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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ozeri ozk1 elite chef ceramic 3 piece knife set in bkack

disclaimer:  I received the product below for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.

Ozeri OZK1 Elite Chef Ceramic Knives

Most metal knives leach metal ions from long exposure to certain fat acids or rust when exposed to water for long periods of time, your Ozeri Elite Chef knives will not do those things.

These Ozeri knives weigh about half as much as a metal knife which will help you with repetitive cutting or long exposure to cutting.

This particular set includes 3 Elite chef knives made of 100% ceramic that lets you cut boneless meats,fruits and vegetables with no problem.

Using the purest ceramics creates a blade in close proximity of the hardness of diamonds which insures your knives to stay sharp 10x longer.

Mommy in Ga:
Here we go, I am going to talk about how big my family is again (sorry!!!) But, with so many kids, it takes a lot to prep to meal plan..... make your list, clip your coupons, get your groceries, put said groceries away and now since your not already tired and haven't done all of that plus clean, listen and tend to frustrated kids and do laundry now it is time to prep and cook said meal.....   ugh!!!

Ha! Yall thought i forgot where I was going with that...nope! I am about to tell yall about a great set of knives....the Ozeri Elite Chef Ceramic 3 piece (black) Knife set😉

All the info above is great and true....I wield these knives much easier than my metal ones. They are lighter and cut better than most knives i've laid my hands on.....I cut up a whole pork tenderloin no problem last night. My hand didn't cramp, or get tired, or even uncomfortable in the handle of the knife like it usually was fantastic!! I cut through that pork loin like i was cutting butter that had set on the counter all day😂

Bonus if I don't have to sharpen or replace them anytime soon....I have only had mine about two weeks and they still seem brand new, this should be the case for awhile from what i understand!!

I am going to end my review with I am loving my new kitchen helper who makes slicing and dicing easier🖒

Also they come in a super cute box to keep them in ,but I am hoping to get the actual knife stand for them soon!!

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