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Mommy in GA and mommy in PA recently got a chance to test out some shoes from OOFOS.  OOFOS are made out of a material called OOfoam and are made to be very energy absorbing.  This technology helps by absorbing shock to lessen pain, reducing fatigue, restoring vigor, and providing cushioning to rejuvenate your feet.  And what mother doesn't need that?!

Mommy in GA and Mommy in PA chose different styles so that we could give yall a better overall review.  The great folks over at OOFOS are also going to be sending one of our lucky readers a pair of OOFOS of their very own (just be sure to enter with the form below).

Mommy in PA:  I chose the OOFOS OOahh Slides in Mocha.  I love how they look as they can be used as a casual shoe or also a more dressy event.  I also like that if they get dirty they are incredibly easy to clean as the whole shoe is made of the same material and wipes clean easily.  When I first tried on the slides I was thinking I should have ordered the next size up because my right shoe felt a little tight.  I mentioned it to my husband and he said to just try wearing them for a little while and see how they felt then.  Sure enough they fit perfectly, as if they adjusted to my feet. 

I usually do not wear shoes without backs because I have a hard time keeping them on my feet, this was not an issue with the OOFOS.  They stayed nice and snug on my feet.  These shoes are so darn comfortable that I make up reasons to wear them.  The OOFOS name really fits them well too.  The other day I couldn't find my OOFOS anywhere.  I went outside to see what my daughter was doing and lo and behold there were my OOFOS.  I asked her "So, did you take my OOFOS?" she replied with "Yeah" and I replied back "OO, You're in trouble now".  So I guess I'll be ordering her a pair soon.

Mommy in GA:
 The oofos are my new favorite shoe I had to go ahead and tell yall that first because, I have been telling everyone i meet that and now it is on the blog forever!!!
mommy in Pa described the material and all very well and I just want to tell yall that I wear my OOriginal thong (OOfos) EVERYWHERE!!!!  I took the kids' to a water park and of course wore my OOriginal thong OOfos and ya know how annoying it is when you get your shoes wet??!!  Well with the OOfos they are not uncomfortable when wet AND they dry super fast!!!
I walk and run(chase) with  my four children a lot and when i was wearing flip flops my feet hurt all the time.  Now i can chase them or walk with them quite a distance  and my feet don't bother me!!  I tried to put my flip flops on the other day and they were soooo UNcomfortable, Lovein the OOfos and if they ever where out I will definitely replace them!!

Here are the OOriginal Thong OOfos when they first arrived!!!!!

This is after wearing the OOfos for an entire month and wearing them EVERYWHERE!!!!
This shows you the amount of support you get in the bottom of your OOfo.........The design of a sandal with the support of a tennis shoe!!! Best thing EVER!!!

This shows you the tread you get with your OOfos, show me another shoe with that support AND comfort! I don't think you can!!

You can purchase your very own pair of OOFOS by going to The Insole Store.  Also be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

OOFOS Slides come in whole sizes 4-11 womens and 7-14 mens and you can choose either Black or Mocha.

OOFOS Sandals come in whole sizes 4-11 womens and 7-14 mens and you can choose from Fuschia, Tangerine, Mocha, or Black.

For your chance to "feel the OO!" (OOFOS tagline) be sure to enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter form below.

disclaimer: We each received a pair of OOfos in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are our own.

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Professional Hair care

ENJOY hair care was nice enough to send me the above products!!!!  I tried all of these products and love them!!! I will now tell you a little bit about all of them!
The picture above with the dark green star is the ENJOY Proffesional Hair Care Sulfate-Free Rejuvinating Volumizing Shampoo.
When you apply this to your hair you get a huge amount of foam and when you rinse it away your hair immediately feels so much cleaner!!!

 The Picture here with the light green star is the Enjoy Proffesional Hair Care Rejuvinating Volumizing Conditioner.
With this you don't so much get afoam but, here is the best part, you get a tingly sensation all over your scalp!! It smells good too!!!
 The purple star is ENJOY Professional Hair Care Straightener.
This is applied to your damp hair (preferably after using the above shampoo and conditioner!!) and then you can use your straightner and combined all of the products make your hair super easy to manage!!!!

Last but, not least you have your ENJOY Professional Hair Care Shine and Smooth
This is used for, you know the stupid fly aways we all get??  the ones that no matter what you try they fly away and stick sraight up in the air and the are so frustrating??!! Well not anymore, not if you use the shine and smooth above!!!

