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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Daisy*s Looks like a flower, tastes like bacon!...

Interesting product from years ago...

Daisy*s Looks like a flower, tastes like bacon!...

Daisy*s Looks like a flower, tastes like bacon! What wasn’t to like about Daisy*s in 1968?!

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10 Incredible Food Life Hacks you need to know.

Some good info...

10 Incredible Food Life Hacks you need to know.

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DIY #Foodie - "Gourmet" Pretzel Rods

Just sharing a recipe with all of our readers : )

DIY #Foodie - "Gourmet" Pretzel Rods

Why Pay More When You Can Pay Less,And Get More ? If you're like me, you LOVE anything food,and you're not ashamed to say it. This week, I wanted to do something fun with my princess and she sugges...Read More

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Giveaway Alert!!!

Thanks to Blogging for Books I have one extra copy of "Here is Where" to give away.  Enter below for your chance to win.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Here is Where" Discovering America's Great Forgotten History

disclaimer:  I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.

"Here is Where:  Discovering America's Great Forgotten History"
By Andrew Carroll
  "Here is Where" is all about historical people and places that have been forgotten over time.  Andrew Carroll takes us on his travels around the United States to find these places and let people know that what happened there was important and shouldn't be forgotten. 
  In "Here is where" you will find out things like how Edwin Booth (John Wilkes Booth's brother) actually saved the life of Robert Todd Lincoln (Abe Lincoln's eldest son), how the government actually approved the killing of possibly the oldest living thing in the United States, how the adoption process used to be way different than it is today, how Rosa Parks was not the first one to refuse to give up her seat to a white person (she wasn't even the second), and so on and so on. 
  Mommy in PA:  This book was everything I thought it would be and more.  My family really enjoys watching a lot of shows about things like this on the History Channel so I figured there wasn't really that much I hadn't heard about before.  Boy was I wrong. 
  You can tell that Andrew Carroll has a total fascination with anything history.  He did a ton of research to find the locations and was assisted by folks in all areas of the country.  He said he has a lot more information about other locales and that there would be more to come and I can't wait to see where he takes us next.
  I will admit it took me quite awhile to read this book due to the vast amount of historical information that he crams into every chapter.  Evidently my brain can only take so much history at a time.  I would read a couple of chapters one day and then take a break for a day or two.  That's the nice thing about this kind of book.  You can put it down for awhile and you don't loose where you are at. 
  My favorite chapter in the book is the chapter titled "The Remains of Prometheus".  It really made me want to pack my bags and head out west to where the stump of this massive tree remains.  The book really makes a person wonder if there are places around them that may have historical significance that nobody seems to know about. 
  There are just way too many interesting things in this book to even begin to mention them all.  You will just have to get yourself a copy and start reading.  I would recommend this book to any history buff or anyone who likes a good mystery.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pies and Tarts with Heart

disclaimer:  I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.
"Pies and Tarts with Heart"
Expert Pie-Building Techniques for 60+ Sweet and Savory Vegan Pies
by Dynise Balcavage
  "Pies and Tarts with Heart" is all about making vegan pies.  From making your filling to decorating your masterpiece the easy to follow directions will help guide you in making over 60 different types of pies and tarts.
  Mommy in PA:  I just want to start by saying that I never realized how detailed making a pie could be.  I was impressed at the number of products out there to help make pies that I had never even heard of before (oven thermometers, pie weights, and pie birds to mention a few). 

  You can tell the author has a lot of experience making these recipes.  Her recipes are easy to follow and the photographs are just beautiful and don't have that staged look that you get with a lot of cookbooks.   I want to make every single one of these as they all look delicious.

  They have recipes for everyone.  From sweet to savory, basics (like apple) to the more indulgent (like Fluffernutter pie)...I really want to make that one : ) 

  I think people will find this book very useful especially the chart about pie crusts.  Oh, and don't worry if you're not vegan, this book is for everybody.  It even has recipes that are kid-friendly, gluten-free, and recipes for those with food allergies. 

  "Pies and Tarts with Hearts" is going to be my go to book for pie making from now on : )

Friday, July 25, 2014

Back to School - Teacher Edition - Day 5 - Enjoy Hair Care (Giveaway Alert)

disclaimer:  We received the following products for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Enjoy Hair Care

  So it is no secret that out of the ten people we have in our combined households that 6 of us are females.  And what do females really like to try care products : )

  Mommy in GA received the Enjoy Luxury Smoothing System (which consists of the Luxury Shampoo, Luxury Conditioner, and Straightener).  And mommy in PA received the Dry Shampoo, Spray Gel, and Straightener.  Here is what we thought:

  Mommy in GA: I want to start by saying, I am a HUGE fan, of the ENJOY haircare line. ALL of it!!
I received the Luxury smoothing system:  I need this as I live in Georgia and since having kids' I have this weird curl to my hair that is not curly, but it's also not straight?!?!

