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Frugal families helping you find savings from pa to ga.....we are bringing this site to you to save you money, time and sanity!!!  We will have savings throughout the postings on how families from small to big can save money in these economical hard times.  Between our 2 families we have 6 kids (Pa has 2 and Ga has 4!)  so we would love to share product reviews, stories and ideas with you concerning kids from 2 years old to 14 and any knowledge we have in between!! We will share cleaning solutions, product reviews (for the kids and the parents!!) and money saving tips, we would LOVE to hear your feedback and hope to see yall on our site time and time again!!!!!!!

Mommy in Ga and Mommy in Pa haven't always lived so far apart.  Mommy in Pa is actually Mommy in Ga's aunt but we grew up more like sisters because we are only 3 years apart. 

  We've been testing products on each other for years! 
*We know Dawn Dish Soap does NOT make very good cookies.
*We know Avon has a lot of different colors that we thought made us look beautiful no matter how many we wore together. 
*We loved our Jelly Shoes except for the blisters and the tiny pebbles that got stuck in the bottoms ( we did like picking those out). 
*We know we loved Sonic the Hedgehog so much that we played it all night.
*We know that it doesn't matter what brand of golf club you use it can still give you a black eye.
*But the one thing that we really know for sure is that no matter how far apart we are talking about our favorite and not so favorite things is still one of our most favorite topics!

If you are a company interested in letting us review one of your products you can contact us here.

DISCLAIMER:  Unless otherwise stated the items that we review were personally purchased by us and all opinions are our own!
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Nancy said...

Hi! For some reason I could not post a comment on the Pencils for Pete post. I wanted to let you know that I plan on donating at least 40 pencils. Thanks for matching them up to 250 pencils for Pete's program.

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