 To view the full product line of ENJOY PROFESSIONAL HAIRCARE click on the link!!!

disclaimer: I did receive the above products in exchange for my honest opinion and all opinions are my own.

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Crazy Dog T-Shirts and Nacho Mama Tees

Mommy in Ga says:  The folks at Crazy Dog T-Shirts were nice enough to let me pick a T-shirt from each site to product review!!
I had a really hard time only deciding on 2 because all of the t-shirts are pretty hilarious!!

I decided on the recycling t-shirt because 1 I don't care who you are you know you have gotten up in the morning and thrown on whatever shirt and bottoms were in reach!! and 2 I thought that it was funny but, in the midst of humor might just remind people to take that extra step and recycle some stuff!

The Tee-Shirts are very reasonably priced and they are made out of really good material, you know the ones that you don't sweat through even on the hottest days (I would know this for a fact living in GA!!!!)

The shirts come in sizes from small to 3 XL so they have something for everyone!!
The only thing i would suggest is that they had a better color selection when you are picking out yours tees.   The Recycle one (from the Girl's T-shirts section) and the Fantasy Football (from the Men's T-shirts Section) one only come in the colors shown below (white for recycle and grey for football)

Yesterdays Recycle T Shirt
I chose this shirt because my boyfriend is an avid fantasy football leauger!! This shirt could not have come at a better time as he won in the league last year and with the new year for fantasy football just starting he is hoping to keep the title this year too!!
This shirt is also made of the same fantastic material and also comes in sizes s-3XL
Fantasy Football League Champion t shirt

To get your very own Crazy Dog Tee you can head over here.

Disclaimer:  I received the above items for free from Crazy Dog Tshirts but all opinions are my own.

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Mommy in GA and mommy in PA are very excited to tell you all about one of our favorite new snacks, Pretzel Crisps from Snack Factory!

Pretzel Crisps aren't just your ordinary pretzels, they take your everyday snacking to a whole new level by becoming a utensil for dips, cheeses, meats, etc.  Have you ever tried dipping a normal pretzel...very frustrating?! 

With their large selection of flavors there is sure to be some taste buds tingling and everyone is sure to find a favorite. 

They aren't just tasty either, they are also good for you because they contain no trans or saturated fats.  You can't beat tasty and healthy!

Okay so mommy in Ga and mommy in Pa both received 7 bags of Pretzel Crisps each,a tote, a $1.00 coupon and a Pretzel Crisp pen.....PLUS 2 lucky winners will receive 7 bags of Pretzel Crisps, The lovely tote pictured below, a $1.00 coupon and let's not forget they included a pen with their logo for you to add Pretzel Crisps to your grocery lists!!!!
The Pretzel Crisp tote, pen and coupon!
BUFFALO WING Pretzel Crisps
Mommy in Ga says:  The BUFFALO WING was tasty but, would have been better paired with a ranch dressing?

Mommy in PA says:  We all liked this variety except for my 7 year old son who chose to skip this one.  Even our cat liked these!
SESAME Pretzel Crisps

Mommy in PA says:  These were very good with french onion dip.  A little too bland for me plain and my 14 year old daughter didn't really care for these.

Mommy in PA says:  These were my 14 year old's favorite!  They were gone the quickest out of all the flavors.  I also thought these were very good and will be buying them on a regular basis.
Mommy in Ga says: Everyone liked the CHIPOLTE CHEDDAR but, we are cheesy kinda people (lol!!!)  Anyway my 9 year old has a new favorite!
EVERYTHING Pretzel Crisps
Mommy in Ga says: The everything was not a total win for the kids, but mommy on the other hand really enjoyed these!!

Mommy in PA says:  We weren't really sure about these ones, would have to try some of the topper ideas.


Mommy in PA says:  These were pretty bitey.  At first I wasn't really too sure about them but once you eat a couple they are pretty good.

ORIGINAL Pretzel Crisp

Mommy in Ga says: The ORIGINAL were so much a favorite in this southern home that my kids' "accidentally" opened our giveaway bag also! So i will be using my $1 coupon to replace our bag to giveaway!!! Glad the kiddos enjoyed them so much though!!

