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Sunday, December 13, 2015


disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.


  Well as most of you already know, we are always looking for healthy snacks for our families, especially when thinking about back to school time.  And so in our searching we stumbled upon Snikiddy.

  Snikiddy is actually short for persnickety which makes a ton of sense seeing as how trying to eat healthy often brings out the real picky eater in all of us : )  But no need to be persnickety when it comes to Snikiddy, read on to find out what our families thought of Snikiddy.

  Mommy in GA: I was SO excited about this review!!! Disappointment set right in as shortly after we got the good news I got some not so great news of gallstones while in my first trimester :( That meant strict diet of next to nothing so I did not personally get to try this review but the kiddos were in heaven!!!

Smashpop: My 9 year old was the only fan (She likes salt on everything lol I have to keep it put up!!!) She said "They are not my favorite," I would like to point out that did not stop her

Grilled Cheese Puffs: Ok so cheese puffs of any sort and I have a long history lol.  I was really like almost in tears when I realized these were in our fantastic box of goodies :(  The kids' all loved these and thankfully ate them up quickly so my suffering was shortlived!!!!

Baked Fries: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid gallbladder!!!!! I was scared to death to eat anything...... If you have had gallbladder issues you understand my fear of food!! Iwas exited about these also and again thank you kids' for your enthusiasim to eat everthing  the house as qicklyas possible!! I am pretty sure they inhaled and these were gone lol!!

Lastly were the
Jalapeno Ranch: My 12 year old daughter was a huge fan and actually ate all of these herself, the other kids' are not fans of hot or spicy lol, My 12 year old told me these were amazing and begged me to put them on our grocery list :)

  Mommy in PA:  Oh Heavenly Goodness, how can healthy taste so good!!!  Opening the Baked Grilled Cheese Puffs and then proceeding to leave the bag at home unattended was a terrible, terrible mistake.  When I did return home a few hours later all that was left was a very small handful nestled in the corner of the bag...just enough for a taste but not enough to satisfy the craving : (  

  I was much smarter with the Baked Fries.  I got the first taste but I was kind enough to share. Although I really didn't want to, these were almost as good as the Baked Grilled Cheese Puffs.  

  Everyone in my household loved the Grilled Cheese Puffs and the Baked Fries.  That was not the case for the Eat Your Vegetables Jalapeno Ranch...but that's ok with me because these are my new favorite chip!  Now granted I can only eat a handful in one sitting due to my tongue not liking spicy things but that just means they last me longer that way : )  

  Nobody in my house even wanted to try the SMASHPOP : (  I did try it but I am not a huge fan.  It just tasted really salty and left my lips feeling funny from the salt : (  Oh well, you can't win them all...especially when you are being compared to Baked Grilled Cheese Puffs : )

Holiday Gift Guide Gift Idea - BrickSwag

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.


  Looking for the perfect gift for the Lego fan in your house?  How about a gift that keeps giving all year round?  Well now you can have just that with the BrickSwag monthly subscription.

  Each BrickSwag box contains an exclusive t-shirt, real Lego bricks, an issue of their Build Magazine, plus some extras.

  The November box that we received also included a poster and a plastic drinking cup.

  Subscriptions range in price from $26 to $240 depending on if you are doing month by month or paying for a few months to a full year at a time.  Right now they are running a discount of 10% off using code HAPPYTEN at checkout.

  Mommy in GA:I apologize to my kids for being the worst mom ever!!  My kids' were not super interested in LEGOS,  and I am not going to lie I did not push the issue (Hello 4 kids' all different ages and stages!!!), We got the offer to do the lego swag and it sounded kind of cool!

My 11 year old daughter got ahold of the box first and dug in, she had a blast building her turkey and even made a space ship :) She also really enjoyed the cards included in the turkey pack of LEGOS!!  All I heard from my 6 year old son was "It's not fair, It's my turn to build now!!!"

We have had to re-draft letters to santa to include LEGO sets!!! So this box has showed us that they are interested even though I was not so sure!!

Mommy in Pa elaborated on the other goodies below but we really enjoyed the t-shirt and the drinking cup also!!

  Mommy in PA:  My son has never been more excited about receiving something for the blog LOL!  Needless to say the box was open and things were being constructed before I even had a chance to take a picture (as you see I was able to get a picture of the finished project though).

  My son is a HUGE Lego fan!!!  He has an under the bed size tote to keep all of his in but still has boxes of them sitting around that just don't fit anymore.  This was a dream come true to him.

  The project this month was a turkey which my son had a blast building.  They also include a build pack which your child can create their own project based on the theme provided.  I do believe the theme for November was food.  There is actually a type of contest where the child uses their build pack to create and then submits their entry for a chance to win.  We did not really have time to attempt it this time but hope to in the future.

  The t-shirt is really cute and unique (my son won't have to worry about someone having the same Lego shirt as him) and the plastic drinking cup is awesome : )

Here are my 10 year-old's thoughts:  "I really liked the concept of what they are doing.  The challenge sets are also really fun to try, they are actually a challenge.  It's really fun to build what they have set up even though it is small.  I like how it has a lot of pieces.  They also have pieces that you don't get in most Lego sets that you have to buy individually off of the Lego website.  It is definitely worth the money because it takes them a lot of time to get the Legos that they put into the sets."