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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Maybe Monday (My Hikes)

My Hikes

  So if your kids grow like our kids do then you probably run into the same problem we have run into time and time again.  The waist of the pants fit but they are still a little too long.  Well My Hikes has come up with a great solution to our dilemma.  Just roll, slide, check for centering, and snap.  In four easy steps the problem is solved. 

  They come in a variety of designs to choose from for girls and boys.  And the artwork is actually 3-dimensional.

Here's what we thought of My Hikes.

Mommy in GA says: The My Hikes are really cool because we all know pants are not custom made lol!!!  My 7 year old is a little on the short side (she gets it honest from her mama!!!)  so sometimes her pant legs are way to long.

I tried these out on her one morning for school and I thought about it after she left and wondered if they might fall off during the day??!!  So the true test was one they both came home AND they were both still in perfect condition!!

We like these because they are sturdy and hold your pant legs' where you want them!! Also they are super cute so we give the My Hikes 2 cuffs up lol!

Mommy in PA says:  I tried to get my 7 year old to pick out a pair to try but he didn't like any of the designs so I had my 14 year old pick out a pair and she picked the butterflies.  She really liked how they looked but I couldn't get her to wear them to school.  I guess there is a cut off to the age where kids are willing to wear these in front of their friends.  I think that there needs to be a bigger selection of designs (maybe some that even the older kids wouldn't mind wearing).  I like the durability of them (the plastic is nice and thick) but they are pretty noticeable as they pull down on your pant legs a bit from the weight, yes I tried them out myself. 

My Hikes even has a fundraiser program for schools.  For more information you can head over here. 

For more information on My Hikes you can view their site or follow them on Facebook.  Also be sure to enter below for your chance to win a surprise from My Hikes.

Disclaimer:  We received the above products for free in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions remain our own.

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Wind Down Weekend (Her Interactive - Nancy Drew)

Her Interactive
Her interactive is a video game company with the mission to make games that are fun and inspiring for girls of all ages.  They are the makers of the "Nancy Drew" mystery adventure games.  Below are the two video games we received to review and our thoughts. 

"Nancy Drew:  Tomb of the Lost Queen"

"Tomb of the Lost Queen" is number 26 in the lineup of Nancy Drew mystery games.  This adventure takes Nancy into Egypt to discover what is going wrong at a dig site.  People are getting injured, acting oddly, is there a curse?  It's up to you to help Nancy get to the bottom of what is going on there.

"Alibi in Ashes" is game number 25 in the Nancy Drew mystery game series.  In this one you have to help Nancy figure out who is trying to frame her for the fire at the old town hall.  Nancy is in jail so you'll have to work with other characters to get to the bottom of this case.

Mommy in PA says:  I have been a huge Nancy Drew fan since I read some of the book series when I was in elementary school.  When I noticed Her Interactive had come out with a video game series back in 1998 I knew I would be hooked.  I've played all of the following games plus the two we got to review:
"Secrets Can Kill"
"Stay Tuned for Danger"
"Message in a Haunted Mansion"
"The Final Scene"
"Secret of the Scarlet Hand"
"Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake"
"Danger on Deception Island"
"The White Wolf of Icicle Creek"  for the Wii

I loved both of the games we got to test.  The "Tomb of the Lost Queen" wasn't just a game, it was a history lesson in a game.  It was interesting learning all kinds of neat Egyptian facts as we explored the dig site with Nancy.
When I say we, I mean the whole family.  These games aren't just for girls.  My 14 year old daughter and I played but so did my 7 year old son and my hubby (he figured out all the puzzles that were too tricky for the rest of us). 

"Alibi in Ashes" was a little different than the "Tomb of the Lost Queen" in that you had to manage more than one character because Nancy spends a good bit of time in jail and has to send her friends to collect clues and piece together the mystery.  You have a chance to be Ned, Bess, George, and Nancy. 

One feature that I have always loved about the Nancy Drew games is the ability to select your level of difficulty.  And also the fact that if you do happen to make a "wrong turn" you don't have to start all over, they give you the option to try again. 

It is also great in that they allow you to choose what set of text you want your character to say.  What questions you ask and what you tell other characters will sometimes change how the story goes.

Another great thing about the Nancy Drew games is that if you get stuck you can get hints, and if the hints don't help you can go onto their site for more help from others who are playing the same game (in the message boards).

Well now that we've told you what we think about Her Interactive you can go play some of the mini games here and try them out for yourself.  You can also read more about Her Interactive on their site or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.  Also be sure to check out their videos on YouTube to get a look at the real quality of these games.

