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Saturday, February 21, 2015


disclaimer:  We received the product below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

  So if you are like us, you are always looking for ways to get your kids more active.  Kids these days just have so many entertainment options that don't involve any real physical activity that sometimes it is hard to get them to participate in healthier options.  Well Flip2BFit is helping families everywhere conquer putting fun back into fitness with their new Flip2BFit Board Game and their Bakari fitness inspired memory game. 

  The Flip2BFit Board Game consists of the game board, 120 playing cards with different exercise activities on them, 4 disclaimer cards, 4 blank cards (to make up your own activities), 4 game pawns, the spinning wheel, directions, and mission statement.

  The game is meant for everyone ages 6 and up and is for 2-4 players.  The object of the game is to have your pawn leave home and be the first person to reach "Springer" at the park.  Depending on which color space you land on will determine which type of exercise you will do.  There are cardio, yoga, stretching, and strength cards - depending on which you get will determine how many spaces you move ahead after completing your exercise.  There are also some special cards that you may end up getting (healthy choices cards, bad food cards, fact/fiction cards, pick it or pass it card, group play cards, and group competition cards).  No matter which card you pick you have to complete the activity to be able to move your pawn closer to the park.

  Bakari is a fitness version of everyone's childhood favorite, Memory.  You get the card mat, 52 activity cards, and a note pad to keep track of your scores. 

  The game is meant for 1-4 players ages 6 and up.  The object of the game is to be the first person to score 500 points.  This game is just like Memory as far as game turns go, if you find a match you keep playing until you don't find a match.  This game kicks it up a notch by requiring the players who find matches to perform the activity on their matching cards to earn points. 
  Another great thing about Flip2BFit is that the creator launched a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds to create permanent schools for children K1-K3 in Uganda, Africa.  She is also using profits from the sale of the games to help Fitness for Africa (New York based non-profit that helps battle obesity in the states and malnutrition in Africa).


  Mommy in GA:  This game is great for a six person family.  Not your typical board game which my five year old has a tendency to leave in the middle of due to boredom LOL.  This game peaks his interest due to the different activities involved versus the typical roll the dice or spin the spinner and move your game piece.  It kept everyone else well entertained as well.  We had a blast and were able to play several hours in multiple sittings without the kids getting bored with it. 
  Mommy in PA:  My son couldn't wait to play the board game.  He actually did all of the setup except shuffling the cards.  I figured for sure that we'd play for about five minutes and he'd be bored and want to play on the computer but he surprised me...we must have played for almost an hour, no complaining from him at all : ) 
  Another thing I assumed is that the activities would be a little too easy for the adults or a little too hard for the kids but most were equally as challenging for both of us.  My daughter made a comment early on in the game that we looked like idiots doing some of the yoga poses but it wasn't long before she had to join in on some of the activities just to show us she could do them LOL.  We even had our dog, Archie, joining in on the fun.  He loved chasing us when were doing some of the activities that involved being on the floor.  It really is fun for the whole family : )
  The amazing thing is that my son asks me at least two to three times a week if I want to play Flip2BFit, this is going to come in super handy at keeping him active this winter when it is too chilly to play outside.
  The only thing I would recommend with the board game is that it would be awesome if they offered expansion packs of cards, some harder activities and some easier ones so that you could customize the game for your own family. 

 Mommy in PA:   Now onto the Bakari.  The concept is excellent, find the matching pairs, do the activities to get points, first one to 500 points wins...500!?!?  Yes, that's right, they expect you to get to 500 points.  Well the activity cards are only worth up to 30 points at the most so this game could take quite some time to play.  My son and I set it up and started playing but we had only found about half of the matches before I was just done...just couldn't play any longer.  I ended up telling him that he won because he had more points than me.
  I recommend just making your own rules up for this one as far as the points go, either choose a lower number of points or have a set time frame you are willing to play or you could be there for awhile depending on how great your memory is : )
  We love the fact that the card mat is a foldable fabric and the whole game takes up hardly any space on our game shelf...we have tons of games so space can be an issue.

Mommy in GA:  This game was actually better for the girls who are older than my son.  He grew a little restless due to all the repetitiveness of trying to find the matches. 
  All in all we loved the Flip2BFit Games and think these would make excellent additions to any classroom or home.  And every purchase helps kids in need.

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