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Funky Friday


Okay so i was at wal-mart yesterday and i have been thinking about finding a new hobby........I had been thinking about crochet or knitting.
So i went into the yarn section and was looking around and found the knitting needles and some yarn, i got both for a total of $5.00!
I got online last night and went HERE and learned step by step how to knit!! Very excited about this at first i had a hard time but, now i got the hang of it and this is what i have made of a scarf so far......

I know it is not impressive yet or perfect but, i think it is fun and it is a cheap hobby, also once i quit getting so worked up about not being able to do it and got it, it was very relaxing!!!!
Anyway I will keep yall posted on the outcome of the scarf.....If I stick with it lol!!
disclaimer:  I received no compensation for this post and all comments are my own.


Crayon Transfer T-shirt Design - Step 1

Crayon Transfers for Tee shirts!!!!

So i was looking for a fun funky friday for yall and came across "spoonful" curtesy of disney and stumbled across this really cool projet!! It says for tweens but, i think it could be used for andy age and they are really cute, you turn your child's artwork into clothing!!!


Okay so for Funky Friday i was sitting here wondering what i could do with the empty sprinkle jar I have here, Of course it is the one with several different kinds of sprinkles cause with 4 kids they never want the same thing!!
 so here is the empty container i have, hmmmmmm.............
I have 3 young girls and we have hair ties and Bobbi pins and mini rubber bands and headbands etc........
here is a pic of the way the stuff was jumbled up in a little tote i bought for them

 Here are the mini rubberbands not mingling and getting stuck in your bobbi pins!!!!!
 Here your hairties are in easy reach and not tangled up in everything or lost!!!!
This is just the top of the cannister
Here is the aftermath of my brainstorm for the hair stuff!!!! Now i just have to figure out where i will put all of the headbands lol!!!

This was very simple and it is a little more organized than the tote i bought for them!  Also the great thing about these canisters is that even if you don't have little ones or hair ties you can still recycle them into your everyday life!!!  These would be perfect to separate your rubber bands and paper clips or different sized rubber bands in one and different sized paper clips in another!! You could go many different ways with this..............I hope you enjoyed the funky Friday and that it was helpful to you!!!!!

disclaimer:  I did not receive any compensation for this post, all opinions are my own!!!!


Indoor Foot Volleyball

Get out of that Heat!!!!!

Hey!!! Sorry we have not been posting like normal, we have had a hectic few days!!!!
Today for Funky Friday we want to share a page of indoor activities, i know here in ga we have only been going outside in the evening and early morning due to the intense heat wave we are having!!!!!
If you follow this link it will take you to a site of many indoor games and other activities for you and your children!!!!!

We did not receive anything for promoting this site, i just thought it was really cool!! This link was shared with us through spoonful courtesy of Disney


 Sticking with our "shaving" theme this week we came up with an interesting idea for today. 
  Don't just throw away those pencil shavings, they can become a great staple in everyone's craft supply bin.  Here are just a few of the ways they could be used. 
  Collages- Take any type of pencil shaving (colored, designed, or plain yellow) and use them for a collage.  Put down the glue any way you like and sprinkle the shavings over it (kinda like glitter).
  Flowers- Did you ever notice how the wider pencil shavings tend to curl up when you sharpen the pencils?  Take those and make them into flowers for your kids art projects.
   People- Do your kids like making pictures of people?  If so skinny pencil shavings work really well for hair or clothing for their people.
Pretend Play- If your kiddos like playing with small plastic animals (like Breyer horses) the pencil shavings would make great bedding for in the stalls.

What other uses can you think of?


We are continuing our "Week Of Popcorn" by bringing a full page of different ways to use your popcorn!!!!  They list activities, arts and crafts, learning and more......All us

ing popcorn themes!!!!!  If you are interested go here !!


  With this Sunday being Father's Day how about this cute little craft for the kiddos to make that their dad can keep with him every day of the year.  Go here to find out what you'll need to make it. 

  Or if you don't have any beads on hand but do have a plain white t-shirt and some fabric paints you could always make him a "Best Dad Ever" T-shirt that he's sure to wear again and again. 


We'd like to thank Disney's Family Fun for this wonderful and simple craft idea!

Since this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend today's project is all about getting ready for summer.  Keep track of your favorite shades with this supercool strap.
  • 2 plastic eyeglass holders (available at drugstores)
  • 3 yards of plastic lanyard
  • Plastic beads (1/4-inch diameter)

  1. Beaded Sunglasses Strap Thread one of the eyeglass holders onto the lanyard, placing it in the center of the strip. Fold the lanyard in half and then tie a knot, forming a small loop.
  2. Thread a plastic bead onto one strand of the lanyard. Send the other strand through the bead in the opposite direction. Pull on both strands to tighten. Continue adding beads using the same method until the strap is as long as you would like.
  3. To finish the piece, thread the other eyeglass holder onto one of the lanyards. Tie the two lanyard lengths together with a knot placed close to the last bead, leaving a small loop. Trim the ends and hide the knot by pushing it inside the bead.