Her Interactive was kind enough to send us an extra copy of "Nancy Drew:  Tomb of the Lost Queen" for one of our lucky readers.  Be sure to enter via the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win!

Disclaimer:  We did receive the above items for free in exchange for our honest reviews.  All opinions are our own.
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Friday, September 28, 2012

Funky Friday (Power Capes)

Power Capes

Who says that Superheros don't exist?  Power Capes makes customizable superhero capes for kids (and adults) of all ages/sizes.   Mommy in PA's son recently got to choose and customize his very own Custom Superhero Cape from Power Capes.  And here is what we thought...


The process of choosing what to put on his cape was very fun.  It took us quite awhile to get it just right but he decided to do a black cape with a lightning bolt and a big glittery black "S".  He said he wanted to make it for when he is watching his favorite football team.

We were very excited when it arrived in the mail.  I couldn't get over the awesome quality.  This is going to be around for a long time (unlike the ones you buy at stores around Halloween time).  Another nice feature is that this one has a Velcro closure versus the typical tie ones that the stores used to carry, you were only looking for trouble tying things around a kid's neck.  The velcro holds well too. My son and I also like how silky the fabric is that they used to make the capes.

My son has enjoyed his cape and so have the other kiddos that have visited and seen it, everyone wants to try it on.  So if you are looking for a great gift idea for the little superhero in your life you really need to check out Power Capes.

For a chance to win your very own Power Cape enter via the Rafflecopter form below.  If following on Facebook or Twitter be sure to let them know that Money Saving Mommies X 2 sent ya!

Disclaimer:  I received the above item for free in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions remain my own.

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Tasty Tuesday (Buddy Fruits)

Buddy Fruits

Mommy in GA and mommy in PA were given the opportunity to try Buddy Fruits with our kiddos.  Buddy Fruits makes a full line of healthy fruit products that are all fruit and no added sugar. 

Buddy Fruits was created when a chef from France realized that he wasn't able to find his son any fruit pouches here in America.  They are very popular in France so he decided to bring the concept here.  And now they are available in stores nationwide.

Here is what our families thought of the Buddy Fruits...

Mommy in GA says:
We got our Buddy Fruits in the mail and I just barely got the photo above before the kids' tore into the box!!!
The pictures' below show you how much they enjoyed the products lol!!
Here is my 3 year old drinking the banana which is fitting because he acts like a little monkey climbing on stuff!!
He really enjoyed the banana....I thought he might cause bananas are his favorite fruit, although he prefers to call them nanas.
Here is my 6 year old, she wanted to try the Peach Smoothie which in her words was delicious and tastes just like peaches!!

Here is my 9 year old tasting the banana apple and she kinda liked it but, it wasn't her favorite.

Mommy in PA says:  My 7 year old really liked the strawberry fruit pouch but he didn't care for the seeds.  My 14 year old didn't care at all for any of the pouches, she's not much of a fruit eater.  My 7 year old really liked the Raspberry fruit bites and said that the Pomegranate & Acai were ok, and the apple could have been a little stronger tasting.  My 14 year old didn't like the fruit bites at all.

To find out more about Buddy Fruits and see where you can buy them you can head over to their site.

Disclaimer:  We received the above products for free in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions remain our own.

Angry Bird Toothbrush $2 + shipping!

United Wholesale Group - Angry Birds

$2 for a child's Angry Birds flashing toothbrush

Looking for a great stocking stuffer idea?  Then you may want to check out these cute Angry Bird Toothbrushes.  They are just $2 plus $4.95 shipping.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Freschetta Pizza Team's The Strength of 1 Campaign!

  Join us and Freschetta in helping spread the word about breast cancer awareness with the new Strength of 1 Campaign.  We will be supporting Bright Pink which is a national non-profit organization which focuses on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women.  The Strength of 1 campaign is all about helping folks realize that every individual can make a difference. 