Mommy in PA says:  This was my 7 year old's favorite!  He saw them at WalMart the other day and recognized the bag right away! 

We both love the fact that the bags are resealable and easy to distinguish which flavor is which.
We also like that the Original, Sesame, and Everything varieties have appetizer ideas on the bags. 
They also have a spot on their website that gives you even more ideas for toppers. 

To find out more about Pretzel Crisps you can check out their website, follow them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or see where you can buy them.  Also, you gotta check out the awesome video below and be sure to enter our giveaway for your chance to win a variety of Pretzel Crisps of your own!

Disclaimer:  We received the above products for free in exchange for our review but all opinions remain our own.

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HBL has a full line of hair care products that are all made for the purpose of removing all the "no-no" ingredients and adding healthy alternatives that give you a quality product without causing damage to your body.  You can read the info on how their company came to be by going here.  This is a really great example of how something bad like cancer can encourage people to do something good for others. 

Mommy in PA had the honor of trying their line of volumizing products. 
 Step 1 was the Volumizing Shampoo.  Mommy in PA says:  Right away I loved the packaging.  It has these pretty iridescent words all over the bottle that just add to the experience.  The bottle kind of looks like a hair spray bottle but the lid pops open like a regular shampoo bottle.  The shampoo itself smells nice and lathers up great.  I loved how easy it was to rinse out without leaving residue. 
Step 2 was the Volumizing Conditioner.  Mommy in PA says:  I loved the packaging of this as well.  You do need to store this bottle upside down though after the first couple of uses as the conditioner is very thick.  It applied easily but was a little harder to get rinsed out than my normal conditioner but I could tell right away that it did a much better job. 

Step 3 was the Spray Mousse.  Mommy in PA says:  I'm not much for styling my hair because it just never seems like I can get things to look right.  This product is my new favorite styling product though because you apply it just like hair spray.  I've never used a spray mousse before but now I know I will never be going back to the foam kind again.  This was easy to apply and if you want more volume then you just add more by the roots and blow dry.  Very simple and it left my hair soft and smelling great. 

Here's a good example of what my hair was like before HBL.  It was almost always in a ponytail and you can actually see the damage from split ends and such. 

Here's what my hair looks like now after using all three products for awhile now.  I love how the mousse brings out the curls.  I hadn't even brushed it and I wouldn't have felt weird going to the store like that.  Love it!

I also want to mention how much I love the smell of this stuff.  I also like that when I use the mousse I get the volume without all the flyaways.

You can find out which product variety is right for you by using their product recommender found here.  Once you find your type you can purchase your own by going here.  The great folks at HBL are giving one of our readers the very same products that I reviewed.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win.  Also be sure to "like" them on Facebook and check out their Twitter page.

Disclaimer:  I received the above products for free in exchange for my review but all opinions are my own.

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This week's Tasty Tuesday is about a company named Crum Creek.  Here is what they are all about: 
"It all started in 1995 with Dr. Ara Yeramyan, a gourmet cook and scientist with a passion for inventing delicious, nutritious foods. He created our Crum Creek Mills soy products out of his kitchen, making the everyday foods you love only better.  After delighting his family and friends with his creations, he taped his desire to share his healthy foods with the world and brought Crum Creek to life.

We began selling our soy products in 2000, and over the years have developed a circle of customers and friends who love our foods.  As we have become part of the natural products and nutrition community, we have discovered many other great products that complement our foods and our customers’ lifestyles.  In 2011, we expanded Crum Creek to include many of the products you see in our online store.

Our ongoing quest is to find the best of what is best for you.  Thank you for joining our family of customers who are committed to living a life they love."

  Mommy in PA and Mommy in GA received a small sampling of some of their products for us to try out for our readers.  We received samples of Almond Biscuties, Soy Nut Trail Mix, Remarkable Rosemary & Garlic Soy Bites, and Superb Sesame Soy Bites. 

Mommy in PA says:  These look yummy and taste very good.  I was really surprised that I liked it as I'm not normally that into having big chunks of stuff in my food.  Very tasty!  My daughter normally tests stuff with me but she doesn't like raisins and they were pretty obvious so she wouldn't try this.

Mommy in Ga says:  My girls' and a friend of mine tried these and they all loved them (except my 6 year old....not a huge fan!!)  My friend said there was the perfect amount of raisins to almond ratio and she thought they were fantastic!

