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Friday, August 31, 2012

T-Shirt Review and GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Dog T-Shirts and Nacho Mama Tees

Mommy in Ga says:  The folks at Crazy Dog T-Shirts were nice enough to let me pick a T-shirt from each site to product review!!
I had a really hard time only deciding on 2 because all of the t-shirts are pretty hilarious!!

I decided on the recycling t-shirt because 1 I don't care who you are you know you have gotten up in the morning and thrown on whatever shirt and bottoms were in reach!! and 2 I thought that it was funny but, in the midst of humor might just remind people to take that extra step and recycle some stuff!

The Tee-Shirts are very reasonably priced and they are made out of really good material, you know the ones that you don't sweat through even on the hottest days (I would know this for a fact living in GA!!!!)

The shirts come in sizes from small to 3 XL so they have something for everyone!!
The only thing i would suggest is that they had a better color selection when you are picking out yours tees.   The Recycle one (from the Girl's T-shirts section) and the Fantasy Football (from the Men's T-shirts Section) one only come in the colors shown below (white for recycle and grey for football)

Yesterdays Recycle T Shirt
I chose this shirt because my boyfriend is an avid fantasy football leauger!! This shirt could not have come at a better time as he won in the league last year and with the new year for fantasy football just starting he is hoping to keep the title this year too!!
This shirt is also made of the same fantastic material and also comes in sizes s-3XL
Fantasy Football League Champion t shirt

To get your very own Crazy Dog Tee you can head over here.

Disclaimer:  I received the above items for free from Crazy Dog Tshirts but all opinions are my own.

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Funky Friday


Okay so i was at wal-mart yesterday and i have been thinking about finding a new hobby........I had been thinking about crochet or knitting.
So i went into the yarn section and was looking around and found the knitting needles and some yarn, i got both for a total of $5.00!
I got online last night and went HERE and learned step by step how to knit!! Very excited about this at first i had a hard time but, now i got the hang of it and this is what i have made of a scarf so far......

I know it is not impressive yet or perfect but, i think it is fun and it is a cheap hobby, also once i quit getting so worked up about not being able to do it and got it, it was very relaxing!!!!
Anyway I will keep yall posted on the outcome of the scarf.....If I stick with it lol!!
disclaimer:  I received no compensation for this post and all comments are my own.

Huge Sale at The Children's Place!

Right now The Children's Place is having a huge sale in store and online.  The deals are as follows:
- FREE shipping on every order
- 15% Off Savings Pass
- If you spend $40 you will get a code for $20 off $40 or more





Great Deal at Gamestop This Weekend!

Do you have any games laying around that you don't play anymore, well now's the time to trade them in at Gamestop.  From now until 9/9 you will get an extra 50% trade in credit on games that you trade in.  Go here to see all the details and check out the info for their Labor Day Sale.

gas-x freebie


If you go to THIS SITE you can score a free sample of gas-x strips!!

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Read it Forward

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Free Purina Healthy Weight!

Click here to get yours!

Free Suncare Kit!!!

Go to Listen To Your Skin and click on the sign up tab to get yours! 

We Have A Winner!!!!

We have a winner for the xZubi Giveaway

Tony Smoaks

Winner has been contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond or forfeit the prize.

Tasty Tuesday

Mommy in GA and mommy in PA are very excited to tell you all about one of our favorite new snacks, Pretzel Crisps from Snack Factory!

Pretzel Crisps aren't just your ordinary pretzels, they take your everyday snacking to a whole new level by becoming a utensil for dips, cheeses, meats, etc.  Have you ever tried dipping a normal pretzel...very frustrating?! 

With their large selection of flavors there is sure to be some taste buds tingling and everyone is sure to find a favorite. 

They aren't just tasty either, they are also good for you because they contain no trans or saturated fats.  You can't beat tasty and healthy!

Okay so mommy in Ga and mommy in Pa both received 7 bags of Pretzel Crisps each,a tote, a $1.00 coupon and a Pretzel Crisp pen.....PLUS 2 lucky winners will receive 7 bags of Pretzel Crisps, The lovely tote pictured below, a $1.00 coupon and let's not forget they included a pen with their logo for you to add Pretzel Crisps to your grocery lists!!!!
The Pretzel Crisp tote, pen and coupon!
BUFFALO WING Pretzel Crisps
Mommy in Ga says:  The BUFFALO WING was tasty but, would have been better paired with a ranch dressing?

Mommy in PA says:  We all liked this variety except for my 7 year old son who chose to skip this one.  Even our cat liked these!
SESAME Pretzel Crisps

Mommy in PA says:  These were very good with french onion dip.  A little too bland for me plain and my 14 year old daughter didn't really care for these.

Mommy in PA says:  These were my 14 year old's favorite!  They were gone the quickest out of all the flavors.  I also thought these were very good and will be buying them on a regular basis.
Mommy in Ga says: Everyone liked the CHIPOLTE CHEDDAR but, we are cheesy kinda people (lol!!!)  Anyway my 9 year old has a new favorite!
EVERYTHING Pretzel Crisps
Mommy in Ga says: The everything was not a total win for the kids, but mommy on the other hand really enjoyed these!!