  To do your part you can take the pledge by going here

Disclaimer:  We occasionally receive compensation in the form of products for posts. However, the opinions we share are solely our own.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Storytime Sunday

Perfect Lies
By: Jennifer Crow
This weeks storytime sunday is Perfect Lies, which teaches you how to overcome 9 hidden beleifs that stand between you and happiness.
The perfect Lies are as follows:
1. I am unloveable
2. I Am Worthless
3. I Am Unacceptable
4. I Am Unable
5. I Am A Target
6. I am Not Angry
7. I Am Bad
8. I Am In Danger
9. I Am Deprived
Not everyone feels this way and this book may not help everyone out there but, reading this book could give yall a little insight into why some people or even you yourself feel the way they do.
Pretty much if you can overcome the above lies (which the chapters of the book and the author's tale will help you figure out how)
You can overcome anything and be happy for real!!
This story tells of all the struggles the author went through and how she was able to turn it all around.
The story will move you and strengthen your beleif in God, Lies are the toxic thoughts that we let course through us whether it is someone telling us the lies, or it is personal beleifs about the lies going through you .
The book goes on to explain the everyday emotions we all go through and how they impact the lies also.
I don't want to say too much and give the story away but, I want yall to know that if any of the above statements are ones that have gone through your mind this book may be able to help you understand and work through the problems you are going through.  The book also goes to show that you are not alone and that other people feel this way and are looking for a solution too.
Hopefully you give this book a chance and if you need it I hope that it is of some help!!!
I think that this book could really benefit the right audience!
disclaimer: I received this book for free through tyndale in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are my own!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Spa-Time Saturday (Knot Genie)

Knot Genie

  If you are like us and are tired of hearing the kiddos complain when it's time to brush their hair then you may want to check out Knot Genie.  Knot Genie isn't just a regular brush, it has varying lengths of bristles to untangle the hair.  Also Knot Genie isn't shaped like a regular brush either.  It is cloud shaped and fits nicely in your hand. 

We recently got a chance to try out the Knot Genie and here is what we thought:

Mommy in GA says:  We got the Knot Genie to try,it was a  godsend due to the fact, my kids' cry every time I get the brush out!! So now we get out the Knot Genie and the kids' no longer cry and the hair fixing is relatively cry-free now!!!

The only thing we noticed was that with my 9 year old having long AND thick hair we have to use just a little bit of detangler so that the Knot Genie can run all the way through smoothly.

It is easy to hold and easy on the scalp too!! This is a really good investment I think and 2 of yall are super lucky and will win your very own Knot Genie!!

Mommy in PA says:  As you can see by the photos below the Knot Genie does work well.  When you have thick hair, like my daughter, you have to take smaller sections at a time or you will just get the Knot Genie stuck in your hair.  We also tried it on my hair which is fine and quite a bit thinner than my daughters and it worked great! 

For more information on the Knot Genie and get tips for even the toughest hair types you can go to their site and check out their Facebook page.  And last but not least, for a chance to win your very own Knot Genie fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

NEW! Snack Pack Pudding Bakery Shop

 Do you have a hankering for baked goods but don't have the time to bake?  Then you may want to check out Hunt's new line of puddings called Snack Pack Pudding Bakery Shop.  They come in a variety of flavors (frosted sugar cookie, banana cream pie, apple pie a la mode, lemon meringue pie, and chocolate cupcake) and are a good source of calcium.

Mommy in GA and mommy in PA each got to try a random flavor and here is what we thought:

Mommy in PA says:  We got to try the lemon meringue pie flavor and it was delicious.  The only thing I didn't care for was that the part that was supposed to look like the meringue was a more gooey consistency than I would have liked.  Other than that it was great!

Mommy in GA says:  We got to try the Chocolate Cupcake!  While I personally only got to try one bite, as I have 4 kids' and they all wanted there own lol, I really enjoyed that one bite and these will be a household favorite snack!!

The kids' thought they were the best treat ever!!

Disclaimer:  We received the above product for free in exchange for our honest review but all opinions are our own.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Free Mott's Medleys Fruit Flavored Snacks for Live Better America Members!

If you are a Live Better America Member you can go here and get your free sample of Mott's Medleys.  If you are not a member be sure to sign up so you can get next month's free sample!

Free Pack of Googly Eyes from!!!

Click here and then click on the buy it button.  Then you will be asked to make an account or login.  This only takes a minute.  Then put in your mailing info and there is no payment required so you don't even have to put in any credit card info.  Very easy process!

Free Sample of Always Infinity From Vocalpoint!!!!

So do you think all pads are alike?  Well think again...Always Infinity is made out of a unique material called Infinicel™ which absorbs a lot more moisture and conforms to your body (see below).

Vocalpoint is offering free samples on a first come first serve basis so be sure to hurry on over here and get yours!

Disclaimer:  We received the above information from Vocalpoint but all of our opinions remain our own.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crunchmaster Review (Tasty Tuesday)


Mommy in GA and mommy in PA recently got to try Crunchmaster Crackers.  Here is a little bit of info about their company and what we thought.