Mommy in PA says:  My daughter and I both tried this (she didn't see the raisins) and we were both thrown off by the dark chocolate aftertaste.  The initial taste was ok but we eventually just ended up picking through the bag for the sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Mommy in Ga says: My 3 year old handed me the bag and said "My have some?"  I opened the bag and i tried one, they are not my favorite but, i am not a huge dark chocolate fan.  My 3 year old then proceeded to drop and spill the entire bag, so sorry the GA review panel failed us on this one!

Mommy in PA says:  These were just too bland for us.  My daughter just made a really funny face when she took a bite but she did end up finishing the rest, she just said they didn't really taste like anything.

Mommy in Ga says: My friend also helped try the soy bites with us and my girls said they were ok, my friend told me that they were a little bland and could use more of the rosemary but other than that they were good.

Mommy in PA says:  These were delicious.  I could have eaten the whole bag myself.  My daughter tried them and thought they were good too, which really surprised me.  I could see us eating these instead of chips.

Mommy in Ga says: These were another favorite in the house, everyone liked the flavors and thought that they were really good.

These are just a small sampling of what Crum Creek has to offer.  They also have a variety of other foods and drinks, bath and beauty items, vitamins and supplements, gift baskets (very reasonable prices), candles and cleaners. 

We also wanted to mention how cute their product packaging is.  We love the pictures on the packages. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Crum Creek you can go to their site, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Facebook, or sign up for their emails for special offers.  They also have a very informative blog you can check out too. 

You can enter for a chance to win a one month supply of Soy Nut Trail Mix by using the Rafflecopter form below.  Right now they are offering to give away more prizes if we can get more people to click through their facebook and blog pages.  So click away people if you want to have more chances to win!

disclaimer:  We received these products in exchange for our honest opinion, all opinions are our own.

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  With everyone using cell phones, mp3 players, tablet computers, etc. these days.  We need to really stop and think about the risks we may be putting our bodies in when we use them.  A company out of Canada called xZubi has come up with a solution to protect people from the potential effects of EMF radiation (the electromagnetic frequency used when a signal is bounced from a device to a tower).  I pulled this quote directly from their site:  "While no results are conclusive, awareness grows daily—and we think “better safe than sorry” is the best policy."  And we really have to agree.  As you can see in the photos below it is a really simple process and worth doing to be on the safe side. You can read more about xZubi by going to their site here.  Also be sure to enter below for a chance to win your very own family-5-pack.

Here's what the discs look like in the packaging.  This is the family 5 pack.

And here's what the disc looks like stuck on the back of my cell phone.  So simple, just peel it off the sheet and apply to the back of your device.

Mommy in PA says:  This was very simple to apply.  It does seem a little odd at first stuck to the back of the phone like that but I guess we'll get used to it.  I think it would be really cool if they offered different patterns with their symbol in the middle, or at least different colors.  I think teenagers would be more apt to put them on their devices if they were more personalized.

Mommy in Ga says: The only think that made me hesitate was that the stickers are "designed to permanently stick to your device as the adhesive they use is very strong."  That is the only warning on the package so i think that the positive comments outweigh the negative, although like mommy in Pa it would be really cool to pick from a wide selection of decals!

Disclaimer:  We did receive the above product for free in exchange for our honest review and all opinions are our own.

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Today's Maybe Monday is a review for MOGO!!!MOGO is a fun magnetic charm bracelet and sunglasses!
The MOGO is super easy to use and really cute too.  You choose your charms and place them on any of the magnetic studs to make your charm bracelet and sunglasses your own.
 Here is my 6 year old putting the charms on the sides of her sunglasses, we were sent 3 charms and yet it was a long process for her to choose which 2 would be perfect for her sunglasses!!
 Luckily with the bracelet that only left one so it was just a matter of figuring out which stud to place it on!!!
 Here she is stylin her new look!!! She loves the MOGO!!!!
 Here is my 9 year old choosing her charms and putting them in place.  She loved that it was a super fast task and if she didn't like where she put it she could easily change out the charms and they would still look great and stay on!!!
 Here she is showin yall her beautiful placement of the charms!!!!!
 My 7 year old chose to use all 3 of the charms on the charm bracelet so we could all see what it looked like and she loved it, she said "Mommy you are definitely going to have to buy some more of these!!!!" So i guess we are starting our Christmas lists early this year??!! 
Here is her bracelet and she is very proud of it!!!
I took pics of her in the sunglasses also but, i am not sure what happened to those :(  
Anyway, she loves the sunglasses as well she said "the only thing that would make these better is if they put a magnetic stud in the center (on the nose piece!!) lol!!!!

