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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bioken Enfanti M72 Ceramide Hair Products + Giveaways!!!

disclaimer: We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Bioken Enfanti M72 Hair Products + Giveaways!!!
  M72 Ceramide Mask is a product created using 72 trace minerals and ceramides to strengthen and restore elasticity to your hair.  So you may be wondering what ceramides are, well they are one of three types of lipids found in the hair cuticle which helps anchor the hair in place. 

  The product was created to repair damage to hair, restore balance, and provide a protective barrier.

  Mommy in PA:  I love, love, love the smell of this product.  And how it feels when applying really makes it feel like a luxury product.  Very thick, stays on well, and again the smell is just wonderful.  

  I tried the product with and without using my regular conditioner first.  With both scenarios the product left my hair feeling very soft and silky when it was still damp.  But after I noticed quite a difference.  When using without my regular conditioner I noticed that my hair was left feeling pretty dry and frizzish.  When using with my regular conditioner it left my hair feeling silky, soft, and smooth.  I did notice that it didn't weigh my hair down whichever way I used it and I also noticed another nice benefit, not having to wash my hair as often.  I typically only wash my hair every other day so as not to dry it out but with the featured product I could easily go another whole day without washing if I wanted to.

Oh and if you are worried about the price, don't be, this product should easily last you a few months as you don't need a lot per application and they give you a nice size container : )
  All in all I really enjoyed the product especially in combination with my regular conditioner.   

Enter below for your chance to win your very own Mask.

M72 Keratin Shampoo

What is M72 Ceramide Keratin Shampoo?  It is a shampoo that is made of 72 minerals that are essential for the most effective way to disperse major nutrients and also the ceramide (which is 1 of 3 types of lipids found in the cuticle, which work as cement  to keep hair intact)
Retains Essential Lipids
Restores Balance
Adds Elasticity

What Mommy I Ga thought:
Ok  so first off I do A LOT of stuff with my hair that we are told not to lol!!
I straighten and curl on a daily basis,
blow dry a good bit,
Color like crazy,
I am always excited to try new products that claim to repair or strengthen your hair!!!

I am very pleased wit the 72
Keratin Shampoo. I was worried it would leave my hair feeling weird or heavy but just after the shampoo it felt pretty light.   Ya"ll HAVE GOT to try the conditioner with it though!!!  My review is about to get better!!!! scroll down <3

M72 keratin Conditioner

The Conditioner is a mixture of the same 72 minerals and ceramide as the shampoo only it adds the benefit of
Detangling and  smoothing.
  • restores balance
  • intensive moisturizer
    Detangles and Smoothes

  • What Mommy in Ga thought: Using the M72Shampoo AND the M72 Conditioner together!!!
  • My hair feels stronger and looks healthier (I am such an idiot...why didn't  I do a before and after pic?? Oh wait I am lucky to wash it let alone get to look at it with all these kids looking for snacks and drinks while I try to take 5 minutes to clean myself haha)
  • These are great product they really did seem to help my hair!!

    Enter below for your chance to win one each of the shampoo and conditioner. 
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Susan Christy said...

I already have no volume, and now my hair is getting dry and frizzy.