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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Pop Shop - 20% off your choice of program or summer camp!

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The Pop Shop - Youth Performing Arts School
"Turn your dreams into Reality at The Pop Shop"
The Pop Shop is a premier performing arts school in Orlando, Florida, providing professional singing, acting and dance performance instruction for children and young adults. The Pop Shop environment features positive music and encouragement to promote strong self-esteem, freedom of artistic expression and career preparation.

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The Pop Shop offers some of the MOST FUN and INTERACTIVE programs available in Central Florida! If your child loves to sing or dance, dreams of being an actor in a movie or TV show, these sessions are for you! The Pop Shop combines REAL industry training, tons of fun, and a fantasy element in each week! See why Playground Magazine voted us one of their 5 STAR COOLEST SUMMER SESSIONS! Check out their website to see why kids fly in from all across the country for this invaluable experience!

Check out our Success stories -- some of the kids in our programs have gone on to American Idol, The Voice, TV acting, Universal Studios and more!

"Since our 2 children started attending the Pop Shop, they have become more outgoing, happier and definitely more confident. They have learned so much through the classes and all the performances throughout Central Florida. They are no longer afraid to speak out in their classes at school. Also the atmosphere at the Pop Shop really brings the kids closer. When they are performing, they receive so much encouragement from the other kids and other parents. So they are not afraid to perform, even if they make a mistake. The staff at the Pop Shop emphasizes the importance of accepting others, no matter how different, and to treat each other with respect. In the past in other activities they were involved in, our kids would eventually get tired of going and wanted to quit. They have been going to the Pop Shop for about 1- 1/2 years and they still look forward to all the practices and performances. Also since attending the Pop Shop, we all have gotten the feeling we are a part of one big family. So it's very enjoyable watching our kids and the other kids whom we have gotten to know and love, perform."
Dennis & Jean Rogers, Pop Shop Parents

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Mommy in PA:  The Pop Shop sounds like it would be a lot of fun for my kiddos...I wish we lived closer to Orlando : )  This is definitely something I am looking forward to checking out.  My son is such a ham in front of the camera already and I really hope that he considers getting into theatre when he gets to high school. 

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