All in all we have really great things to say about MOGO the kids' love putting their own personality into the bracelets and sunglasses!! It is a great product and i would recommend it for the purchases for Christmas, birthdays, any other day for any other reason lol!!!!

Also, i would just like to tell yall MOGO has the cutest website page!!!! Make sure your speakers are on and it will be a pleasant surprise!!!! Go to the MOGO website now to place your order or to use the store locator.

disclaimer: I did receive this product in exchange for and honest review.  All opinions are my own though!!!
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Rockin' Green

Mommy in GA and Mommy in PA do a lot of laundry (especially Mommy in GA) so we were very excited to get to test the eco-friendly laundry detergent from Rockin' Green.  And thanks to them we are going to be able to give one of yall a chance to win some of your own.  Be sure to enter with the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck everyone!

Rockin' Green is dye free, 100% Phosphate free, vegan, has no fillers, has no enzymes or optical brighteners, is great for sensitive skin, and comes in three different varieties with several scent options.  One thing I recommend is to view the support section before using to get a good idea of what will work for you.

Mommy in PA received the Classic Rock (for my water type) and my scents were "Rage Against the Raspberry", "Lavender Mint Revival", and "Motley Clean".  I LOVE the names of the scents they make doing the laundry a little more exciting. 

Mommy in PA says:  I tried half a packet on a large load of everyday clothes and I was not impressed.  I ended up having to rewash with my normal detergent to get them totally clean.  I used the remainder of the packet on some throw blankets that weren't really dirty, just needed freshened up and it did a great job but I wish it had a stronger scent.  I tried a whole packet on a load of clothes and noticed that it worked much better so I guess I just needed to use more the first time.  The one thing I liked the most was the scent of the "Lavender Mint Revival" it made everything smell great and was strong enough just the way it was.

Mommy in Ga received the Soft Rock (per water type) and the scent i received was bare naked babies! which is a strawberry scent. 
Mommy in Ga says:  I like that the Rockin' Green comes in the h-e as you can not always get products that meet the requirements!!
The Rockin Green left me slightly disappointed in the fragrance area ( I am one of those people that i want it to smell like i just spent 2 hours washing, drying, and folding and putting the laundry away.) I don't just want my clothes to smell clean i want them to have a fragrance, this is a personal preference and i don't want you to take my opinion the wrong way, the Rockin Green left my clothes smelling and looking clean.  It is good for sensitive skin and I have no complaints besides the intensity of smell!!
For my four kids i love that the Rockin'Green is natural, reducing the chemicals that come in contact with the kids' skin.  Also if you have little ones in cloth diapers this would be a great product for you as the tushy is the most sensitive part of your baby!!

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This week for Thrifty Thursday we wanted to share this great money saving product.   SnackTAXI is not only easy on the pocket book but they are also good for the environment.  SnackTAXI makes a variety of reusable bags and napkins that are all machine washable and can be used over and over again.  The idea is to cut down on the number of plastic bags going to the landfills.   Mommy in GA and Mommy in PA each received the sandwich-sack and snack-sack for our review. 

Here's what the snackTAXI looks like when you get it in the mail, cute!

The velcro makes them easy for kids to use too.

Look at the great craftsmanship involved in making these able to be used again and again. 

The best thing about this product is that they are machine washable.  We also like the fact that their materials are free of lead, phthalates, and BPA so not only are we keeping the environment cleaner but we are also keeping our families safer.  And we even have a photo of them in use (plenty of room).

Mommy in PA says:  I can definitely see myself using these in the future.  This would be great for my seven year old's lunch and also my hubby takes sandwiches everyday for work and these would be awesome for that. 

Mommy in GA says:  I could also see myself using these to pack the kids' lunches.  I would have to buy 2 more sets in order to not have a fight about who got to take the snackTaxi, my kids' all thought they were the coolest things ever!

These come in a bunch of different patterns so there's sure to be a design for everyone in your family.  You can see the different designs or order one of your own by going to snackTAXI

Disclaimer:  We did receive the above products for free for this review but all opinions are our own.

