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Monday, September 12, 2016

Bed Underpad from Vive Health

disclaimer:  I received the product below for free from Vive Health in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.

Bed Underpad from Vive Health

  Vive Health is a company that produces products for health and home.  They sell a wide variety of products including digital scales, thermometers, shoe insoles, body supports, incontinence products, mobility aides, etc.

 Mommy in PA:   I admit that I kinda screwed up when I requested this product.  I thought that this pad was smaller than it is. I saw the low price and just assumed...oopsie, my bad LOL!  Next time I order anything I really need to pay attention to the measurements : )

  Anyway I was wanting this to use on my sofa.  My mother has dementia and has issues with incontinence.  When her issues first started I used a trash bag under a blanket, which worked in a pinch but was not ideal.  Next we were using the disposable chucks like they use in the hospital, those worked great until she decided that she was going to start picking them apart.  This in itself would not be a huge deal but she is at the point right now where she likes putting random stuff in her mouth : (  

  So needless to say I was thrilled when we were offered this chance to review products for Vive Health.  It didn't take long to decide what we could benefit the most from : )  

  So it shows up in the mail...and I am shocked...I really had no idea it was this big.  Great for on beds as they suggest, but not terrible for my sofa, just needed to fold it a bit.  This really was a great solution for my problem.  No more having to worry about mom eating something she shouldn't LOL!

  Oh and washing is super simple, just toss it in the washer and then in the dryer, no special care needed : )

  And what a great price...just $13.49 so it wouldn't take a fortune to purchase a few of these to have on hand (oh and they offer free shipping too!!!). 

The pads are available on their website I have listed above or you can head on over to amazon and purchase them there : )

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