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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ozeri Touch II 18 lbs Digital Kitchen Scale with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection

disclaimer:  We received the product below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Ozeri Touch II 18 lbs Digital Kitchen Scale with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection

  When managing your weight the bathroom scale isn't the only scale that becomes an important part of your healthy routine.  Kitchen scales are equally, if not more, important.  Making sure you are measuring your servings correctly can sometimes be a guessing game but not any longer with the Ozeri Touch II 18 lbs Digital Kitchen Scale with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection.  

  Featuring an easy to read large blue LCD screen and two touch sensitive buttons to switch between weight measurements (lb/ounces,g,fl.oz. and ml ) and tare function (easily subtract the weight of a container) this scale keeps it simple but does what you need it to.  

  It also features Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection which helps prevent the growth of bacteria.  The coating is added during manufacturing and lasts the lifetime of the scale.  It will prevent stains, odors, and product deterioration caused by bacteria.  To clean the scale just wipe it down with a damp, soapy cloth, be sure not to get too wet as moisture can damage your scale.

  Weighing things up to 18 lbs. should make this the perfect scale for anything you would need to weigh in the kitchen.  And it even comes with the two lithium batteries included.  Unit will automatically turn itself off after two minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life. 

Mommy in GA: This is fantastic! I have started trying to diet and we all know how easy it is to over eat! This scale has been great weighing my portions better and easily reading the digital lcd screen in pounds and ounces!
I also have a large family (5 kids remember😉) so the scale is nice to measure out snacks (no more he/she got more than i did😬😭) or when i buy my bulk meat and have to seperate and freeze i get accurate weight.

Last but not least the white with glass scale looks good in every kitchen and is super easy to clean!!! 
I love mine!!!

    Mommy in PA:  This is the perfect kitchen scale for my household.  Generous sized weighing platform, no more trying to peek under the edge of a container to read the display panel.  The blue LCD screen is easy to read.  And it does just enough without going overboard (I hate being confused by all of the functions on these new gadgets).

  I use a kitchen scale quite a bit.  Weighing our burgers to make sure they are all about the same size so they cook equally.  Weighing out foods that are so many ounces or grams per serving either for my health/fitness goals or my son's Type 1 Diabetes.  Food weights are very important and having a scale like this one really makes it easier.  

  It's also great that it has that auto shut off after two minutes...if not I would probably forget and end up with dead batteries all the time lol : )  

  Possibly the best part of this scale is it's ability to weigh up to 18 lbs.  for a kitchen scale that is wonderful.  Most other kitchen scales I have had in the past only weighed up to five pounds or so.  

  It is super easy to clean too.  Just take a damp, soapy cloth and wipe it down.  Anything that makes cleanups easier is a big plus : )

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