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Mommy in PA and Mommy in GA recently got a chance to try out these tasty candy bars from Cakedy.  Be sure to read our review and fill out the rafflecopter form at the bottom for your chance to win!

Mommy in Pa received the Peanut Butter Cakedy and the Mint Chocolate Cakedy.

About Cakedy:  Cakedy is a combination of cake on the inside and melted chocolate on the outside.  You can learn more or purchase your own by going here.

Mommy in PA says:  We tried the Peanut Butter one first.  The peanut butter one is peanut butter cake, butterscotch, and melted chocolate on the outside.  My 7 year old son said that it was "Good, tastes like chocolate mixed with peanut butter kinda".  My 14 year old daughter said "Interesting flavor, taste more butterscotch than anything".  I thought that it was very good but also very rich tasting.  The butterscotch was almost too strong for me.

Mommy in PA says:  We tried the mint one last.  The mint is chocolate cake, mint, and melted chocolate on the outside with pretty green stripes on the top.  My 7 year old son said "Mint is kinda powerful but I can still taste the chocolate".  My 14 year old daughter said "A little minty, sorta tastes like a brownie".  I thought that it was very pretty with the green frosting drizzled on the top.  I expected the mint to be a bit stronger but this one was my favorite. 

Mommy in Ga received the Velvet love cakedy and the Redhead cakedy
Don't they look delicious??!!
The Velvet Love is fantastic all of my kids' and myself liked this one best!! It is a Red velvet cake coated in a melted white chocolate that was hardened over the cakedy and drizzled with chocolate.....YUMMY!!!!  I think the kids liked it because there was so much chocolate but, not an overdose if ya know what i mean??!!

The redhead we tried second and all the kids and i liked this one too but the Velvet Love was a little better!! The redhead was strawberry cake nougat with melted white chocolate hardened over the top and drizzled with strawberry icing!!!! Again this was good too but, we REALLY liked the Velvet Love!

Disclaimer: We received these samples in exchange for an honest review and all opinions are our own! We were not compensated in any other way.

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 Here's the third and final surPRIZE of the day.  Enter below for your chance to win 2 Free Pizza Coupons for Mazzio's (one for a regular pizza and one for a dessert pizza).  We also wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for hopping along with us all week.  We've really had a blast and we hope you have too.
Also, remember that all of the giveaways we have done this week are available to enter until 11:59 PM on July 29th so you still have lots of time.  We'd like to also thank our friend blogger at Check it Out! with Dawn, without her this would not have been possible...Thanks Dawn!!!
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  Here's our second surPRIZE of the day.  Enter using the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win one of two $25 Mazzio's Gift Cards. 

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  Today is the last day of our Back 2 School Blog Hop Extravaganza.  Enter below for your chance to win a $25 Gift Card and check back throughout the day for more surPRIZEs...hint, hint.

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Click to enlarge

Do your kids struggle with Spelling?  If so, you may want to check out SpellQuizzer.  Mommy in GA and I (Mommy in PA) recently tested SpellQuizzer with our kids and here's what we thought of it.

Mommy in PA:  SpellQuizzer is a very simple program that helps kids with their spelling lists.  We aren't in school right now but were still easily able to test the product.  The one option you have is to create your own spelling lists and that is what we did.  My daughter and I went in and created a 20 word list for my son.  Creating the list was very simple.  You go in and either select a word from the existing list or enter a word of your own (this is what we did).  Then you have the option to either give a clue about what the word is or use the voice recorder function to record yourself saying the word (very neat).  My children's computer does not have a microphone so we just used the hints.  
After my son went through all the words and had gotten all but three right it asked him if he'd like to retry the ones he got wrong.  He did and sure enough got them all right that time around.  I can really see this program coming in handy once we are back to school.  I also like how they have the option to download new spelling lists off of their site.  This is a great option for summer because you can keep your kiddos learning.  

My daughter actually came up with a great idea for this program also.  She is a little older and doesn't have spelling lists anymore so she decided that it would make a really fun trivia game.  She quizzed her brother and me about animals by putting in clues in the hints box and then if we got the wrong answer it automatically knew.  Quite clever don't you think?
I think this is well worth the $29.95 due to the fact you can use it forever for multiple kids.  