Rosetta's Fairy Flower Bouquets

This year, surprise Mom with a special delivery straight from Pixie Hollow -- pint-size arrangements that will last the whole year through. Just "pick" up a package or two of colorful flower stickers, and young fairy-fan florists will be in business in no time.
You'll need:
  • Thread spool (one for a short vase, two for a taller one)
  • Scissors
  • Strips of colorful scrapbook paper
  • Glue dots
  • Thin floral stem wires, green craft wire, or thin green pipe cleaners
  • Flower stickers (three-dimensional stickers look especially nice)
  • Tiny honeybee stickers (optional)
1. For the flower "vase," wrap strips of colorful paper around the center of the thread spool and use glue dots to hold the overlapped edges in place. You can even layer two or more color/patterns, if you like. If you want a tall vase, glue one thread spool atop another, leaving the center holes open for inserting the flower stems.
2. To create the flowers, snip the wire or pipe cleaners into the desired lengths for the stems.
Tip: You can also bend a longer length into a V-shape to create pairs of connected flowers.
3. Roll an 8 1/2- by 2-inch piece of beige or golden brown cardstock into a tube, making the diameter just wide enough for the narrower end of the egg to nestle in. Staple the tube where the paper overlaps. Wrap the lower tube with blue paper for Goofy's pants. Then wrap a purple strip of paper three quarters of the way around the upper tube for a vest.
4. Arrange the flowers in the thread spool vase, and add two or three honeybee stickers, if you like. Presto! — Your fairy bouquet is ready to present to Mom.

Thank YOu Disney Faily Fun Page!!!!  Love the creativity!!



Disney Mother's Day Punch-Out Gift Cards

Mother's Day Gift Card

Print a Disney Mother's Day gift card for Mom to use year-round! She gets fifty hours of your time for the year -- to spend having fun together, to redeem for some help around the house, or to use for something else she decides! Choose a favorite character -- some to pick from are Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse, and Rapunzel -- and give Mom a bit of Mother's Day goodness all year 'round.

Mickey Mouse Mother's Day Punch Card
Give Mom 50 hours of fun, because she's the best! Mom can redeem her hours for story time, game night, or whatever fun she craves.
Download the Mickey Mouse Mother's Day Punch Card
Tangled Mother's Day Punch Card
This Mother's Day, tell Mom to let her hair down with 50 hours to share together. Plan some special bonding time, like a mani-pedi session, an arts-and-crafts hour, or whatever her heart desires.
Download the Tangled Mother's Day Punch Card
Toy Story Mother's Day Punch Card
Is she the most wonderful mom you ever did meet? Have Jessie help you share 50 hours of fun with a rootin' tootin' special lady! Plan a special outing, promise to pick up your toys for an hour, or let mom choose a nifty use for her hour.
Download the Toy Story Mother's Day Punch Card
Phineas & Ferb Mother's Day Punch Card
It's Perry's mission to make Mom happy -- fifty hours of together time should do the trick! Plan a silly-face photo session, go on a special mission together, or let Mom invent a use for her hour.
Download the Phineas & Ferb Mother's Day Punch Card
Cars Mother's Day Punch Card
Hand Mom this Mater punch card, and she's ready to roll with 50 hours of fun! Mom can cash in for an hour of quiet time to recharge her batteries, ask for a car wash, or have her pick of hour-long diversions.
Download the Cars Mother's Day Punch Card
Disney Fairies Mother's Day Punch Card
Make Mom's year pixie-perfect with 50 hours of together time. Maybe she'll ask you to tinker at the craft table, flit around the garden, or choose another sweet way to spend the time!
Download the Disney Fairies Mother's Day Punch Card

Disney's printable crafts are specially designed with muted colors to conserve your printer's color ink.         
We would like to thank for some really awesome ideas we are able to share with you!!!!


I was searching for a good the Disney Family Fun page  found a fun idea for a mothers day gift of putting handprints and your childs name on an can also do this on your dishclothes, pot holders, and tshirs also...LOVE IT!!!!!!!

We'd like to thank Disney Family Fun for the video.
******************************************************************************************************************************* click here if you would like to make a cool craft for you and/or your kids. I thought these fluffy flip flops would be a fun springtime edition to the shoe closet. Iwould like to thank Disney Family Fun for sharing this link

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