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Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday

Today for thrifty Thursday i thought i would share the results of my Target deals!!!!
I love coupons and clearance and if you watch closely and check every time you go to the store you can get some really awesome deals!!! Had i not had my 6 year old with me i could have probably found more while i was there!!!!!!

 herbal essence was marked down to $1.42 ( I got four and when you take my clearance price + the $3.00 coupons off 2) you get 4 FREE bottles of shampoo!!!!!  My tank top was $2.40 reg price $8.00 index are normal price of .49 but, i had to have some!! I saved 4.62 on my Lysol wipes but, also had to have those!
 PJ's for little man marked down to $3.88 from $12.99!!!! And to boot he LOVES them!!
Cleaner was also $1.87 but, needed as well
For all of the products above i spent $11.85 I don't think that was a bad trip at all!!
disclaimer:  I paid for all of the products above and received no compensation for this post, all opinions are my own!!!


  So we all know that once the kids go back to school we are going to have a constant stream of papers coming into our homes.  Along with all the junk mail we get that really adds up to a lot of wasted paper.  So here's a simple idea to use up some of that paper and make it into something useful that we all can use....notepads.

Start with any papers that have at least one side blank.

Cut or tear the pages into fourths.  And make them into piles that will work in a stapler.

Staple along the top edge.  Write away!

These come in really handy to leave near the phone for jotting down numbers or notes.  I also like to use these to write down grocery lists.  And all it costs me is the price of the staples!


Today's Thrifty Thursday is...Homemade Fabric Refresher Spray. 

You will need:  1 plastic spray bottle and 1 bottle of liquid fabric softener of your choice ( we used Gain).

What you do:  You take your empty spray bottle and put in 1/2-1 capful of your fabric softener.  You then fill the rest of the spray bottle with water.  Replace the lid on your spray bottle, shake it up, and you are good to go.  Spray on surfaces such as your mattresses, sofas, carpeting, etc.  This will leave your house smelling great for a fraction of the cost of brand name fabric refresher.


Today's Thrifty Thursday is all about compost.  Why pay the ridiculous high prices that stores want for potting soil or top soil when you can make your own.  I personally got my composter for free from a county run program that was distributing a set number of composters to citizens who were willing to attend their class.  If you do not have this available in your area you could buy one or make a simple one at home.  One simple way to do it is to find a small area in your yard and clear it out and make a  wooden three sided box shape. 

If you are like us you tend to have a lot of leftover veggie scraps, don't just thrown them away, compost them.  Other things you can compost that people don't normally think of are breads, pastas, rice,  cardboard cereal boxes, and paper towels.  I usually collect my compostables in a small container lined with paper towels and then just dump the whole lot into the composter. 

Things not to use in your composter are meats, dairy, and pet waste.  Egg shells are ok though you just need to be sure they are dried before tossing them in so that they don't make an odor that would possibly attract animals to your bin.

One thing to remember is to always layer your compost.  Layer green layers (grass clippings and veggie scraps) with brown layers (dry leaves, twigs, paper products).  And don't forget to keep it moist.  Also be sure to stir it up occasionally and in no time you'll have yourself some great compost.

Disclaimer:  I received the item above for free but all opinions are my own.


Today for thrfty thursday we want to extend our thoughts on thrift stores and yardsales!!!!   So between Mommy in Pa and Mommy in Ga we have 6 kids to clothe....we have been to our fair share of thrift and yardsales.  

  Goodwill has certain days of the week where certain sticker colors are clearanced (check your store for better detail!) Value Village does similar sales with the tag prices AND the  last Wedfnesday of every month ALL clothing items are 50% off! 

At thrift stores and GOOD yardsales you can get name brand clothes for walmart prices!!!!! The only thing you should watch for are stains and small tears.  Sometimes you can go to these placs and get clothes that have never been worn!!! 

Also i just found out you can sign up for a membership to get extra coupons etc....  To read more about value village go here!!!!!

Disclaimer:  I did not receive any compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own and i just wanted to share this tid bit with yall!!!
Next time you have a coupon for $1 off  any razor, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, etc. be sure to check the travel size items at Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, and your local grocery stores.  As long as the coupon doesn't say "except on trial size" you may be able to get some cheap or even FREE toiletries. 

These can come in really handy for on trips (obviously) or for use as stocking stuffers.  You could also put a bunch of different trial size items in a basket with some other items like candles to make a nice gift basket.  I also keep a bunch of trial size items on hand just in case we run out of our regular size product and I can't get a good deal for a couple of weeks. 

What other uses can you think of? 



Yay For Popcorn!!

Okay so we are doing the "Week Of Popcorn" thanking Orville Redenbacher and "The Dish" for sending us our free sample!!!   Anyway for Thrifty Thursday we were thinking we could use popcorn as the filling in beanbags for the kiddos to play games with.  You could easily make a gameboard by using a a sheet of plywood or a cardboard box and cutting holes in it and labeling them each with a different number of points. 

You could also make your own ice packs using unpopped kernels.  Just place them in a freezer bag (or make your own cloth bag) and place the bag with the kernels in it in your freezer for a few hours.  This works better than ice cubes because it won't melt and you can refreeze the kernels and use them again and again.  Just leave ice pack in the freezer when you aren't using it that way it will be ready when you need it.

