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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Invisible Glass

disclaimer:  I received the products below for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.

Invisible Glass

So after a week of spreading the news about all of these Earth Friendly products we figured what would all that hard work be worth without the ability to see the Earth in all of its beauty...that's where Invisible Glass steps in : )

Or if you are looking for a unique idea for Mother's could always clean your mother's windows for her : )

Invisible Glass is a premium glass cleaner produced by Stoner.  Stoner actually makes a ton of high quality automotive cleaning products.  

  And what's even can even purchase Invisible Glass at Walmart.  

Mommy in PA:  I love, love, love the Reach & Clean Tool!!!  It

worked perfectly at allowing me to finally reach my hard to 

clean windows.  I was finally able to reach the tops without having to use a step stool, which in turn made my window cleaning go a lot quicker : )  

I also like the Invisible Glass formula, it did leave my windows so clean that my twelve year old actually said he was having a hard time telling if the windows were open or not.  LOL
before...see those nasty smudges...yuck!

after : )

Now I did notice some streaking but it was actually because of some kind of residue on the window which I was finally able to scrub away and no more streaks : )

And last but not least, the wipes...these are AWESOME!!!  They worked great for cleaning our Ipad which has a tendency of getting very smudgy.  The wipes also worked great on our computer monitor.  

This is a wonderful line of products that I would recommend to everyone : )

Before...can you tell I play a lot of Candy Crush?!?!  LOL

After using the Invisible Glass Wipes....AMAZING!

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