I LOVE the shampoo, It makes you feel like you do when you sit in the chair at the salon!  I'm not gonna say it releives ALL the tension (have I mentioned I have 4 kids?!?!) but, the tension does ease away in a portion (you know when they aren't standing outside my shower door saying, can I have a snack? or I am thirsty or my favorite: I am BORED!! as I try to relax and shower!) It lathers nicely and also rinses with ease, none of that fighting to try to get all the suds out!

The conditioner: I am not a huge fan of conditioner because my hair is so thin and conditioner weighs it down and then I am left with a limp mop looking style you can't do anything with, except throw it in a limp sad pony tail! HOWEVER Enjoy conditioner : If i apply the right amount (just a tiny bit) I can still do wonderful things with my hair, you know like a full of life and happy not sad pony tail (again have I mentioned the 4 kids?!?!)

Onto the straightner: This is nice for the days when I do have a chance to leave my hair down.  I like this product it was easy to use with my straightner, no hair damage and really showed a difference of smoothness compared to when I just use the straightner alone.
Again a HUGE fan of the ENJOY haircare!! I have LOVED everything I have tried so far! I hope you will give them a chance. This is one of those items that is worth the splurge! A little bit of each bottle goes a long way, making your bottles last a long time :)
  Mommy in PA:  My daughter has the most unruly, thick, frizz prone hair if she doesn't use any special products so when I was selecting the products that we wanted to try out I allowed her to select the products she thought would help her hair dilemmas the most.  So here are her thoughts on the products she chose:
Mommy in PA's daughter:
  The Spray Gel helped hold my style when I crunched my hair.  It smelled great and was very easy to wash out.  It worked great at minimizing my frizz issues even during hot/humid days.  This was my favorite product to try : )

  The Straightener worked great at minimizing my frizz (not totally eliminating it but made it much smoother).  Love the smell!!!
  The Dry Shampoo it made my hair feel a lot cleaner on the days I didn't have time to wash it.  The only thing I didn't like was the residue that it left in my hair no matter how much or little I used (but this happens with every dry shampoo we have tried).  Smelled Great!
  So now how do these products fit in with our back to school teacher's edition?  Well what teacher wouldn't want that special hair salon style minus the expense of going to a salon?!?!  We think that any teacher would love the luxury of these products after a long day at school : ) 
You can see ENJOY Hair Care's full line of products by visiting their site here, twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook.
  ENJOY is offering one of our readers a chance to get some hair care products of their very own.  Just enter via the Rafflecopter form below. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back to School - Teacher Edition - Day 4 - Glee Gum/Candy Kits (Giveaway Alert)

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Glee Gum and Make Your Own Candy Kits

Product Manufacturer:  VERVE, Inc.

Product Use:  edible products/educational products

Product Features:  gum is natural and made from sustainably harvested rainforest chicle and has no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or sweeteners.  Kits are eco-friendly and contain natural ingredients. 

Price:  varies by product

Misc:  Gum also comes in sugar-free varieties.

Find out More:  website, facebook, twitter, or pinterest

Mommy in GA: I received the make your own Gummies kit!!  The Kids' were so excited about this and couldn't wait to try it.  Mommy on the other hand had a lot of housework and I work the school scheduel so Summertime gummies it is!
We did not get a mold so we picked a star in theme of the 4th of July, we made one big gummy and shared of course!

Making the Gummies was really easy. They send everything you need right in the box so all you have to do is make it!
They include the top seceret ingredient, wait for it..... you'll never guess, so I 'll just tell you it is ..... SEAWEED!!!

You rinse and then boil the seaweed for just a minute and then pull the actual seaweed out your pan as you only need the carrageenan (which is a gelling agent!). After that you add all your bags of colored and flavored sugar, powdered seaweed and molding starch ( not the green mold!) Put into your mold and let set.

Final steps are to put the sour mix on your gummies (BEST part ever!!!) and obviously the Best step is:
To eat your Yummy Gumies!

Easy breezey and you learn some cool stuff!
We eat seaweed in more products than we know and people in Japan and China have been eating "Sea Veggies" for hundreds of years :)

Last but not least this is a food for thought product:
Connect kids' to people in other parts of the world who use raw materials (such as seaweed)

Create wonderful and yummy treats

captivate by hands' on activities


Great product and fun for the whole family, The kids' loved this one :)

Mommy in PA:  We received the samples of the Glee Gum and also a Make Your Own Chocolate Kit. 