And there's always the classic maraca, you can use any kind of container (leftover plastic Easter eggs work well, make sure to tape them shut) put in a small handful of kernels and you're good to go.


  Well we got ourselves one of those easy set pools last summer and we didn't get it put away like we planned and it ended up sitting outside over winter.  Well we started setting it up and we noticed it had a couple of holes in it.  We tried the patch kit that came with it but the sealing stuff was dried out and wouldn't stick right. 
  Well my son had been watching "MythBusters" on tv the one evening, the episode where they were on an isolated island and had to survive with what was there and a pretty good size supply of "Duct Tape".  They actually made a boat out of it and it worked.  Well that gave us the bright idea to try it on the pool and it has been holding up well now for 4 days with no leaking.  We made sure we got the blue duct tape so it would blend in with the bottom better. 
  We would recommend only using it on the bottom, it probably will not hold well on the sides.  I will update you all later on how this holds up over the course of the summer.


pipe ball lawn game built for game in backyard

I was looking through my email and ran across my "This Old House" newsletter........started browsing the summer fun ideas and came across this really cool and pretty easy to make game.

Click here to watch the video on how this is made and get ready to have some summer fun!!!!!!  The site says it will cost $46 to make, including the tennis balls.   Let's put our minds together and finda a more frugal way to make this please comment below because i think it looks really cool!!!


 We all have cleaning to do but did you know you don't always have to pay for the pricey cleaners?  Thanks to Reader's Digest they have compiled a list of 150+ uses for vinegar which you can find here.  Here's a sampling of the uses that I never would have even thought of:
                                                        -remove carpet stains
                                                        -conceal scratches on your wood furniture
                                                        -remove water rings from furniture
                                                        -whiten your grout

   I would like to thank Reader's Digest for this informative article!


All You" advice about free shipping......I totally agree with this post, what good does it do to save money if you are still spending more money????   Read these tips from "All You" and learn a few tricks to actually save you money!!!!
This guest post is from our friends at
By Andrew Kardon
At a time when there never seems to be enough time in the day, there’s no question that online shopping offers convenience, as well as competitive deals. (E-commerce sales reached $227.6 billion in 2010.)
The downside? Shipping fees: shopping online can end up costing you an extra $10 or even $15 purely for shipping and handling. Of course savvy shoppers know to search for coupon codes and free shipping offer before clicking “buy” to negate those extra costs.
The convenience of ordering online and free shipping? It almost seems too good to be true. And in some cases… it is.
Whether you find a code for free shipping or a site that regularly offers free shipping with a minimum purchase, be sure to remember the following tips.
Read the Fine Print
Many stores will tempt you with free shipping offers, but be sure to read the terms of the deal. Often times the complimentary shipping doesn’t apply to specific product categories or big ticket items like flat screen TVs or exercise equipment like a treadmill.
 Don’t Pay More Just to Get Free Shipping
You want a book that costs $12 … but there’s free shipping if you spend $25, so you hunt to find a few other books to bring your order up. Nice, except did you really want to spend that extra $13? Shipping may have been only $5 on that one book you actually wanted.
There are plenty of online stores that offer free shipping with no minimum purchase, so be sure to do your homework.
Timing is Everything
Planning on gifting those SpongeBob Legos at a birthday party this weekend? You may have to forgo free shipping. Most stores that offer free shipping do so via free ground shipping, which means it could take a week to 10 days for your item to arrive. If your item is out of stock, that will add even more time onto delivery, so plan ahead.
Check Coupon Combos
Every site is different, but if you must use a coupon code to get free shipping, that generally means you can’t use another coupon. (Unless the site lets you stack coupons, meaning use more than one code at once.)
Take a hard look at which will save you the most money — a discount code or free shipping — before checking out.
Don’t Lose Those Savings on Returns
So your item is finally on the way, free of charge. But what if it arrives and it’s the wrong size? Or not what you thought it’d be? Or, you just hate it?
Returning items purchased online can be difficult, and chances are you’ll be stuck paying for return shipping. (Unless you shop at an online store that accepts returns for free.) Be sure to familiarize yourself with an online store’s full return policies before you make any purchases.
Andrew Kardon is the president and co-founder of a super-friendly coupons, deals and rewards site, dedicated to saving you money. He’s also a freelance writer who wishes he could get free shipping on sushi every single day.


A good way to save money on haircuts, nails, massage, and facials  is to look into your local beauty school....sometimes it take s a little bit longer than it would at a salon but you walk out looking and feeling just as great!!  My local beauty school offers all of these services so before spending a ton of money, if i were you i would check to see what your beauty school offeres for the savings!!!!!!!


  So you have a gift that needs wrapped in a hurry and no time to go to the store to get wrapping paper...simply use the comic section out of your Sunday paper for a cute alternative.


mommy in ga has comcast xfinity and instead of joining a gym, i like to use my resources from home. I use my camcast on demand and go to the fitness and sports selection and from there you have a huge variety of fitness exercises from walking to yoga to choose from. I think this is thrifty because i already pay for my service and i am not paying the monthly or yearly gym memberships...and they work if you stick to it!

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