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Monday, August 14, 2017


disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own. 


  Have you decided to up your fitness game?  Well if so and you are adding in some yoga or perhaps you are already a yoga enthusiast looking for some new accessories then Aurorae is the place for you.
With their huge assortment of eco-friendly yoga products you are sure to find what you are looking for. 

  Thanks to the folks over at Aurorae we were able to try out a couple of their products and here is what we thought: 

  Mommy in GA: Ok so I know by this point I am supposed to be on here sharing how advanced my yoga moves have gotten since the last review of a yoga mat.......... it just didn't happen that way😭

I am still using my very beginner yoga in a very sporatic way on this new AWESOME mat though!!!
I am in LOVE with the dark maroon color and the light airy texture of it.

The mat comes with instructions on the proper way to care for your product AND the aurorae slip free rosin bag....helps keep your feet in place better whether you are sweaty OR sometimes helps hold you up if you stumble a tad ( a friend told me cause, I am totally graceful😂)

I also received the yoga sandals but unfortunately they were a little small for me but my girls' have been loving them and say they are super comfy (and i think they are super cute too!!!)

The spray is awesome...smells like a pina colada : )  I like to spray it on myself after my workouts and on just random things throughout my house, it really energizes me.  I use it on my bed and on my couch the most. 

  The towel is also amazing...super light-weight but very absorbent.  No need to rub this towel around, just wrap it around you and wait a minute or two.  Also love the enormous size.  It would make a great towel for at the beach or pool, not only does it dry you super quick but it also makes you feel instantly warmer : ) 

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