My kiddos liked the gum flavors a lot but said that it lost flavor rather quickly.  One thing that surprised me the most is that my son actually liked this cinnamon gum, he is always complaining that cinnamon tastes too hot but he said this one wasn't as strong.  I was also happy to see that the gum comes in sugar-free varieties also since my son is a Type 1 Diabetic. 

  The Make Your Own Chocolate Kit was my kiddos favorite thing that came in this shipment : )  It took a little preparation but it was well worth the effort (see photos below).  Not only did we have a blast making it and coming up with our own creative add ins but my son also got to take one of the cocoa beans to school and show his class (he said they thought it was really cool).  The only part of the recipe that was difficult was the waiting (chocolate needs to be tempered to exactly 94 degrees and it seemed to take forever).  But eventually we saw the numbers start lighting up so we knew it wouldn't be long and soon after we were pouring our chocolates and sitting them in the fridge.  After they cooled we each tried one and I must say they were very delicious!  I would recommend this kit for all home schoolers, teachers, or anyone wanting to teach their children about the world. 

Here is what came in the kit.

This is what the cocoa butter looks like after it is melted...smells like chocolate : )

This is what all the ingredients look like when they are all in the bowl.

Chocolate is mixed and we are waiting for the temperature to reach 94 degrees.

 Here's where we got to get creative while we waited for the chocolate to temper.  Peanut butter and marshmallows : )
Chocolates are complete!

Thanks to Glee Gum one of our readers will receive their very own "Make Your Own...Kit" of their choice and some Glee Gum.  Enter below for your chance to win : )
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back To School - Teacher Edition - Day 3 - Wordologies

disclaimer:  I received the item below for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.


Product Manufacturer:  Wordologies
Product Use:  Notebooks for doodling, lists, etc. 
Product Features: Inspirational sayings,  keep people mindful of their health and well-being.  These products are meant to help people take a minute to get their mind back to thinking positively. 
Price:  $8 for notepads, $18 for journals
Misc.:  Wordologies is an alliance partner with Women for Women International (an organization dedicated to advancing women’s health and well-being by offering business and job skills training to women in conflict-ridden nations).  They also carry candles and coffee mugs. 
Find Out More:  their websitefacebook, or twitter.
Mommy in GA: Wordologies are a GREAT back to school idea for teachers' , Whether it is for a gift or personal purchase!!

The Wordologies have great insperational sayings (you know those days where you need a little help to get through the day!!) I have 4 little ones and just at home sometimes you have to refer to the sayings, I couldn't imagine being a teacher with 20 or so kids'!!

The notepads are handy for those little notes to self OR if you need to be in touch with a parent or teacher these are great little pads to use and you send along some encouragement too :)

The notebooks would be handy for making lists or jotting down neccessities or you could go as far as keeping your journal entries in this while your kiddos journal in class :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bringing books to breakfast and beyond

This is great!! Anytime a child is helped to get a book in their hands it is a good thing!! Props to Cheerios!!

Bringing books to breakfast and beyond

Cheerios expects to get millions more books into the hands of children via its “Cheer On Reading” literacy program, and also by expanding its partnership with the Little Free Library movement through a first-time crowd-sourcing endeavor. Formerly known as “Spoonfuls of Stories,” the now 12-year-old program that distributes free books inside Cheerios boxes took on... View Full Post

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Caramel Apple TWIX® Parfaits and Salted Caramel...

YUM! We use that phrase alot!!! lol

Caramel Apple TWIX® Parfaits and Salted Caramel...

June 6, 2014 By Jerri Holladay5 Comments I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. #EatMoreBites If you’ve ever uttered the phrase, “Two for me, none for you,” then today’s post is definitely for you. TWIX® Bites are a delicious, bite-sized version of the TWIX candy bar. They come in a nice little pouch, making them a convenient snack for you to take along with you on car trips and outings. TWIX Bites also happen to make a fabulous ingredient for your desserts.. I recently purchased TWIX Bites, along with a bag of Milky Way Bites, and I used them to make a couple of cool treats, perfect for any hot summer...Read More

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Back to School - Teacher Edition - Day 2 - LA Fresh Wipes

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All our opinions remain our own.
LA Fresh Wipes

Product Manufacturer:  LA Fresh Group, Inc.
Product Use:  Wide variety of different wipes for different occasions.
Product Features:  Depends on the type of wipe.
Price:  varies by package size
Misc:  There are a ton of different wipe choices available for practically every situation.  See below for a description of the ones we got to review.  Save 15% off your order by using code GOLAFRESH15 during checkout.
  Here's what Mommy in GA and Mommy in PA thought of the variety we received to review:

Baby Cleaning Wipes

Mommy in Ga: I received these and just have to say, even with children that are now 11 years, 9 years, 8 years and 5 years, I found all kinds of purposes to use these!!!
I put these in the car for the days' when your kids' ate something in the car on the way to wherevver we were going and they got more on their bodies than in their tummies!! You just rip the packet open, wipe the kiddos from head to toe and pitch the trash :)

Mommy in PA:  I didn't receive any samples of this type.
Antiperspirant Wipes for Women

Mommy in Ga:  These were pretty cool, a little strange to put deoderant on with a wipe!! I tested mine at home but, these would be a perfect addition to my car storage stuff!!  I have more than once been on my way to work and realized in the rush to get out the door I forgot my deodorant :(  No worries I keep some in my car but the L.A Fresh would be way better, and they wouldn't melt!!

Mommy in PA:  I actually used one of these before my thirty minute jog session the one day and was surprised at the results.  No odor issues at all and only the slightest bit of dampness.  The only thing I didn't care for was that it left my armpits feeling a little on the tacky side when I first applied it.  These would be great for keeping in your gym bag!
Shoe Shine Wipes

Mommy in PA:  When my mom came over the other day she noticed that she had some dirt on her black leather shoes.  I gave her the wipes and they worked perfectly at removing all of the dirt and giving her shoes back their luster, they looked new again.  I would recommend these for people who have to keep their shoes looking great at all times.  Just throw a couple of these in your purse/pocket and you are good to go : )
Antibacterial Wipes

Mommy in Ga:  Oh no! I ran out of the L.A Fresh baby wipes :(  Oh wait I have these and they are just as good :) phew, dodged that bullet!!

Mommy in PA:  I love the fact that these don't smell bad like some of the hand sanitizers do.  They didn't dry out my hands like the hand sanitizers either : )
Makeup Remover Wipes

Mommy in Ga:  I used these for the full makeup days, I don't know about yall but for me most make-up days are only partial make-up days lol!  These were great! Sometimes my skin is left irritated or sticky feeling but I had neither with these!!

Mommy in PA:  I love these!  I used mine to remove some mascara and let me tell you that it worked wonderfully.  I figured for sure it would make my eyes irritated but it didn't : )
Female Hygiene Wipes

Mommy in PA:  No irritation...need I say more?!?!  I could totally see carrying these in my purse for those public bathroom incidents when there is no TP.
Facial Cleansing Wipes

Mommy in Ga: Umm I beleive this is the one that I used when I was waiting in my car for whatever reason and I ended up using it to clean the dust off my dash! Now I know you are thinking 2 things right now:
#1 OMG this lady spends ALOT of time in her car and HAS ALOT of stuff in it
yes I do and also yes I do :)
#2 This said facial cleansing righ?!?!
Yes it does but just think of it as me giving my car a facial it worked great!!

Mommy in PA:  I didn't care for the scent but it worked well in removing the dirt from my face. 
Insect Repellent Wipes

Mommy in Ga: We don't wear alot of bug spray but these are nice for when your in the back yard and the skeeters are out trying to drain you of your blood like a vampire :)  They work well and we all still have bllod flow lol.

Mommy in PA:  These amazingly seemed to help keep the mosquitos at bay.
Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Mommy in GA: I did not get to use these but, if you read farther mommy in Pa will give you her thoughts!

Mommy in PA:  I was quite impressed with these.  I had applied some glittery nail polish to my nails and was having an impossible time getting it off with regular nail polish remover.  I got the LA Fresh Wipes packet out and after quite a bit of scrubbing (all glitter polish is bad for this) my nails were back to their plain Jane selves again : )  I also like the fact that they don't smell horrible like my usual nail polish remover...and no fluff balls all over like with the cotton balls/rounds : )