Crunchmaster creates their rice crackers using the Japanese baking technique called Usuyaki which means thin and flat.  They use all natural ingredients and avoid all artificial flavor enhancers and they are Gluten Free.

Here is an actual quote from their website explaining where they get their ingredients (we thought this was very interesting) "
We use only pure, GMO free, California grown rice. The sesame seeds used in our products are grown in the U.S. with a special hybrid that was developed to fit the climate in Texas and Oklahoma. Our quinoa and amaranth seeds are sourced from the Andean region in South America. And our flax seeds are grown in the plains of the upper Midwest and Canada."  It is really nice to know where the food you are eating comes from.

And here is what we thought:

We thought that the original multi-seed crackers were good but, in my opinion just a hint too much of the sunflower taste but, the kids' really enjoyed them!
The Roasted vegetable were said to be good but, even better with a dip of some sort, but of course what doesn't taste better with a dip??!!

I am not a huge fan of Garlic so the roasted garlic was not my cup of tea BUT, I really think that mommy in pa would have LOVED them!!! I think our sample boxes got mixed up in the mail lol!!!

The sea salt were really good but, you have to like salty cause they are very!!

Mommy in PA says:  I received the Multi-Grain Crisps in original, Multi-Seed Crackers in original, Multi-Grain Crackers in Sea Salt, and the Multi-Grain Crackers in White Cheddar.  The White Cheddar were absolutely delicious and quite addictive!!!  The Original of both the crisps and the crackers tasted very similar but the crisps were a little bit crispier.  The flavor of both were very good and had a bit of a peanut taste to them.  The Sea Salt were a little too salty for my taste. 

Right now you can head over to the Crunchmaster website and get yourself a $1 off coupon.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.   For a chance to win your very own 6-pack of Crunchmaster Crackers fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

Disclaimer:  We received the above products for free in exchange for our review and all opinions are our own.
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We Have A Winner!

Congrats to...

Rab Pom

they are the winner of the OOfos giveaway!

Winner has 48 hours to reply to the email we sent them or forfeit their prize.

Monday, September 17, 2012

We Have Winners...

So, there were a few drawings that ended this weekend. We figured we would just post them all together. The Winners are...

Crazy Dog T's
Dario M.
Tara H.

Enjoy Hair Care
Lisa W.

Renee G.

All winners have 48 hours to reply to the email we sent them or forfeit their prize.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Combat Review and Giveaway!!!!!


Source Kill Max a2
Ant Gel and Ant Bait
Combat Source to kill Max a1 Ant Bait is an effective product because the ants' carry the bait back to the colony and all the ants' eat it effectively killing the entire colony!!!  There is no messy residue and it is long lasting.  It is a child resistant product (great news for those of us with little ones running around!!) and you can also use the product inside or adjacently outside to get rid of or prevent and invasions!!!
Combat Source to kill Max a2 Ant Gel contains Fipronil, which is a fast acting active ingredient, However it works slow enough to let the ants get it back to the colony effectively killing all the ants in the colony including the queen and the larvae.  It works within hours and lasts up to a month!
This review is to let you know you don't have to have a stinky mess in your home (using the sprays) you can set out these pretty decorative (they look like flowers to me!) and baits or treat your problems with  the clear liquid gel and to me these two forms are more effective.

Where to start??!! I am so excited that I got to try these products, ants and I literally do not get along!!  I ACCIDENTALLY sit on them or step on them , they retaliate by biting me, I retaliate by squishing them and even from the dead they are able to make me swell like a softball........
Well not anymore!!!!!  I tried out these combat products and just want to tell yall, they Really work!!!!

Okay so I am going to be honest with yall and go ahead and tell you I did not have any ants in my house (knock on wood!!) But, I really wanted to try these products for yall so I took my Combat outside, living here in Georgia we always have new fire ant beds around the yard .  I went out to my driveway and got a stick (please don't think I am mean I wanted to prove a point!!!) I riled up the ants in the ant bed set my Combat ant bait in the mayhem and although the pictures I am showing you are blurry yall should have seen the ants go into that thing!!!!!!!
We all know how an ant hill looks when you poke it and make them mad, below is how it looks after you have used a Combat Source Kill Max a1 Ant Bait

Combat Source Kill Max a2 Liquid Gel

 This is the Liquid Gel and I used this inside my house as a preventative method, to keep those buggers out of my house!!
 The gel is not nearly as harsh as the sprays you but and I did not have to treat and leave my house OR open all the windows.  I put the gel in the creases and crevices and let it do it's job and I went about cleaning while my 3 year old got his Mickey Mouse TV time in!
I have 4 kids so the less harsh it is, the more likely I am going to be to use it and share with friends!! Who wants to have to leave after evicting the ants out of the home??!!

