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Thursday, July 11, 2019

I am in LOVE....with STITCH FIX!!!!

disclaimer:  I received nothing from the company in exchange for this post.  All opinions remain my own.


  Have you ever wanted your own personal know, just like the celebrities.  Well now you can have that and more with STITCH FIX.  

  STITCH FIX is a clothing delivery company that sends you items for your wardrobe based on your own personal style profile.  The items are selected by your own stylist who even include a note with why they chose what they did and ideas for wearing items together.  

  Each shipment costs $20 for stylist fee but the fee is deducted from your total if you choose to keep any of the items shipped.  Also if you decide to keep all the items in your shipment, you will receive a 25% discount.  

  You can select how often you want your shipments, what price ranges you prefer, and you even get to let your stylist know exactly what you are looking for.  

  Right now STITCH FIX is giving new members $25 for signing up.  If you go here you will receive $25 and so will I : )

  Mommy in PA:  So I recently won a gift card for STITCH FIX which is why I actually tried it in the first place...let me tell you, I am so glad I did.

  My stylist, Marissa really had her hands full with my "FIX" as I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for.  I gave her some ideas and was actually surprised her choices were pretty close to my style.  I only ended up keeping the jeans from my  shipment but my decision to return the other items and why will help them narrow it down next time.  I was even able to select to keep the same stylist or let them choose another, how cool is that?!?!

 This one was actually my favorite outfit but shirt requires a strapless bra...which honestly, I have yet to find one I I mentioned that in my feedback...we shall see : )

  Oh and they don't just have clothing...there are shoes, jewelry, bras, underwear, and handbags.  The bras and underwear are add on items that you can have shipped with your "fix".  

  Price range for the items I received was between $34 to $78.  Items are of great quality though, so worth the extra cost.

  Now you can also set up accounts for your kiddos.  I did this for my fourteen year old son, and let me tell you...they did a wonderful job.  He received 10 items (I was jealous, lol) and there were only two shirts we weren't crazy about...but, with the 25% discount it ended up being cheaper to keep every item than to send those two back : )

 I love the red shirt with the blue trim!!!  My son loves the jeans.  I let the stylist know he loves sweatpants but needed to find some alternatives for school and they sent jeans that are actually as comfy as sweatpants...said it right on the tag : )

  I am going to do one more shipment for him before school starts (they even have an option to rush your next fix) and we should have enough new items for him for back to school.  

  Oh and the greatest thing...price ranges for his items were from $12 to $24 very reasonable for the amazing quality : ) 

Can't wait to get our next shipments!!!!




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