We think that these wipes would be perfect for any teacher because they can just keep some in their car or classroom in case they forget to put on their deodorant or need to clean their shoes, or need a quick clean up.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to School - Teacher Edition - Day 1 - Aquaminiums

disclaimer:  I received the product below for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions remain my own.
Please ignore the clutter in the background : )
Product Manufacturer:  The Aquaponic Source, Inc.
Product Use:  Used for housing fish or other aquatic life and for growing plants.  The tank is its own mini eco-system.
Product Features:  east setup, LED lighting, kits come with everything you need to get started except the fish and the plants (and decorations), upgrade kits available, has ventilation/feeding holes in the top and holes for air pump tubes and heater cord.
Price:  $59.95
Misc.:  available in black or white, watch your own mini eco-system on your desk.
Find Out More:  websitefacebook, or their blog.
Mommy in PA:  I actually couldn't believe it when this showed up at my house.  I've always loved being able to show my kids science related activities first hand (we have been helping out the Monarch Butterflies since my daughter was little) and this was just one more opportunity to get involved in a hands on way.
  My kids had gotten baby Betta Fish for Easter this year so we decided that one of them would make the perfect inhabitant in the Aquaminium.  Setup was super easy and the kit came with everything we needed (even chemicals to make the water safe for our fish).  We chose a Marigold for our plant because I happened to have some of them left after our trip to the cemetery (you can either use a plant or seeds, whichever you prefer).  This was actually the most time consuming part of the whole setup because if you use a plant you have to remove all of the dirt from its roots before inserting it in the grow cube.  We actually had to cut the grow cube into sections due to its size. 
  Now how the Aquaminium works is you feed your fish as you normally do but the fish waste is then converted by microbes and worms into fertilizer that in turn feeds the plants through a wicking system (the wick goes from the plant pot on top down to the water in the tank), then the plants filter the water and it goes back into the Aquaminium.  Hence your very own eco-system on your desk : ) 
This picture was taken right before we changed the water out.  If you look closely you can see a piece of plant debris at the top (only thing we did not like about the Aquaminium, totally minor).  Also if you look closely right behind the baby Betta you can see the wick : )
  Now you do still have some maintenance so don't forget to do your weekly water changes and keep an eye on your wick to make sure it is still in the water...we learned this one the hard way.  I am going to attempt some herb seeds in my Aquaminium this time.  And I've already been eyeing up the larger systems for the future.  And be sure to check for plant debris in the tank on a regular basis...our Betta was trying to eat a piece of the Marigold plant that had fallen in through the feeding holes : )
  I think this would make an awesome gift for a teacher to use in their classroom.  It's a awesome learning tool!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Are You Looking For Reviews For Your Product?!?!

We are loking for review items/giveaway items:

We are putting together a Back To School Feature for mid August and have some items lined up but are looking for really anything and everything school related that we can review/giveaway for our readers'!!

Our goal is to review these items and tell our readers' about our favorite products'!! And hopefully give some of those products' away :)

we review items' such as pens, notebooks, kids' software, kids' hygeine products, hair accessories,reuseable snack bags,  shoes and more! We are looking to review items' in, but,  not limited to these categories!!
After school snacks are a huge request!!

If any of this interests you please contact us at  :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Noodle Neck Contest & Giveaway

disclaimer:  We are only receiving page views in exchange for this post. 
Cardiff - Noodle Neck Giveaway 2
The Cardiff Products Noodle Neck Giveaway is here! This exciting giveaway is to showcase innovative products that make travel and everyday life easier for kids and parents.

  • 33 amazing brands have come together to give you a chance to win these awesome products!
  • Everyone who enters the giveaway will receive something special after the giveaway as a thank you.
  • Giveaway will run from July 15th through July 31st.
  • Entering is easy and can be done below via our Rafflecopter.
Below the entry widget are all the prizes! Check them out! We also encourage you to check out our sponsors who have amazing blogs you should follow.

**EARN BONUS POINTS by submitting a noodle neck photo - unlock this way to enter by liking all the brands' Facebook pages**

You may be asking what "noodle neck" means..."Noodle neck" is a term to describe what kids look like when they fall asleep in the backseat of a vehicle. The infamous strange sleeping positions and head bob are well known to parents who drive cars. (With the Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest, your kids will never have to suffer from "noodle neck" again!)

REMEMBER….the more points you earn the better chance you have to win! The Rafflecopter entry widget is below.

Please share with friends and family and good luck!

Scroll below the entry form to get more info on our wonderful sponsors and prizes!

First, a BIG thanks to our Sponsors:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prizes (and a BIG thanks to all brands!):

