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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Travelwise Packing Cubes

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Travelwise Packing Cubes

  With nicer weather finally upon us.  That leads us to thinking about camping, fishing, traveling with our families on vacation, etc.  And what's the one thing you also have to consider during these extended trips with the family...luggage. 

  Most of us end up just tossing things in suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, etc. and wishing we had a better way to separate things to make it easier to retrieve just what you need instead of emptying the whole bag or case for just a couple of items. 

  Well lucky for all of us, Travelwise Packing Cubes seem like a great alternative to the cluttered mess.

  Each set contains five different sized zippered bags made of lightweight, durable nylon. And the open mesh panels make it easy to see what's inside and allows for breathablilty for your clothing items.  

  They also come in five color choices (black, purple, red, silver, or teal).  

You can see more about them on EatSmart's website or Amazon.  Or you can check them out on social media

Instagram: #travelwise Tag: @eatsmartproducts

  Mommy in GA:
 Got the grey travelwise packing cubes and LOVE them!! As a mom of 5 we are always in a hurry and always TRYING to stay organized lol.
The first time I used these we went camping and so you pack all of your stuff....snacks for the car and campground and your sunblock, bathing suits, toiletries etc....

I used the smallest cube for bug spray, Kleenex, bandaids, Tylenol etc..
The next on shampoo and conditioner and soaps
The next size I used for toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant (did I mention I have 5 kids😂😂)
Snacks for the car in the next size up and in the last one I used it to keep bathing suits together (wet/dry!!)

It was amazing because I knew exactly what to grab and all the little items were in the same saved a lot of time and whining😉😉

  Mommy in PA: The Travelwise Packing Cubes are something I didn't even realize I needed!!!  These are now going to be part of every trip we take.  Having a child who is a Type 1 Diabetic means that we always have extra supplies in tow, whether we will be gone a couple days or a couple of hours.

I packed our bags in the pictures as if we were going on a day trip to go swimming.  There was actually plenty enough room to add a couple outfits per person or I could have actually packed all of our beach towels in the largest bag and put some of our clothes together, but I wanted to keep each persons stuff in their own bag to see if it would all fit, and it did : )

These bags are going to go on a ton of fishing trips with us so that I can keep my son's testing supplies separated from our food, and also we sometimes take along changes of clothing in case the weather decides to change on us, so these will work perfectly!

I also love how when you are done with these you just fold them up and stick them inside the biggest one and then you can chuck it into your suitcase, closet, drawer, wherever until you need them again : )  And they don't take up hardly any space at all.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Paper House Puzzles - Christmas in July Gift Idea #2

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Paper House Puzzles

  If you are looking for a great last minute gift idea.  Paper House Puzzles may have exactly what you are looking for.

  And don't be fooled by their name, they sell other things too like stickers, scrapbook supplies, cards, journals, magnets, and much more.  
  We got a chance to try out their floor puzzles and here is what we thought:

  Mommy in GA: these are awesome!!!  My big kids pull them out to play with the baby!! We love the dinosaur and fire truck!! I did give the castle and puppy one away as a gift (labeled the to and from right on the box because they made a spot for it!!) The kids all love them....when my nieces and nephews show up they pull them out and put them together.... I love how big they are (it is REALLY hard to lose the pieces to these!!) I am excited to check out more products because they are a very sturdy product as well!!

  Mommy in PA:  Ok I just want to start with the first thing I noticed when I looked at the boxes...they actually have the "to and from" label on them already so gift giving is made that much simpler.  This would be a wonderful idea for a grandparent to give their grandchildren every year because the child will know who it was from the whole time they have it.  

  I also have to mention that these are high quality puzzle pieces.  We have never had any issues with the pieces bending or having those annoying frayed edges like some others do.  

 The dinosaur one was our favorite : )

  Even my twelve year old enjoyed putting them together, this totally surprised me as he is a major computer addict, but this gave us some good quality time as we turned it into a game of "how fast can we put these together : )

  My only disappointment was the fact that these puzzles don't have the shapes in them like the other ones we did.  But other than that they were a blast.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Kristine's Shower - Christmas in July Gift Idea #1

disclaimer:  We received the following products for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

  Kristine's Shower

  If you are still looking for the perfect gift for that special lady in your life or perhaps a mother who has no idea what to get her daughter, then we recommend you checking out the products over at Kristine's Shower.

  Kristine's Shower offers a huge assortment of homemade products.  Shower Bombs, Bath Bombs, Bubblecakes, soaps, body sorbets, aloe vera body whips, and body frosting.  She even has product varieties for the kids and the guys.