Mommy in PA says:  We weren't really sure about these ones, would have to try some of the topper ideas.


Mommy in PA says:  These were pretty bitey.  At first I wasn't really too sure about them but once you eat a couple they are pretty good.

ORIGINAL Pretzel Crisp

Mommy in Ga says: The ORIGINAL were so much a favorite in this southern home that my kids' "accidentally" opened our giveaway bag also! So i will be using my $1 coupon to replace our bag to giveaway!!! Glad the kiddos enjoyed them so much though!!

Mommy in PA says:  This was my 7 year old's favorite!  He saw them at WalMart the other day and recognized the bag right away! 

We both love the fact that the bags are resealable and easy to distinguish which flavor is which.
We also like that the Original, Sesame, and Everything varieties have appetizer ideas on the bags. 
They also have a spot on their website that gives you even more ideas for toppers. 

To find out more about Pretzel Crisps you can check out their website, follow them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or see where you can buy them.  Also, you gotta check out the awesome video below and be sure to enter our giveaway for your chance to win a variety of Pretzel Crisps of your own!

Disclaimer:  We received the above products for free in exchange for our review but all opinions remain our own.

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20 Webkinz Kinz Klips for $19.99 + shipping! is at it again with another great Webkinz deal.  The Webkinz Kinz Klips each have a code for Zumwhere in Webkinz World.  Our kiddos love Webkinz and this is just a great deal, think stocking stuffers! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Maybe Monday


   Mommy in Ga says:
The people at Petjamas were kind enough to send us this fun package of goodies to review!!!!  Love the petjamas and the pillowpets!!!  Inside out=r fun box we received a Snugglebag, a Petjama (for your regular sized Pillow Pet) and a Petjama mini For your Pillow Pet Pee-wee.
 This is our Pillow Pet Pee-Wee his name is Polka-Dot!
 This is a better picture before we put him in his snuggly Petjamas.
 Here is Polka-Dot in his cozy Petjamas, I am pretty sure he is as comfy as he looks!
 The Petjamas have a little handle (as you can see in the pic!) For easy to carry access while your pet is in the Petjamas.
Petjamas have velcro at the front to hold your pillowpets in place and with no discomfort to you when you use your pillowpet! 
 We do not have a large PillowPet right now but, the really cool thing about the Snugglebag Sleeping bag is that they hold any kind of stuffed animals or dolls!!!  Here is a picture of my 6 year old and her teddy bear Fluffy. As you can see he is not on the small side!

Here is my 6 year old with Fluffy inside the Snugglebag

This is the cute logo on your bag.

Really cool thing about the Snugglebag is that they are reversible!!!! We can have pink or purple depending on the mood or the child that is using it!!!
Our overall review for the Petjama collection is thumbs UP!!!  We love them and they are really cool, you can keep them on your pet and they are machine washable too!! With 4 kids I have learned that anything machine washable is a must purchase!  Everything we own has made a trip or 2 through the wash and dryer!!
Hope you have enjoyed the review because we did!!!  Take the link to SNUGGLETIME to purchase or browse, they have good stuff for your PillowPet needs!!!
disclaimer: I did receive the above products in exchange for my honest reviw. All opinions are my own

All You Freebie

Free Gooseberry Patch Savory Pie Recipes Cookbook
Today's All You Freebie is a downloadable version of the Goose berry Patch cookbook!  To get your copy go HERE!!!!  ENJOY!!
disclaimer:  We received no compensastion for this post!

Reminder: Coach ColorTag Instant Win is almost over! 8/31 is the final day!

This is a fun instant win game where you can continue to refresh the page to see if you win.  This is a special one for blog sites to post.  As far as we can tell you can play as much as you like.  Prizes are as follows:
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Storytime Sunday

"White Rabbit"

by Michael E. Schultz

"White Rabbit" is the story of a stray Beagle who goes from home to home because of different circumstances.  He goes by a few different names in the story such as Dee-O-Gee, Floyd, Henry, and Barny.  The book takes you through a big range of emotions as happy and sad things happen to the Beagle. 

My daughter and I read the book together and our favorite parts were when he finds the old farmer, when he finds the right home, and when he hunts rabbits. 

We were really able to relate to this story because we had a female Beagle who was a stray when we found her.  She loved to hunt rabbits too, just like the Beagle in the story.

We also thought that his dream about the bull in the field was a nice touch.  And we liked that the story was written from the Beagle's point of view.  The author tells us at the beginning that the Beagle (Barny at the time) wanted him to help him write his life story.

This would make a great book for anyone from a teenager on up. 

To purchase your own copy of "White Rabbit" you can do so by going here

Disclaimer:  I received the above book for free from Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. in exchange for my review but all opinions are my own.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Look what Fedex brought us yesterday...