So what are the AMAZING prizes? Here are the Participating Brands (Giveaway Open to U.S. Residents Only): Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest cardiff1 Nothing is worse than a sore neck from sleeping uncomfortably in the back seat of a car. Avoid the dreaded head bob (or if multiple kids are in the back -- the head bump) with the Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest. This revolutionary, new device provides support and comfort for a child asleep in a moving vehicle. Its thoughtful design can also accommodate users of all sizes. By attaching to your vehicle's existing headrest with a simple, universal mount, the Booster Seat Headrest provides lateral support to keep a child's head and body upright; comfortably aligned in the seat as they sleep. If the kids catch a good nap while in the car they will be well-rested and not cranky! Wristy Buddy wristy Wristy Buddy is a one-piece teething wristband designed for babies that are teething that haven't yet developed the motor skills to hold traditional teething devices. Wristy Buddy was invented by a mother and teacher. Bitybean bitybean Bitybean’s UltraCompact Carrier is a cleverly compact, baby carrier, designed and engineered with state of the art materials for ease and comfort for active families. Weighing just 8 ounces and smaller than a water bottle, the UltraCompact Carrier fits in any bag or purse. Allowing for convertible front and back carry for children 3 months or 8-40 pounds. It is available in 4 stylish colors and only $59.95. Yummi Pouch yummi Yummi Pouch makes eco-friendly snack solutions that encourage healthy snacks for active kids. Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches are freezer safe, dishwasher safe, BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and can be filled with healthy blended snacks and easily taken on-the-go, no spoon required. Yummi Pouch cloth snack and sandwich bags are lined with a water resistant interior and decorated with colorful prints. They are perfect for crackers, chips, and sandwiches and also make great little storage bags for hair accessories and cosmetics. Woombie Eco'Donut woombie The Woombie eco donut for babies or toddlers is essential for traveling with kids. Use it for daycare, trips to the mall, and trips to visit relatives. The super soft donut is convenient for diaper changes, back time, and sleeping. The sides zip up to create a bonus carry bag, which also keeps the donut clean. The ultra plush minky dot fabric is machine washable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Swimlids swimlids Sun Protection Hat For an Active Lifestyle: Won't fall off on a boat or in the pool! Swimlids are an affordable, packable, quick drying hat that you can toss in your beach bag or on the boat and know you always have some added protection when needed. Swim. Splash. Play. Protect. Go-Go Babyz gogo Go-Go Babyz® is a family oriented company, dedicated to developing innovative, high quality products to make life easier when you and your baby are "on the go". As parents of young children we design each product for use with our own families, and all Go-Go Babyz® products are personally mom, dad and grandparent-tested. After 8 years of growth and success we are proud to still be family owned and operated. Pacidoodle pacidoodle Pacidoodle® was born out of necessity because a baby's pacifier is as personal as it gets! We are dedicated to turning ordinary pacifiers into Pacidoodles by permanently engraving baby's name, monogram or cute saying on the knob. Parents enjoy peace of mind knowing their baby's pacifier is clearly marked and the engraving will stand up to all the rigors of sterilization, will not rub off or fade. And the cute factor is over the top! People will stop right in their tracks to take a closer look and ask, "Where did you get that pacifier?" And then the light bulb goes off... "Why didn't I think of that?" We believe every paci baby deserves a Pacidoodle! PullyPalz This innovative toy not only entertains baby, it keeps a pacifier in view and reach! With PullyPalz, dropped pacis even come back… Which is great for those times when parents need an ‘extra hand’. The toy uses something similar to a pulley system… When baby drops one, and it falls to the side, another is in view and reach. By grabbing the one in view and pulling toward mouth, the dropped paci comes back! Mo Mo, Moo Moo, and Puddles are always ready to lend a hand…or hoof! Bogg Bag boggbag A family favorite for the past 5 years, the TOTE-ally awesome bogg bags are the only bags you will ever need - whether you're at the beach, gym, pool, school, work, sporting events, camping, boating, carrying groceries, diapers, gardening supplies, toys, books, computers, laundry and more! Three perfect sizes - you may need them all. Big hauls - the original bogg bag can handle it all! Quick trips - baby bogg bag makes it a zip! Dinner on the go - grab your favorite wine and your byo, bogg that is! All three bogg bags are made of durable EVA material with sturdy sides and flat treaded bottoms to keep your items where you want them - and not on the floor! Want to make your bogg unique? Customize and accessorize with decorative bogg bits and initials. Dress it up or down, with so many new options you'll look great carrying them wherever you go! Rockin’ Green green laundry detergent Rockin’ Green is made for families that care about taking care of themselves and the Earth. We can all do our part for the environment while doing something good for ourselves. Rockin’ Green products are made with a biodegradable plant-based and petroleum-free