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Friday, September 11, 2015


disclaimer:  I received the product below for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.


  Scars...we all have them.  And when they are in a noticeable location they can really be upsetting.  Well what if there was a way to help conceal the scar without some expensive technique or cosmetic surgery?  That's where Dermaflage steps in.

   Dermaflage uses a simple three-step procedure to fill and conceal the scar.  And unlike makeup, Dermaflage is flexible so it moves with your skin. It is also waterproof (go ahead and take that shower or go swimming), and can last up to 36 hours.

  It was created by a Special Effects makeup pro and has been used by television and movie stars.  But don't think that superstar product means superstar price...Dermaflage costs $50 for a starter kit that contains multiple applications.

No Dermaflage above....... Ugly scar but a great day behind it!!!!

The pic above is the light color Dermaflage (A tad too light for right now I think!!!) Also my first attempt at Dermaflage ever!!!!!

The pic above is the medium tint and matches much better!!! My second attempt at dermaflage :)

  Mommy in GA:  I was super excited about trying the Dermaflage and got the entire starter kit!!! As stated above you get multiple applicators and also get to choose 2 color tones. you will get several uses out of one applicator (even more if your scar area is smaller)  You also get the compact where you keep the spnge to smooth your application.

It didn't look great but it was very easy to use and mine looked way better the second time!!!  After you use it for your special occasion or are just done it peels right off, super easy and no big mess :)

Country Save Laundry Detergent

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Country Save

  So in our quest for helping our families understand how important it is to use healthy and/or environmentally friendly products we often come up short when it comes to the "money saving" part of our name.  But in all fairness we do understand that research and some of the techniques used to make healthier/environmentally friendly products does cost more.  We really lucked out on this one though...Country Save has it all.

  If I did my math correctly it looks like it costs about 12 cents a load using the powder version purchased off Amazon in bulk.  You get 40 lbs. of powder detergent for under $80.  Hey, guess what I just found...a chart that compares prices to leading brands, and guess math was correct, chart found here.

  Now onto the health/environmental aspects of this product.  It is Fragrance and Dye Free, 100% Phosphate-Free, Completely Biodegradable, Safe for Septic Tanks, Cruelty-Free, No Animal Testing, No Animal By-Products, and is ideal for sensitive skin.

  Country Save was kind enough to send us each a big sampling of their Powder Laundry Detergent and some of their Powdered Oxygen Powered Bleach, try saying that three times fast LOL!

  Mommy in GA: There are A LOT of us and when you do as much laundry as I do........ This is one of the BEST review opportunities EVER!!!!!!!  I do a ton of laundry and have also tried out A LOT of different brands.

With so many kids you have somewhere you can use anything under the sun and not have a reaction and you can have others that are SUPER sensitive..... I got lucky and have a few of both :) So to save money we try to stick with the detergents that are gentle.

Country Save is in that market!!!! It is good for sensitive skin and it is easy on the pocket...... your clothes smell clean and the Powdered Oxygen Powdered Bleach helps keep those white clothes white and that includes your stinky socks looking and smelling better :)

  Mommy in PA:  I too was very excited about trying out this laundry soap.  I don't do nearly as much laundry as Mommy in GA but I too have one child with no sensitivities and one with sensitivities.  Let me tell you...we had no issues at all.  I also love the fact that the Oxygen Powered Bleach actually did help my clothes look whiter.   I have issues using some products in my water as we have a high iron content.  Some products actually turn my clothes orange because I guess they bind with the iron particles, not in this case though : )  

  I will admit I am not a huge fan of things being fragrance free but I just added a little bit of another product in sprinkle form to the wash on the loads that I really needed fragrance (towels and bedding mainly).  The product performed well and left my clothes feeling and smelling clean.  I was even surprised how well it cleaned my husband's greasy work clothes.  

Cave Tools

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Cave Tools

  Recently we each got the chance to choose and review a Cooking/BBQ tool from Cave Tools.  Mommy in GA received the BBQ Tools Set and Mommy in PA received the Digital Cooking Thermometer.

  Mommy in GA: This was awesome!!!  We grill out a lot and I love getting new utensils!!!  They are silver which is always appealing to the eye!!  I got the spatula, The fork and tongs which makes grilling easier!!!  You can use your fork or tongs for your chicken or pork chops (you know your thicker meats)  I LOVE the spatula for Burgers and Dogs.....these are the most common grill meats at my house :)

  Mommy in PA:  This is way better than the standard cooking thermometer that I have had for years.  I love how easy it is to read and how quickly it adjusts.  This thermometer has a lot of nifty features, my favorite being the cool little tube shaped case that it slides into when you need a free hand.  Just put the thermometer in the case and hook it in your pocket.  Another great feature is the fact that it is waterproof/shatterproof.  I can guarantee that the standard thermometer I have now is neither.  It actually will get fogged up if I hold it over the stove/grill for very long.  

  I also like the automatic off feature, it will actually turn itself off after 10 minutes.  This came in really handy for me recently when my fridge was on the fritz.  I got up the one morning and went to get a drink and realized that it didn't feel very cold.  Well thanks to the Quick Read Thermometer I was able to tell that my fridge was not keeping things as cold as it should.  I was able to continue checking the thermometer throughout the day.  I even used it in the new one to make sure that the temperature was cold enough to begin placing our food in.  This may not be its intended use but it sure helped me out : )

  To purchase your own set of BBQ Tools head over here.  Use discount code VLOMCLTN to recieve 20% off your purchase.  

  To purchase your own Digital Cooking Thermometer head over here.  Use discount code ONCTPYKL to receive 20% off your purchase.