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Friday, February 19, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide - Beauty Idea - CandyLipz

disclaimer:  We received the product below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.


  Need a great finishing touch to your glammed up holiday style?  How about finishing your look with gorgeously plump lips without having to get any expensive procedures done...sound impossible, well it's not thanks to CandyLipz.

  CandyLipz is an all-natural, non-surgical Xtreme Lip-Shaper System.  No waiting either...results are immediate!  It has also been clinically proven and dermatology tested to be safe and effective.

  Just decide if you want to plump both or just one, squish the base of the system and line it up on your lips and release.  The longer you leave the plumper on the larger your lips will be.  

  CandyLipz is currently running a special of 50% off all Lip Plumpers!!!

  Mommy in GA:  I am a little cautious about the use of this product right now due to pregnancy and gestational diabetes.  I will post in the future if able to use the product.  

  Mommy in PA:  Ok so this has to be the #1 scariest product we've gotten to review yet LOL!  Due to the fact that it warns you about possible bruising it was hard to find a time to initially try it when I wouldn't be going out in public shortly after.

  After getting over my fear and actually attempting it I was surprised that I could get good results without having to leave it on for very long.  It took me a couple of tries to get it lined up and get the suction correct but it wasn't really difficult.  It actually made my lips hurt a little bit, like a pinching feeling but it did make them plumper : )  I will be gradually working my way up on how long I leave it on, I think I am a long ways away from the one to two minutes they suggest LOL!

  Oh and don't worry, the product comes with a lot of info for new users and their site is also jam packed full of helpful info for those who need it.  

Holiday Gift Guide Gift Idea - Travalo

disclaimer:  We received the product below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.


  So do you know someone who travels a lot?  Or maybe you do a lot of traveling?  Well ladies with the strict rules on what you can and cannot take on planes with you these days it gets a bit daunting.  What if you have a signature fragrance that you wear all the time.  Well what if that fragrance doesn't come in a small enough container to take with you on your flight?  Well Travalo has the answer.  

  The Travalo Excel and Milano is the perfect size to take in your carry-on luggage, and even has a pressure regulating system built in to prevent leaks.  And for all of you eco-friendly people out there it is also 98% recyclable.  

  I know what you are on Earth do I get my fragrance into the Travalo?  Well it's simple.  Just remove the plastic cap from the top of your fragrance bottle (the cap you push on to spray) and place the bottom of the Travalo over the tube.  You then just move the Travalo up and down until the Travalo is full (which is easy to tell by the clear side window that they nicely provide).  When full the Travalo holds 65 sprays of your favorite fragrance.

  Travalo Excel comes in 9 different colors and is also available at ULTA.  Travalo Milano comes in 8 color choices.

  Mommy in GA: These are a fantastic gift for all those ladies in your family that have to do a lot of traveling be it to come home and visit, to travel for work, or that just travel for fun!

The Travelo allows you to pack your favorite fragrence  and carry along in your luggage without having to worry about security confinscating it!!

  Mommy in PA:  How cool is this.  I don't really do a lot of traveling but I do like to keep some fragrance handy without having to lug the whole bottle around.  This is really cute and fits in my purse nicely : )  Filling it really was a breeze too, now I didn't fill it completely up but I did put enough of my fragrance in for a few days and had no issues at all.  

   What a wonderful gift idea at an affordable price.  The Excels sell for $19.99 and the Milano for $49.99.