  Kristine's Shower was kind enough to send us each a variety of products to try out and here are our thoughts:

  Mommy in GA:If you are a bath kinda gal or  guy......keep reading❤❤.  If you just like to pamper yourself like a spa but in the privacy of your own home at a fraction of the cost? 

Again keep reading😍😍! 
We had the privilege to try bath bombs ,a sugar rub and a whipped body lotion! My skin felt amazing and I smelled delicious lol.

I have all the kids so they used the bath bombs and really liked them a lot, when they were gone the kids asked when we were going to get more!

The whipped lotion goes a long ways too and my skin was soooooo soft BUT
My favorite is the sugar scrub.....i used it from head to toe started with my face which helped with blemishes and used it on my legs which exfoliate and even helps if you have a pesky ingrown hair all the way to your feet if you have a rough patch and the sunset colors and tropical scent make you forget you are in your own home scrubbing your feet you used to chase after your 5 kids all day...very relaxing!!!

  Mommy in PA:  Ok so even without looking at who sent the package I could tell what it was....that whoosh of scent when you open the box is just heavenly.  She always packages things so pretty with the tissue paper and you can tell she truly cares about making her customers feel pampered : )  

  My favorite product to try this time was the Shea Butter Body Frosting...this stuff is AMAZING!!!!  I don't know if my skin has ever felt that soft before, my husband even mentioned how smooth my legs were...couldn't keep his hands to himself lol : )  

  My favorite scent this time was the CocoVan.  It smells delicious lol, makes me think of a decadent dessert.  I got that in the Shea Butter Body Sorbet and it smells yummy : )  

  I also received a thing of the Aloe Vera Body Whip which is nice for my dry hands and feet and she sent along a good variety of bath bombs which I never get to try because my son LOVES them.  It is hilarious how much he likes these, claims them all as soon as they get here.  But I am ok with it because after he uses them in the bath then we get to enjoy how the house smells the rest of the evening.  We loved every scent : )  And the cupcake one with the elephant on it is adorable...not sure my son will use that one...he thinks he might be able to save the elephant lol : )

  So needless to say my household is HUGE Kristine's Shower Fans!!!!

Maple Holistics

disclaimer:  We received the following product for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Maple Holistics

  Are you currently looking for all natural products that are made in the USA?  Maybe you are just looking to try out a new brand of shampoo, conditioner, etc.  Then head over to Maple Holistics and request a free sample.  

  We were lucky enough to each receive a free full size Dry Hair Treatment Concentrated Shampoo.

  Mommy in PA:  I love how these products are made from natural ingredients.   The Dry Hair Treatment Shampoo we received contains Organic Sesame, Avocado, Sunflower, and Peach Kernel to repair dry, damaged, split and broken hair.  Perfect for winter : )

  Now it did leave my hair feeling nice when it was dry but when I first rinsed it out it was making my hair feel like straw : (  My solution was to not leave it in the full two to three minutes that they recommend.  

  The scent is very nice and works for everyone in the household unlike some other brands.   

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cave Tools Wing Rack

disclaimer:  I received the product below for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.

Cave Tools Wing Rack

  Are you looking for a better way to cook your wings/drumsticks?  How about one tool that would allow you to cook your wings/drumsticks and veggies all at one time?  Then you need to check out Cave Tool's Barbecue Wing Rack & Drip Pan.

  Made out of stainless steel this Wing Rack can go many places...grill, smoker, or oven and then when you are done just pop it in the dishwasher.  It can hold up to twelve wings/drumsticks and the bottom drip pan can be used to catch drippings to make gravy or even add veggies to do an entire meal in one dish.  

  The rack also has a locking mechanism to keep it from collapsing during use.  And don't forget that lifetime satisfaction guarantee and as with all Cave Tool products you get free downloadable recipes.

  Mommy in PA:  This was not nearly as entertaining as the Beer Can Chicken that I wrote about last time but sure made cooking drumsticks a breeze  : )

  I got the larger size drumsticks that they recommend to do, if you use smaller ones there is a chance they can fall out of the rack during cooking.  I filled the whole rack and proceeded with cooking them.  When I was down to about the last ten minutes I coated my drumsticks with barbecue sauce.  

  As you will notice I do not have a final picture this time, I unfortunately was too busy cussing and cleaning up the mess that was all over the inside of my oven, my broiler door, my floor....ugh, I tipped it : (    Now keep in mind I had removed it from my oven multiple times before to check the chicken temperature and had no issues.  The product itself is made well and should not have tipped.  I think it was a combination of my luck running out and possibly I had quite a bit more weight on the one side.  

  All in all, the chicken we did get to eat turned out really good and I will be using this again real soon : )

  To get your very own Wing Rack you can head over to the Cave Tools Website or Amazon to get yours.  Use code WING15 to get 15% off your purchase : )