Disclaimer:  I did receive the products above in exchange for an honest review, all of the opinions I shared are my own.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thrifty Thursday (Eco Lunch Gear)

eco lunch gear

Is your family trying to be more eco friendly?  If so you may want to check out eco lunch gear.  Eco lunch gear was created by Tina Beatty because she was trying to find an eco friendly solution to their lunch packing routine.  She tried other products but wasn't satisfied with the results so she came up with her own.  Eco lunch gear is made in Michigan and nothing is outsourced. 

Here is what the Jumbo Snack Bags look like when they are completely opened up.  Notice how easy they are to clean.  No crumbs stuck in corners.  They can be hand washed or machine washed so clean up is a breeze.  Also we love how these open up the whole way so that they can be used as a more worries about dirty picnic tables.

Wondering why there are two velcro tabs so close together?  Wonder no more,  before you machine wash them you just fold the one tab onto the other so that your eco lunch gear doesn't get stuck to your other laundry....brilliant!
Here is my 7 year old's sandwich getting ready for school...

Just fold over both flaps...

fold up the bottom, and close the top flap...

and into the lunch box it goes!

Along with the Sandwich Wrap and Jumbo Snack bag shown here, they also make Tissue Pouches, Cinch Sacks, Cloth Napkins, Snack Bags, and Placemats.  And all come in a variety of patterns to choose from.

They use 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

The sandwich wraps and snack bags are lined with polyurethane coated nylon (kept on the inside away from the food) to keep the food fresh and prevents stains, mildew, and rot.
All fabrics are pre-washed before being cut and sewn to avoid puckering.

Here's what we thought:

Mommy in GA says: We were excited to get get the eco lunchgear.  The kids' love the fact that we got the Halloween pattern (that would be the orange shown above!!)

They are super easy to use and you are saving a ton of money and  a little piece of earth too!!

Also another good thing about the eco lunch gear is no more worries at the park  about the dirty picnic tables because you just undo the velcro and lay it flat and tada you have a place mat!!!

We are very impressed with the product and hope yall like it too!!!

Mommy in PA says:  I totally love these!  This makes going greener quite a bit easier.  I love how they are easy to clean, I always hated the crumbs in the corners problem we used to have.  These are super easy to use so even elementary kids will have no problems getting their sandwiches out.  I also love all the cute pattern choices (there's something for everybody). 

To find out more about eco lunch gear or purchase your own you can go to their website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.  For a chance to win your very own eco lunch gear fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

Disclaimer:  We received the above products for free in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions remain our own.

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Finding Nemo 3D + BluRay + DVD + Digital Copy $20 Shipped!!!!!

Today only you can preorder Finding Nemo in 3D from for only $20 Shipped!  This is a great price as it is hard to find any 3D movie around that price range.

Colgate Mobile Dental Van!


 Kids ages 3-12 can receive a free dental checkup, treatment referals (if needed), tube of Colgate Toothpaste, Colgate Toothbrush, and brushing instructions.  Click here to see if the Colgate Mobile Dental Van will be coming through near you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Have Winners!!!!!

The Winners for the Pretzel Crisps Giveaway are...

Nancy D.
Natasha T.

Congrats!  Be sure to reply to the email we sent you within 48 hours or forfeit your prize.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tasty Tuesday (Food Should Taste Good)

  This week's Tasty Tuesday is all about "Food Should Taste Good" Brand.  The company was founded by Pete Lescoe who had worked in restaurants and grocery stores his whole life.  Food Should Taste Good Brand is all about wholesome, healthy snacks that actually taste good (hence the name).  Food Should Taste Good Brand is all natural, cholesterol free, kosher, gluten-free, contains no GMOs, no trans fats, and are a good source of whole grains and fiber.

  The brand currently has 16 flavors in their 5.5 oz. line and 4 flavors in their NEW Kettle Cooked Sweet Potato Chips line. 

The flavors in the 5.5 oz line are:
Multigrain, Sweet Potato, Olive, Jalapeño, Lime, Cantina, The Works!, Chocolate, Blue Corn, Cheddar, White Cheddar, Toasted Sesame, Hemp, Jalapeño with Cheddar, Hatch Chile and Kettle Corn

The flavors in the NEW Kettle Cooked Sweet Potato Chips line are:
Original, Barbeque, Salt & Pepper, and Salt & Vinegar

Mommy in PA received the White Cheddar, Blue Corn, Multigrain, The Works!, and the Barbeque Sweet Potato Chips.

