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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Washing Wednesday


SKOY was created by 2 stay at home moms.  One of the moms lived in Europe and found a product similar to the SKOY cloth and immediately fell in love with it.  She returned to the states looking for a product like it and could not even find anything that came close.  After that the 2 moms worked together to research how they could come up with a product that would meet the high standards of the European cloth she loved and , TADA the SKOY cloth was born!!!!!!!!

The SKOY cloths are made up of cellulous pulp (wood- based) and natural cotton, leaving these incredible cloths COMPLETELY compostable.  Research showed that the cloth completely breaks down in a matter of 5 weeks! Switching to the SKOY cloth would save your home an average of 15 rolls of paper towels because of the durability! These can be used , washed and dried then repeat the cycle for several months!!!!!!!
Mommy in PA and Mommy in GA each received 8 SKOY cloths for use in our review. 

Mommy in GA says: I LOVE the SKOY cloths!!!!!! These are a great product to have on hand because, with 4 little ones you know there are plenty of chances to clean up a mess!! I keep the SKOY cloths handy all day because i find myself needing them weather it is to clean up a spill, wipe my counters, clean up spots on the floor and much more! OOPS dirty fingerprints on the wall or fridge or door??? No problem the SKOY cloth cleans it all!!!  Also glad we found such great deals (Posted at the bottom of our review) on the SKOY website because i will definitely be purchasing these instead of sponges and wasting money on paper towels, not to mention on top of everything else that is great about SKOY they are environment friendly!!

Mommy in PA says:  This is my new favorite cleaning product.  I use mine to wash my dishes, clean off countertops, soak up spills, etc.  It is amazing how easily spills disappear into the SKOY cloth.  These will be a must have in my home from now on.  I love the fact that you can get them in the different colors like this too because now I can use certain colors for certain tasks.  If I want to use one for my dishes, one for cleaning up spills on the floor and one for cleaning in my bathroom it will be super easy to know which one goes where when they come out of the laundry.  I also love that these are durable enough to be washed over and over again but still biodegradable when it is time for them to go.

Look at the photos below to see the SKOY cloth in action!
Okay so my 3 year old loves the Hershey's chocolate syrup but, OOPS there was a spill!! Now what????
Well let me show you this handy SKOY cloth at work!!! Chocolate is no  competition for the SKOY cloth.   Now let me tell you i did NOT have to use a cleaner on this mess either

Here it is at work and i had to use very little pressure to clean it up! Did i mention i let it dry before i cleaned it up........wanted to see how good the new product was!!

NO more chocolate!!!!!! and look what was left on my SKOY cloth....ewwwww.... oh well no problem i will just throw it in the wash and dry it so it will be ready for it's next use!!!!

Check out the difference in thickness between the dry SKOY cloth (purple) and the soaked one (pink).

The amount of water the SKOY cloth absorbs is the equality of using 15 sheets of GOOD paper towels!!!!  If you ask me you can't beat that with a stick (pun intended as the SKOY is wood-based!!!)
Mommy in PA took a wet SKOY cloth and got this much water squeezed out easily (1/2 Cup), my paper towel couldn't do that.

To get a great deal on SKOY cloths you can go to skoy online shopping (most of the 4-packs sell for $6.99) and shipping will be 1.94 UNLESS you sign up for the subscription then you can get 8 mixed color SKOY cloths for 13.98 with free shipping unless you live in California then you have to pay taxes......BUT, still a great deal!!!!  You can unsubscribe anytime, and you can also choose to get your SKOY clothes every 3, 4 ,5 or 6 months!!!!!

Methods of payment are:
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You can learn more about SKOY cloth by going to their site,
follow them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

Disclaimer:  We received the above products for free in exchange for our honest review and all opinions remain our own.

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