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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


disclaimer:  I received the following book for free from Tyndale House in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.


by Rachel Anne Ridge
foreword by Priscilla Shirer

  "Flash" is the story of one family's struggles and how a stray donkey gave them just what they needed...perspective.

  This book gives you the day to day views from a person's and a donkey's view of things.  Was he really stubborn, or just that cautious?  Was he trashing the place because he hates us, or is he just a little reluctant for change?  Why doesn't he like the dog, Beau?  

  Rachel started this book when she realized how many little scribbles and notes she had written about Flash's journey with them.  She realized that others too could benefit from knowing what this stray donkey had taught them.  

  At the end of every chapter is the lesson that Flash taught them from that event.  

  Mommy in PA:  What a cute book!!!  I read a good bit of this one out loud to my family as there are some very funny parts.  

  My favorite chapter is the one titled "A Pasture Romance".  Flash really surprised everyone when the new horses moved in next door.  Ever met a donkey with a criminal record...

  The author made this book an easy read with her writing style...I love it.  Just don't leave this sitting out for guests cause if they read just a few pages they will want to read the whole thing and who knows when you'll get it back. LOL

  Flash is such a lovable character and the fact that he indeed is a real donkey makes it that much better.  You can really feel his personality come through in Rachel's writing.  You can feel the love that this family has for him and the love that he returns through his many lessons.  

  I love that she ends each chapter with the lesson that Flash has taught them.  My favorite lesson is "Run with Horses" or as Rachel says... The pursuit of excellence conquers fear.  

  If you are looking for an inspirational read, and happen to love animals, then this book is for you.  


Friday, July 1, 2016

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disclaimer:  We received nothing in exchange for this post.

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