Mommy in Ga says:  I love the fact that you can go to spellquizzer website and you can get a free trial, you know so you can see what your money is buying!!!  Even if you purchase this product and do not like it, they have a 100 % guarantee!!!
I have a friend that home schools her children and spellquizzer has a forum dedicated especially to home school needs!!!!  I will definitely refer her to this program!!
The program is made to work with any US and UK English words, When you make your master list it automatically knows if you have misspelled a word!
Our kids are not in school yet but, my 9 year old had a lot of trouble with her spelling words so this program from what i have seen will be awesome for her and she will struggle less!! I have 4 children (3 of them already in school) and i love the simplicity of it......It will take only minutes to insert each child's list and label them with their names that way they can study on there own and have fun!!!

If you click on the following links you can watch demo videos on how to set up your own program:

Hopefully you find this program as helpful and fun as we did!!!!!!!!!

Use the Rafflecopter for below to enter for a chance to win a copy of SpellQuizzer of your own.

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 Welcome to day 4 of the Back 2 School Blog Hop Extravaganza!  Today head on over to Check it out! with Dawn for your chance to win your very own Scunci Flower Bendini Clip .  And be sure to come back again tomorrow and everyday this week for your chance to learn about some great products and win some awesome prizes.



Newman's Own Organic Giveaway

Today we will be offering one of our readers the chance to win four of our favorite Newman's Own Organic products.  If you missed our review you can go here to read all about it.

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To increase your chances of winning hop on over to Check it out! with Dawn and have a look at her review and sign up for the giveaway there too.


  Welcome to day 2 of the Back 2 School Blog Hop Extravaganza!  Today head on over to Check it out! with Dawn for your chance to win your very own copy of "Lightening Fast French for Kids and Families: Strikes Again".  And be sure to come back again tomorrow and everyday this week for your chance to learn about some great products and win some awesome prizes. 



TruKid Review & Giveaway

  We all know about keeping our kiddos safe from the sun by using sunscreen and by teaching them proper hygiene, but are we really protecting our kids with the products we are using?  This is where TruKid products makes all the difference.  They produce a full line of body, hair, and skincare items for children.  All of which are natural, non-toxic, and free of Parabens, Phthalates, Gluten, BPA, SLS, petroleum, fragrances, and harsh chemicals.  They also like to make hygiene fun for kids by having rhymes and songs on some of the products and printable checklists that you can use to keep track of good things they do.

Mommy in Ga says:  We were so excited when we got the package in the mail!! My 3 year old said "mommy you got package?   What is it?!"  we opened it up and they were super excited to see the silly shampoo and could not wait to try it!!  They wanted to take a bath as soon as we opened it up and when i told them they had to wait, they then asked if the could go to me maw and pe paws to try the new sunblock in the swimming pool!!!
Well that evening i put them in the tub (another favorite thing is you can have the pump dispenser on your shampoo or you can have the regular one that tilts open, LOVE having choices with 4 very different kiddos in the house!!) and they loved the new shampoo and loved the way it smelled (fruity not boring!!!)  They said Mommy i hope we can use this kind all the time!  Of course the kids' favorite was the smell, my favorite thing is that it is all natural and does not have any harsh chemicals, it leaves the hair feeling soft also!!!! The shampoo was a big hit here, also if you go here you can get fun songs and rhymes for your kids, that make them want to clean themselves and take care of themselves!!!!  The link also takes you to the TruKids community and you can also buy the awesome products there also!!!
The sunblock was obviously a hit!! It meant we were going swimming!!The kids liked it also, they said it does not stink like the other sunblock i use (again it has a better fruity smell where the others have that yuckier smell!!)  The sunblock protected my very fair skinned children from the sun so well you couldn't even tell that we had been outside for hours on end in the swimming pool!! The products work great and again, NO harsh chemicals in the making of them, I LOVE IT!!!!!
These products have proved to be awesome in our household and i hope yall will give them a chance!!!

