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Monday, August 14, 2017

Skoy Towel

disclaimer:  We received the following product for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Skoy Towel

  So are you looking for the perfect product to go along with your Skoy Cloth and your Skoy Scrub?  Well we were : )  Fortunately the company came out with the Skoy Towel and we were lucky enough to each get one to try out.

  The Skoy Towel is made out of 100% recycled polyester and and features print on both sides in your color choice of red, green, or blue.  It is microfiber so it easily cleans up messes without the use of cleaning products but unlike other microfiber cloths it won't stick to your fingers.  These towels are super soft and super absorbent.  They measure 18 by 24 inches and are available at for $12.99.

  Mommy in GA: I got the green and LOVE it although seeing it in blue makes me think i need skoy towels in EVERY color!! 

If you are like me the way things feel make a huge difference......this Skoy towel is sooooooo soft! The kids all came running and wanted to feel how soft it was lol and they were talking about the cool design too.

The uses are a list of forever! I hang it on the oven door for easy hand drying (that in itself is a big job in this house😂) Other jobs we have tackled we can dry the whole counter and bar with just the Skoy towel (if your kids wring out a dishcloth like mine you are amazed right now) too clarify my counters and bar usually look like a small lake when they are done😂😂 no problem for the Skoy towel😉

Also, spills have nothing on this new towel either, it is pretty awesome. 
The Skoy towel has surpassed review expectations in my house❤❤❤❤❤

  Mommy in PA:  This thing is AMAZING!!!  I decided to clean out my fridge and I mean really clean it out.  I took out all of the shelves and washed them down and used the Skoy Towel to dry.  Well my fridge is pretty big and there was a lot to dry, well the Skoy Towel worked perfectly and continued to dry down to the very last shelf.  That totally amazed me, I figured for sure I would have to get out other dish towels to finish but nope : )  

  I always keep it handy by hanging it over my oven door handle and it looks so cute, and if you want to mix it up a bit just flip it over : )

  My daughter and her boyfriend were over one evening and we decided we were going to sit in the adirondack chairs but it had rained earlier : (  No problem for the Skoy Towel, it dried them both and still would have been able to dry more.  Like I said...they are AMAZING! 

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