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Monday, August 14, 2017

Nature's Bakery Fig Bars

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

  Nature's Bakery Fig Bars

  Well it's that time of year again...either your kids are already back in school or will be shortly.  Well we all know how hectic mornings can be whether you have one kid or many kids (like mommy in  Well we all want our kids to start their day with a healthy breakfast but who has the time to prepare full blown meals every morning?!?!  We've all been known to hand our kids something they can just scarf down real quick, as often times we do ourselves, well what if that convenient food was also a healthy food?  Well it can be if it is Nature's Bakery Fig Bars : )

  Nature's Bakery Fig Bars are using wholesome ingredients like stone-ground whole wheat and contain no gmo's, no dairy, no soy, and no high fructose corn syrup.  They come in a nice variety of flavors too including raspberry, blueberry, lemon, peach apricot, apple cinnamon, strawberry, original fig, and mango.

  Mommy in GA: We LOVE to do food reviews in our house ( for totally different reasons😂)
The kids because apparently i NEVER buy anything good lol but, always get good stuff to review.
Me because we are able try the products to know what we will be buying and because my kids like to eat every crumb of the "bad" food i keep in my house on the regular😂

At first my kids'  said.... "ewwww fig bars😔😢, I hate those."

The big favorite in my house was the blueberry or apple cinnamon these were both delicious!! 

The pomagranite and mango were a close second and the fig taste was not super strong.

I really liked the fig flavored one also lol

The only one we were unsure of was the lemon it was ok but I think we still have a few of those in the cabinet though.

  Mommy in PA:   We actually tried some of these flavors a few years back but were super happy to try them again : )  My son actually asks for these when we go to Sheetz, I was super surprised when I first saw them there.  Healthy and readily available, can't beat that!

  My absolute favorite is the blueberry (they taste very similar to my mom's blackberry strudel, a healthy food that tastes like a decadent dessert...yes please).  A close second would be the raspberry for the same reason.  I also loved the lemon, totally didn't expect to but I did.  I guess I was expecting the lemon to be really strong but it wasn't : )

  The fig was really tasty too, if you like fig flavor you will love these, it doesn't have that over the top sweetness.  The apple cinnamon was also good (not my favorite anymore though), strawberry would have ranked higher if the flavor was a bit stronger but that would have required sugar i imagine.  The peach apricot was better than I expected, I am very picky when it comes to peach flavoring and I typically love it or I hate it, these were kind of in the middle (may have been the apricot).  My least favorite was the mango, probably because I don't eat much that is mango flavored but they weren't terrible : )

My son is a huge blueberry fan so those were his new favorite, and also the kind he gets at the store all the time.  My husband tried one once, think it was strawberry and didn't like it cause he said it was too bland and I haven't been able to get him to try them since, oh well...more for me : )

  All in all these were all pretty tasty and I know why my son asks for them when he sees them at the store : )

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