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Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Rise & Shine"

disclaimer:  I received the following book for free from MP Newsroom in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.

"Rise & Shine :  A Contemporary Fairy Tale"

by Sandra D. Bricker

  Shannon loved fairy tales as a child but nobody could have guessed that she would end up in a real-life fairy tale.

  Losing ten years of your life in a coma is enough to deal with, but then realizing that you've also lost your husband, how could Shannon even begin to make sense of all that has happened since the accident.

  This Dr. Petros seems nice enough but how does he know her husband, Edmund so well?  And what is up with Edmund's sister, why does she seem so desperate to take away everything that Edmund has left for Shannon?  You will just have to read and find out : )

  Mommy in PA:  I admit that I was not that interested in this story at first.  It seemed like it was going to be a little of the same old patient/doctor romance.  Boy was I wrong.  

  The author did a great job of making each one of the characters likable in their own special way.  You really get a feeling for the love they each have for Shannon and how each one of them is able to help her in her journey to finding out who she is now after that long ten year hiatus.  

  I love how the author brings Shannon up to date on all the newest technology, don't forget she's been out of it for a long time so she missed out on a lot of gadgets that not even all of us who haven't been asleep have yet to master.

  I also love how the author makes Sharron interested in new endeavors of all kinds and doesn't just stick her back into the job she left, I would think that people do change over time even if they are in a coma, so this makes it more believable.  

  Thanks for a great read Sandra, I really wish this story would continue cause you really left us hanging at the end : )

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