. No Hassle. No Fuss. And he promises never to turn into a butterfly. All of our Eco-Buds® Take-Along Pals are made using organic cotton fabric, inside & out. Delightfully entrancing colors are achieved using only low-impact dyes with absolutely no heavy metals. Soothing sounds engage babies and hold their attention. These little companions are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and phthalate-free. The Diaper Clutch diaperclutch The Diaper Clutch is a mom-invented diapers and wipes carrying case that is the first and only to feature a unique easy-access window to your wipes! The Diaper Clutch is the perfect solution to stay organized without leaving fashion at the door! Who needs bulky diapers bags when you want to take a quick stroll in the neighborhood or go grocery shopping with your little one? Reduce the bulk and lighten your load with The Diaper Clutch – a convenient, compact and fashion-forward solution to carry baby diapers and wipes where you go! Southern Yankee southernyankee Southern Yankee is a small one-woman business making baby clothes and gifts. She rescues vintage fabrics & textiles from resale shops, tag sales & flea markets. The vintage embroidered pillowcase is made into a child size apron, perfect for helping mom & dad in the kitchen or painted a work of art! Handmade in Wilton, CT. Adorable matching burp and bib set appliqu├ęd with vintage fabrics and up cycled fabrics. Perfect gift for the new mom! San Diego Bebe sandiegobebe The mom-invented, eco-friendly nursing pillow that offers support, comfort, and discretion for mom and baby. For 20 years we have been providing moms with the best Eco-Nursing pillows that allows a mother to comfortably nurse her baby in private while being the safest choice for the environment and safe for babies. San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillow is made with the unique and innovative Eco*Loft Fiber that is:
  • FREE of fire-retardant chemicals
  • Hypo-allergenic & non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly & recyclable
  • Odor-free, glue-free
  • Foam-free, lead-free & Phthalate-free
  • Available in two sizes: one for a single baby and one for twins Baby Bindle babybindle The SeatPak® is the ONLY diaper bag designed to attach to a car seat. The SeatPak can be filled with your necessities, easily attach it to your car seat, shopping cart, luggage, stroller or anywhere you don’t want to haul your huge diaper bag around. Whether it is a quick trip to the store, or a family trip to the zoo, save the pain of carrying too much, all you need are the essentials in the lightweight, hands-free portability of the SeatPak. Zippyz by Little Trendyz Zippyz are footed pajamas with a patented design that makes diaper changes easier while keeping babies covered and warm during the process. Zippyz are made of a blend of organic and cotton which is extremely soft and eco-friendly! The adorable baby pajamas are made of a 50/50 blend of luxuriously soft organic cotton and bamboo. They feature a mitten cuff with fold over detail to keep baby from scratching his face. Rock-a-Thigh Baby rtb   If you're a parent of little ones, chances are you're frustrated by chilled ankles from hiked up pants legs, cumbersome girl tights, and baby socks that don’t stay on. As a solution, a Wisconsin mom of four girls developed Rock-a-Thigh Baby. Rock-a-Thighs are Made in USA, eco-friendly, children's thigh-length socks (like legwarmers with feet). Designed with a special wide comfort cuff, Rock-a-Thighs are soft and stretchy and are THE socks that stay on! Available in six different sizes: 0-6m, 6-12m, 1-2yr, 2-4yr, 2-4yr, 4-6yr, and 6-8yr. Baby Jack Blankets babyjack Baby Jack & Company strives to create a safe design of modern tag blankets with educational benefits, teaching kids letters, numbers, shapes and colors. Babies adore the different textures and colors of our sensory tab blankets. We have a unique patent pending design of sewn shut ribbon tabs that keeps tiny fingers from getting intertwined in ribbon loops. This educational design teaches little ones abc's, numbers, shapes and colors through a security blanket. Children develop cognitively, socially and emotionally through sensory play. ChicoBag chicobag   At ChicoBag, our mission is to help humanity bag the single-use habit. We mean the wasteful, throw-away habit that overflows our landfills and clogs our oceans. We do this by advocating for waste reduction and designing the highest quality, longest lasting reusable bags. The Nomad Tote is a stylish, large capacity shoulder bag perfect for baby supplies, picnics, trips to the beach, or a weekend getaway. Three exterior pockets and a zippered top make Nomad our most versatile reusable tote yet. Available in two great colors with contrasting handles and a beautiful printed interior lining. The Pee-Kaboo peekaboo The pee-kaboo reusable potty training sticker is a unique and fun way to potty train your child and helps overcome the ultimate potty training obstacle-actually getting your child to want to use the potty again and again. Simply place your sticker in the base of a flat-bottomed portable potty seat and watch what happens. Each time your child successfully uses the potty, "peekaboo!", a charming image magically appears. Your child is instantly rewarded for their efforts and is excited to use the potty again! "I want to see the butterfly", your child exclaims. "Sure", you say, "all you have to do is pee-pee in the potty. And peekaboo!"

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