surfactant. They are septic and grey-water safe. They are never tested on animals. Star Kids starkids Star Kids Products is an innovative children's product manufacturer that specializes in making fun and safe products for busy, traveling families. We specialize in safe and easy-to-clean products to make life easier when traveling with children whether via car on road trips, railroad or by plane. Jinja Jewelry jinja Inspired by a love for travel, Jinja Jewelry is proud to offer a large selection of handmade jewelry from Bali including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings. Jinja Jewelry draws inspiration for its beautiful, high quality coral and silver jewelry from local and global trends in affordable jewelry and accessories. For your next vacation, pack your Jinja Jewelry pendant and earrings for a fun, tropical touch to your outfit. Jinja Jewelry helps support the talented people of Bali and provides their families with a safe and secure future. Psi Bands psibands Psi Bands are STYLISH acupressure wrist bands for the relief of nausea due to morning sickness, motion sickness, chemotherapy and anesthesia. Psi Bands provide consumers with a drug-free option that does not interfere with other medications and does not cause dry mouth or drowsiness, which are common complaints about the drug options on the market. Psi Bands are uniquely fashionable (available in several fun colors) and functional: 1) waterproof - no more soggy wrist bands so you can wear them in the shower or snorkeling; 2) adjustable around the circumference of the wrist and at the acupressure point for personalized comfort and fit so they stay static on the acupressure point; and 3) reusable. Zipadee-Zip sleepingbaby The Zipadee-Zip is a solution for transitioning baby from swaddling and is also the perfect sleep garment for babies and toddlers. It provides babies with the snug feeling of security while allowing for the freedom of pajamas. With Zipadee-Zip, babies are free to stand up, crawl, roll and move around safely. This versatile sleep garment has 7+ uses including: encourages sleep during travel, provides a germ-free environment on planes, trains and cars, prevents scratching and more. It works like magic to help babies fall asleep and stay asleep and is ideal for transitioning babies from swaddling or for babies who do not like to be swaddled. Noblo noblo The mom invented Noblo Beach Umbrella Buddy has become a beach gear must have for parents who want to relax and enjoy a safe day at the beach without the fear of the beach umbrella flying away in a gust of wind injuring either their children or another beach goer. The Noblo acts as an anchor holding the beach umbrella in place. Southern Yankee southern Southern Yankee is a small one-woman business making baby clothes and gifts. She rescues vintage fabrics & textiles from resale shops, tag sales & flea markets. The vintage embroidered pillowcase is made into a child size apron, perfect for helping mom & dad in the kitchen or painted a work of art! Handmade in Wilton, CT. San Diego Bebe sandiegobebe The mom-invented, eco-friendly nursing pillow that offers support, comfort, and discretion for mom and baby. For nearly 20 years we have been providing moms with the best Eco-Nursing pillows that allows a mother to comfortably nurse her baby in private while being the safest choice for the environment and safe for babies. Winner receives a $25 gift certificate to the Double Blessings online store. Sphinx Personal Lounger castleandbay Castle & Bay is a new entrant to the luxury leisure products market. They design and create comfortable, multi-functional, versatile products using the Science of Ahhhh! The Sphinx Personal Lounger bridges the gap between inflatables and hard chairs by allowing you to read comfortably on your stomach, lounge on your backside, sit on it as a cushion or use in the water as a kick board. It has its own cup holder, cooler and a strap that holds your book pages open. Take it with you anywhere, use it on a chaise, in your bed, on your living room floor. It stows in a convenient mesh bag with a shoulder strap. Put it in your beach bag or your suitcase, it only weighs 2 lbs., takes 12 breaths to inflate and deflates to the size of a loaf of bread. The Seat-in-a-bag is a high quality microfiber cloth portable seat cover. PunkinWrap punkin The PunkinWrap is your all-in-one baby solution! Originally designed with moms in mind, we have found it is becoming the new “go to” baby gift. A wrap created to do it all! Use our baby safe PunkinLinks to attach the wrap to your existing car seat or stroller – don’t worry about which brands are compatible, no conversion kits necessary. Every PunkinWrap comes with the wrap, nursing strap, drawstring PunkinPouch, and 8 BPA-free PunkinLinks. Easy peasy! TravelKiddy travelkiddy TravelKiddy is on a mission to Amuse Kids Here, There and Everywhere! In keeping with that spirit, they offer a full array of travel toys, challenging games, and, of course, activity kits. Need the essentials for traveling with kids without power cords or passwords? This is the activity kit for you! Jam-packed with all the kids travel entertainment essentials - from the basics to the fun little things that transform an ordinary journey into an adventure. TravelKiddy Essentials is the foundation for all our activity kits. Not just for travel - this activity kit is sized for everyday use - restaurants, appointments, sibling activities or anywhere a little quiet entertainment is needed. Jangala Jangala-giveaway-graphic Jangala Tribal Warriors: Living, Growing and Learning From