Remember awhile back when we posted about the free stuffed kangaroo from Dish Network...well here it is.  Can you believe how big it is.  I honestly expected a stuffed animal about the size of the Joey in it's pouch.  It also came with an "autographed" poster from Hopper and Joey.  This is one of the better freebies we've gotten in quite awhile (thanks Dish Network)!

Disclaimer:  The above item was free from Dish Network from a freebie promotion they were running.  I am in no way associated with Dish Network but just wanted to show everyone what a nice freebie this was.

Spa-Time Saturday


HBL has a full line of hair care products that are all made for the purpose of removing all the "no-no" ingredients and adding healthy alternatives that give you a quality product without causing damage to your body.  You can read the info on how their company came to be by going here.  This is a really great example of how something bad like cancer can encourage people to do something good for others. 

Mommy in PA had the honor of trying their line of volumizing products. 
 Step 1 was the Volumizing Shampoo.  Mommy in PA says:  Right away I loved the packaging.  It has these pretty iridescent words all over the bottle that just add to the experience.  The bottle kind of looks like a hair spray bottle but the lid pops open like a regular shampoo bottle.  The shampoo itself smells nice and lathers up great.  I loved how easy it was to rinse out without leaving residue. 
Step 2 was the Volumizing Conditioner.  Mommy in PA says:  I loved the packaging of this as well.  You do need to store this bottle upside down though after the first couple of uses as the conditioner is very thick.  It applied easily but was a little harder to get rinsed out than my normal conditioner but I could tell right away that it did a much better job. 

Step 3 was the Spray Mousse.  Mommy in PA says:  I'm not much for styling my hair because it just never seems like I can get things to look right.  This product is my new favorite styling product though because you apply it just like hair spray.  I've never used a spray mousse before but now I know I will never be going back to the foam kind again.  This was easy to apply and if you want more volume then you just add more by the roots and blow dry.  Very simple and it left my hair soft and smelling great. 

Here's a good example of what my hair was like before HBL.  It was almost always in a ponytail and you can actually see the damage from split ends and such. 

Here's what my hair looks like now after using all three products for awhile now.  I love how the mousse brings out the curls.  I hadn't even brushed it and I wouldn't have felt weird going to the store like that.  Love it!

I also want to mention how much I love the smell of this stuff.  I also like that when I use the mousse I get the volume without all the flyaways.

You can find out which product variety is right for you by using their product recommender found here.  Once you find your type you can purchase your own by going here.  The great folks at HBL are giving one of our readers the very same products that I reviewed.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win.  Also be sure to "like" them on Facebook and check out their Twitter page.

Disclaimer:  I received the above products for free in exchange for my review but all opinions are my own.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Funky Friday

  Today's Funky Friday is Part 2 of our three part series on Klutz.  If you happened to miss our part one you can view it by going here

"Twirly Q's"
by Anne Akers Johnson

Twirly Q's comes with everything you need to make these adorable paper critters.

Here's what the coiled up paper looks like on the shaping tool.

Here is what all the completed pieces looks like.

Here's what the pieces will look like after we figure out how to get the pieces to stick to themselves but not to us.  My 14 year old daughter was having a hard time getting the pieces to stay together so she tried a little more glue but now we need to let them dry longer so the glue isn't as sticky so they don't stick to us while we are trying to assemble them.

Mommy in PA says:  This one frustrated my 14 year old.  She was so excited about doing this craft because she really likes animals but ended up getting fed up with the glue.  I'm thinking we will be looking at the store for some other type of glue so that she can finish the project.  Other than that it was a fun, simple craft that she did enjoy. 

Mommy in Ga received:
Coin Blaster Arcade
by:The Editor's of KLUTZ

This is the front of the book, the picture doesn't show yall very well but, those are the pieces used to help flick your coins.

This is the index of how to and your list of games.....quite a variety to choose from too!!!
This section shows you how to load the launch and tells you about the card board pieces you might need for certain games (all pieces you need are included in your book!!)
This is the blastometer game.  The kids' had fun laughing at me while i missed and they thought they could do better!
 Here the girls' are showing me how it is done!! My 6 year old missed quite a bit but, she did knock 2 quarters out and got the "chump change"
 My 3 year old trying to edge in on her turn!! That caused a brief disagreement!
 My 9 year old beat us all with the "loose Cannon"

 They tell you about the ramp in the beginning of the book, you need this for a few of the games but, it is very simple to put it together.  If i can do it Yall can too!! lol.
 Here is the completed ramp
 Here is my 3 year old playing the Hot Shot Hoops,  He just wanted to play he didn't care it is a little above his skill level!

Here is my 6 year old, along with an action shot!  It's on the ramp, It's mid air, it's going toward the hoop and dangit it fell short!! Good try though!! LOL

These are just a few of the games we played but, i figured my post would be outrageous if i did all of them besides this is a recommended product for future birthdays' or Christmas so i don't want to ruin all the fun and spoil all of the surprises!!!

We enjoyed this activity alot and it also helps kids' use different money values as far as pennies, quarters etc....  We had a blast and hope that yall will give it a chance!!!

Disclaimer:  We received the above items for free in exchange for our review but all opinions are our own.