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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back To School - Student Edition - Day 3 - Fulcrum Gallery

disclaimer:  I received the product below for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own. offers an enormous collection of framed art and canvas prints in a huge selection of categories. Think of those cute back to school photos of your kiddos getting on the bus for their first day of school or maybe an educational print or two hanging on their bedroom wall of dinosaurs or a map of the world.  These would also be excellent prints for in the classroom.
  Mommy in PA:  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  I spent hours browsing around on the site just trying to decide which print I wanted to review...and then it dawned on me to search "Titanic".  My son is a huge Titanic fan and has tons of books, movies, and even a Lego-type model displayed in his room.  What better way to tie all of his collection together than a nice piece of artwork.  But surely they wouldn't have anything like that...but I searched it anyway and lo and behold, there it was...a deck plan for the Titanic! 

  Not only beautiful but totally educational.  This was going to be the perfect art print for my son's room.  But you don't stop there, you get to select whether you want it in print or canvas, laminated or framed, cropping or no cropping, matted or unmatted  if you want canvas you select what kind of wrap you want, if you want framed which frame you want (huge selection), etc.  The choices of customization are amazing.  You can really tell that this company wants to make sure that you are 100% happy with your purchase. 

They even have the framer and inspector sign on the back as part of their quality check. 

I was amazed at how authentic the piece looked, right down to the crease marks and jagged edges.  Very authentic!
  I was so excited when I got the shipping information and my son and I eagerly awaited our package.  It arrived a couple of days later (very speedy shipping for something so customized).  The packaging was perfect.  They really make sure that nothing happens to your artwork during shipping.  I was also super impressed and the mounting hardware (see photo below). 

Easy to install mounting hardware.  Much more sturdy than the typical single nail setups.
  Just look at how beautiful it is.  We liked it so much that my daughter has already selected a print that she wants to get for in her room about horses.  I still can't get over how many pieces of artwork you have to choose from.  There is something for everyone at has a special running this week of 50% off of their tree and flower art found here.

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