The Heart is the first book of a series designed to increase children's capacity to handle their feelings and conflicts while building healthy and strong relationships. The concepts are based on positive psychology, Nurtured Heart(R) language and rational thinking skill building. Two of the younger characters, Nina and Gabby get entangled in a conflict that stemmed from teasing and we learn how the entire tribe stands together to make change for the better in their Jangala-a magical rainforest where peaceful, loving communities and tribes are the norm and expectation. ZizzyBee Bags eco friendly storage bags travel bags ZizzyBee Bags are handy, compact, reusable, washable storage bags convenient for every part of your life. The neat freak in your family will love that they help you store and organize just about anything! From diapers/wipes, make-up and sports gear, to even purse clutter these trendy bags makes organization easy and they’re see-through so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Reduce single-use bag waste while keeping life’s clutter cleaned up. With two eco-friendly bag sizes to choose from, ZizzyBee Bags are a perfect fit for storage and organizational needs. Carseat Sidekick carseat The Carseat Sidekick makes getting your baby in and out of the carseat as easy as possible. It attaches to your carseat easily and holds the straps out of the way. You'll never have to wake a sleeping baby just to get him or her in the carseat ever again! Baby Bump Bundle babybump Baby Bump Bundle offers pregnancy products curated in bundles for mom-to-be by trimester & gift boxes for newborn babies and nursing new moms at! Plus you can now build your own bundles or buy individual high quality products too! Baby Elephant Ears head rest for baby car seat neck support Baby Elephant Ears is a multi-use headrest providing spinal/neck alignment and comfort for babies -- and they're designed to look like adorable elephant ears! Baby Elephant Ears go wherever baby goes -- stroller, swing, car seat, changing table, etc. The headrests are fully washable and require no attachments, straps or special skills and they're offered in diverse prints and organics. The superior design and durability of these headrests make them the perfect gift for parents! Girlie Glue girlie Girlie Glue is an all natural accessory glue used to stick accessories to hair and skin. No clips, bands or even hair necessary, Girlie Glue will hold your accessories on all day! Perfect for newborns, toddlers, as well as foe stick on earrings, mustaches, and more! Zippyz by Little Trendyz Zippyz are footed pajamas with a patented design that makes diaper changes easier while keeping babies covered and warm during the process. Zippyz are made of a blend of organic and cotton which is extremely soft and eco-friendly! The adorable baby pajamas are made of a 50/50 blend of luxuriously soft organic cotton and bamboo. They feature a mitten cuff with fold over detail to keep baby from scratching his face. Poppy Drops poppydrops Poppy Drops was founded by a mom looking for a safe & long-lasting alternative to pierced ears for her daughter. Our first product was our veggie-based, temporary tattoo earrings and our line has expanded to include Tattoo Nail Art, Perfume Sticks & Gift Sets. All products are Made in the USA and are designed to be natural and fun accessory/beauty product alternatives for kids & families. Babee Talk Babee Talk offers organic and eco-friendly baby bedding and plush toys with healthy, safety and style in mind. Drool-friendly and chew-friendly, our products help to ensure a healthy start in life for your baby. Babies love the cushy, coziness of our Eco-Buds® Take-Along Pals. Earth friendly, parent approved. These portable little playmates attach to strollers, carseats, high chairs and more quickly and easily. No Hassle. No Fuss. And he promises never to turn into a butterfly. All of our Eco-Buds® Take-Along Pals are made using organic cotton fabric, inside & out. Delightfully entrancing colors are achieved using only low-impact dyes with absolutely no heavy metals. Soothing sounds engage babies and hold their attention. These little companions are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and phthalate-free. Buttons Diapers buttons Buttons cloth diapers were born at home. As a husband and wife team, we designed our diapers to be easy to use and affordable for everyone - the way it should be. We believe in keeping our lives simple, even when it comes to diapering. The Buttons cloth diaper package comes with a one-size cloth diaper cover (fits babies 9-35 lbs), plus 3 snap-in daytime diaper inserts. Baby Jack Blankets babyjack Baby Jack Blankets is a mom invented brand that was created when son Jack was playing with the tags on his toys. As an added safety feature ribbons are sewn shut into Tabs to prevent tiny fingers from getting intertwined. Ribbons are a great form of sensory play and entertainment. Baby J babyjco This perfect baby play mat was designed for the germaphobe mom who always wants a clean area for their little one. The baby play mat is crafted with vibrant and colorful, 100% cotton, designer fabric and super plush minky. It’s comfy and cozy for any new baby, and great for tummy time. This Baby J play mat is soft enough for baby to lay his face on, and the minky dots give him something to poke at. Not to mention, the modern and chic fabrics will make any mom look and feel fashionable the second they pull it out of the diaper bag. This is a definite must have for a new mom and baby.  

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