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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bioken Regent Pomade

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Bioken Regent Pomade

  We all like to try to look our best but sometimes our hair has other ideas.  Well if your hair likes to make it look like you just stepped out of a wind tunnel or just climbed out of bed then Bioken Regent Pomade may be just what you need.

  We've all seen the guys with their hair all slicked back either in real life or the movies.  Well pomade is what made that possible.  Well guess what...pomade isn't just for guys anymore.  Did you happen to go to bed with damp hair and have a section that just won't lay down?  Do you have frizz that needs some taming?  What about those annoying fly-aways?  Well fret no more, Bioken Regent Pomade can help you out.  

  This lightly scented pomade is great for all hair types, offers all-day hold, and rinses out completely without residue.  Just rub a small amount between your palms and apply where needed.  

  Mommy in GA: WE got the Super Hold version of Bioken Regent Pomade I have used pomade before and normally you get that gross sticky residue.... YUCK! With the Bioken we did NOT experience the YUCK factor!!

One when I applied this to my 7 year olds hair it did not leave that super sticky feeling that you tend to expect with these hair fingertips felt just a little slick but I did not feel like I had to run to the nearest sink lol.

Two it is Super easy to wash out ( like I did not have to go in the bathroom and make sure that my 7 year old washed his hair good, he was able to do it and not be checked behind!)

And 3 it holds up pretty well even in the Ga Summer humidity (that is impressive!!!!)

  Mommy in PA:  We received the Gold version of the Bioken Regent Pomade.  I will admit that I doubted that this would work as well as it did.  My son has major bedhead most days due to the fact that he has multiple cowlicks.  We usually take care of this problem by just cutting his hair short but sometimes he likes to let it grow and finding a good product to keep it down seemed impossible.  

  I was a little bit nervous applying this to my son's hair as I have never tried a pomade before.  Well let me tell ya, it was super easy.  Just like they said I took a small amount and rubbed it between my hands and applied it to my son's hair where it was sticking up.  Sure enough the pomade was strong enough to hold it down and the scent was very pleasant as it was light and neutral (no manly/girly smell).  I also thought for sure that it would leave his hair looking greasy but it didn't.  It also washed out easily : )  

  No more worries for picture day at my house : )

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