Mommy in PA says:  The White Cheddar were delicious.  My 14 year old daughter and I think these were the best ones that we tried.  The Blue Corn, though they look different from the rest of the line were just as tasty as the others.  The Multigrain were just the right amount of saltiness and were very delicious also.  The Works! were not one of my favorites but they weren't bad either.  The Barbeque Sweet Potato Chips were pretty tasty, obviously a little different tasting than a normal BBQ potato chip but they were good (my daughter liked these also). 

I love that you can see all the seeds on every chip/cracker.  It gives them a very earthy look.  My only real suggestion with these is resealable bags. 

Mommy in Ga says:  I received the Cheddar, Kettle Corn, Toasted sesame, The Works and Multi-grain.

I took these to a get together and shared, obviously the more tasters the more reviews!!!!

They were almost all a big hit, the only one that did not get great reviews was the Cheddar, almost everyone agreed that they left a horrible after taste in your mouth.

The rest they really enjoyed and all but the Kettle Corn, they suggested dips that you could use to enhance the flavor but, said they were pretty good with out the dips also!!! Another great thing besides the taste is that as you read above, they are good for you too!!!

The bags are kind of eye catching, now that I have tried them I will be able to pick them out in the store but, like mommy in Pa and due to the fact that we seem to obsess with this!! They really could use a resealable seal on the bags!!

You can currently score a $1 off coupon by going to their site here.  Also be sure to check out their Facebook page.

Disclaimer:  We received the above products for free in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions remain our own.

Maybe Monday (K5 Learning)

  If you are looking for a way to keep your kids learning even when they aren't in school (weekends, holiday vacations, summer, etc.) or to supplement their current curriculum then you may want to check out K5 Learning.  K5 Learning offers the kids reading and math enrichment for grades K-5 (hence the name). 

  The progam is broken down into 4 major categories.  They are: 

K5 Reading:  Which covers phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary and reading comprehension to help the kids develop a love of reading. 

K5 Math:  Which covers numbers and operations, geometry, measurement (including time and money), algebraic thinking and data analysis.

K5 Spelling:  Which includes adaptive instruction, automatic word generation, an optimized visual interface, and a 150,000+ word database.

K5 Math Facts:  Which helps kids develop instant recall of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.

  Click here to see some sample lesson pages and here to check out their video tour.

K5 currently offers a 14-day free trial that all parents really should check out.  There is no credit card info required. 

K5 recommends that after you set up your free trial account for your child that you allow your child to familiarize themself with the site and how it works.  Then they encourage you to have your child do their free reading and math assessments. 

Now here is what we thought:

Mommy in PA says:  I personally only did the 2 week free trial due to some family issues at the time but I was very impressed at how fun and interactive the programs were.  My 7 year old son, on the other hand, thought the ones they gave him to do at first were boring and he was upset because it was too easy. 

Well I figured that we'd go ahead and do the assessments so that he would get to do more challenging tasks.  Here is where we ran into a roadblock.  The assessments take quite a bit of time to get through and they are a mix of easier problems and harder ones so that they can determine what your child knows.  We were doing ok until my son ran into one he didn't know how to do (they tell you that you aren't suppose to help your kids with this because they need to know what they already know).  Well I told him he just needed to guess since he didn't know how to do it and he got very upset.  He is one of those over-achiever type kids so when he doesn't know how to do something it really makes him sad.  Anyway, that is as far as we made it in the program.

Mommy in Ga says:  My daughter really liked thef graphics that the program uses and also the fact that they have audio also, It almost seemed more like a video game than a learning tool!!

We ended up using it less than the 6 weeks due to the fact that it was summer when we were doing this (and our summer begins in the end of may and ends at thfe end of july)  but, from what she actually did she did enjoy the program except the assessment, she is a perfectionist as far as, she does not like to guess an answer and it was very hard to get through this because obviously they are trying to see where your child would stand on their own so, she got frustrated and did not want to pursue even though i told her it was designed so that she should get some wrong for thfe assessment purpose.

All in all we like the program and I think it will be a very handy tool but, I think that it work best if it is not used for a child who hates to be wrong!!!!

Disclaimer:  We received an extended trial of this program for free in exchange for our review but all opinions remain our own.