  Mommy in PA received the TruKid Bubbly Body Wash and the TruKid Sunny Days SPF 30+ Face Stick

  Mommy in PA says:  We were really excited to receive the products to test right when the weather here in PA was beginning to get nice enough to enjoy spending time outdoors.  We used the Sunny Days Face Stick the first chance we got to get into our pool.  The application was easy enough, just remove the cap and apply to your kiddos faces, or in our case just let them apply it themselves with a mirror.  My seven year old even applied his with just my supervision.  The face stick comes in a very convenient size that could easily be slipped into your purse or pocket and taken to the pool, the park, or anywhere for that matter.  I do wish that the lid sealed a little better though because it may come off (should probably be kept in a plastic bag just in case).  The formula itself is really thick and that was our only real problem with it.  It just isn't very comfortable but you can sure tell if you need to reapply.  I actually ended up having to wash mine off my face later in the day because I could tell I still had it on.  Something we also weren't sure we liked was the smell.  In the tube we liked it (smells like oranges) but on our faces it was almost overwhelming at first (smelled more like rotten oranges).  After having it on for about 10 minutes the smell didn't seem too bad and eventually we didn't notice it at all.  So to sum up, we like this product just don't like how heavy it feels on the face.

The TruKid Bubbly Body Wash was a big hit at our house.  My seven year old has been using it a lot since we got it.  The Bubbly Body Wash comes with a normal shampoo style dispensing cap and it also comes with a pump cap which was promptly added by my son.  I love how they make their products fun for the kids.  We love the smell of it (also fruity), the pretty blue bottle, and it suds up very well.  Out of the two products we received it is our favorite. 

Currently TruKid is offering our readers a FREE Happy Face & Body Lotion with any order of $30 or more by going here.  Just use coupon code happymom at checkout.  Limit 1 per customer.

Disclaimer:  We did receive the above products in exchange for our reviews but all opinions remain our own. 

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We are excited to announce the 1st Back 2 School Blog Hop Extravaganza that we at Money Saving Mommies x2 and Check it out with Dawn! are getting ready to launch!
Starting July 9th, we will be hopping through a week filled with reviews and giveaways all related to Back 2 School! We have teamed up with some amazing companies to bring you some awesome giveaways!
Here is what we have in store for ya:
*TruKid All Natural Skin Care for Kids
*Lightening Fast French for Kids and Families: Strikes Again Book
*Newmann's Own Organics
*Kristin McGee's Power Yoga DVD's
*SpellQuizzer Spelling Software
*Scunci Flower Bendini Clip
* Gift cards
*Mazzios Pizza Gift Cards and Coupons

Hope to see y'all there!


  Tired of your sore, achy feet?  I know we sure are.  Well Mommy in PA had a lot of coupons for $5 off Dr.Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles in her Bzzkit and is wanting to let others experience the comfort of this wonderful product.  The first five people to comment below on why they need the Dr.Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles will each recieve a coupon for $5 off that is good until 12/31/2012. 

Disclaimer:  I received the coupons above for free from a bzz campaign but all opinions are my own.



  Remember that great Copy-Kids video we talked about on Monday?  If not just go here to read all about it.  Well they were kind enough to offer us a copy of Copy-Kids to give away to one of our lucky readers!  So here's your chance to get your kiddo(s) to eat their fruits and veggies too!  Just enter below using the rafflecopter form.  Giveaway runs from 5/23/2012 until 5/30/2012 and is open to US residents only.  Winner will be contacted around 5/31 and have 48 hours to respond with their mailing info or forfeit their prize.

a Rafflecopter giveaway *******************************************************************************************************   We are very excited about our new giveaway.  We know we've kept ya'll waiting but we think it was worth it....the new giveaway is for Mollie the Monkey Scentsy Buddy from Scentsy.  Mommy in GA's sister-in-law is a representative of Scentsy products and has been very generous in donating this prize for our giveaway.  Thanks Brenda!!!!

  Please click here and select browse to check out all of the other great Scentsy products or to have a party of your own to earn great products by introducing your friends and family to Scentsy.  While you are there be sure to jot down your favorite product because you will be able to comment on the rafflecopter form to get extra entries into the drawing.  Have fun browsing and Good Luck!

*Giveaway will run from 5/15/2012 until 5/31/2012.  Winner to be announced on 6/1/2012 and the winner will have 48 hours to respond with mailing information or forfeit the prize.

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Clue #3
You will be receiving one of the seventeen friends.


Clue #2
 With scents like Newborn Nursery, Mochadoodle, Home Sweet Home, and Clean Breeze there is a scent for everyone for every occasion.

Clue #1
If you have little ones or like to collect cute things that smell good....this upcoming giveaway will give you something to look forward to.


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