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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Free Tryout Kit with Playtex Purchase!!!

  Check out this awesome offer I found when shopping last week.  Just purchase a specially marked package of Playtex Sport Compact Tampons from now until 9/30/17, snap a picture of your receipt and submit it to or email a copy of your receipt to and they will email you a code that you can redeem for the kit.

  If you are like me and your receipt is too long for one picture than you can fold it as long as it still shows your store, product purchased, total for receipt, and date.

  This is an awesome offer as it looks to be wireless headphones, Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen, Eos Lip Balm, and a Goody Headwrap : )  Limit two offers per household.  Oh and the pack I purchased was only $3.97 so a very good deal.

Update:  Picture below is what I received in the mail : )

"The Chamberlain Key"

disclaimer:  I received the following book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.

"The Chamberlain Key"

by Timothy P. Smith

  This book takes you on the ongoing journey with Timothy to discover how he knows that God himself is behind the words of the Bible.  What if there was a way to prove it, would there be more believers.  Well what if Timothy found proof.  What if Timothy found his own name, wife's name (maiden included) and his children's names all hidden in one very small section of Genesis.  Well guess what, he did.  

  Just as QR codes compress a bunch of information into a tiny square that can be scanned and decoded.  The Bible also has clues embedded in it in a three dimensional form.  Timothy explains how this works and how we too can help decode it.

  Mommy in PA:  If you like mystery books, decoding, Bible history, etc. you will enjoy this book.  It will keep you guessing as to just what he will be able to find next.  

  I really enjoyed how he goes into a deeper explanation of things, even though I was still a bit lost, it definitely adds to his notability.  Anyone can say that they found something in the Bible in Hebrew but he actually shows you the text and breaks it down.  

  I also like how he shows you photos of things that he used for references along his journey.  Like that gorgeous copy of "The Leningrad Codex"and the sixteen Rocio Madonna icons.  It is also amazing how he noticed pictures forming out of the key letters in the text.  

  And perhaps the greatest thing is that he gives people a website to go to where they can offer insight, ask questions, and learn about all of the ongoing research.  And you don't even have to be an expert to help, just head over here and check it out.

  We all have questions about why we are here but perhaps Timothy has found out his reason and can help others find theirs too.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Dia Noche Designs

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.

DiaNoche Designs

  So with Mother's Day just around the corner we know a lot of you are still searching for just the right gift.  Well let us help you take some of the guess work out of it with  DiaNoche Designs.

  DiaNoche Designs has a variety of products from home decor, outdoor living, even fitness apparel and supplies.  And what makes DiaNoche Designs stand apart from any other shopping site?  Well we will tell's the fact that you can make most of your things match...want your yoga pants to match your yoga mat???  How about your shower curtain matching the pillows on your couch?  Well they can do that.

  One warning...make sure you have plenty of time on your hands before going to their site...there is just so much to choose from.

  Mommy in GA: I was super excited to get my yoga mat❤! I have never really done yoga but now i do on almost a daily basis! It is soft and easy to use and store! 
Mine came with a carrying bag which is great to store your mat OR if you workout on the go.

The best part is if I want my yoga pants and mat oh also my bedspread and shower curtain I can find the same pattern for all those items and much more! Cutting boards and couch cushions (i am just getting started!!)

Yoga mat

Me doing reach ups(don't mind the baby😂 he is my coach😉)

My 11 year old being silly

Quadriplex?? Form is lacking but that yoga mat is not!!!

The yoga mat is so great that you need to watch your back or mid work out someone may grab really that literally happened to me look!!!

  Mommy in PA:  I received a pair of the Leggings in the pattern Correlation IV.  But let me tell was a tricky decision.  With so many patterns to choose from I actually had to ask for  I bet it took us over an hour to decide on just the right pattern : )

These are really nice leggings as far as feel goes, they are the really silky feeling ones so they are very comfortable : )  And like I said above, they literally have something for everyone.  Whatever your taste is I am sure you will find some that are right up your alley.

Now I did notice a couple of things with these that I did not like.  The first thing is the thinness.  I should have ordered a darker pattern as these ones you can see through pretty easily, even with white undies : (  I also don't care for the waist band so much as it doesn't have a lot of stretch, this in turn can be a good thing though after you have them on as it does help flatten the belly area : )  Now onto my biggest issue, which is not their fault at all...genetics actually.  Because I am so short there was a good couple inches of leggings bunched up around my ankles...I didn't actually measure but it was quite a bit (I am only 5'2" so I run into this problem from time to time).  Again, not their fault I am built funny : )

Knowing what I know now I would have chosen a darker color possibly in the next size up (to take care of my waist band issue) but I really do like them : )

  Oh and as a side note, if I wanted to in the future I could get the following items to match my leggings:  shower curtain, area rug, tote bag, ottoman, blanket, throw pillow, towels, place mats, duvet covers, shams, wall art, cutting board, bathroom mat, dog bed, curtains, or a yoga mat.  See what I mean about being able to match your is AMAZING!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Invisible Glass

disclaimer:  I received the products below for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.

Invisible Glass

So after a week of spreading the news about all of these Earth Friendly products we figured what would all that hard work be worth without the ability to see the Earth in all of its beauty...that's where Invisible Glass steps in : )

Or if you are looking for a unique idea for Mother's could always clean your mother's windows for her : )

Invisible Glass is a premium glass cleaner produced by Stoner.  Stoner actually makes a ton of high quality automotive cleaning products.  

  And what's even can even purchase Invisible Glass at Walmart.  

Mommy in PA:  I love, love, love the Reach & Clean Tool!!!  It

worked perfectly at allowing me to finally reach my hard to 

clean windows.  I was finally able to reach the tops without having to use a step stool, which in turn made my window cleaning go a lot quicker : )  

I also like the Invisible Glass formula, it did leave my windows so clean that my twelve year old actually said he was having a hard time telling if the windows were open or not.  LOL
before...see those nasty smudges...yuck!

after : )

Now I did notice some streaking but it was actually because of some kind of residue on the window which I was finally able to scrub away and no more streaks : )

And last but not least, the wipes...these are AWESOME!!!  They worked great for cleaning our Ipad which has a tendency of getting very smudgy.  The wipes also worked great on our computer monitor.  

This is a wonderful line of products that I would recommend to everyone : )

Before...can you tell I play a lot of Candy Crush?!?!  LOL

After using the Invisible Glass Wipes....AMAZING!