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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Paper House Puzzles - Christmas in July Gift Idea #2

disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

Paper House Puzzles

  If you are looking for a great last minute gift idea.  Paper House Puzzles may have exactly what you are looking for.

  And don't be fooled by their name, they sell other things too like stickers, scrapbook supplies, cards, journals, magnets, and much more.  
  We got a chance to try out their floor puzzles and here is what we thought:

  Mommy in GA: these are awesome!!!  My big kids pull them out to play with the baby!! We love the dinosaur and fire truck!! I did give the castle and puppy one away as a gift (labeled the to and from right on the box because they made a spot for it!!) The kids all love them....when my nieces and nephews show up they pull them out and put them together.... I love how big they are (it is REALLY hard to lose the pieces to these!!) I am excited to check out more products because they are a very sturdy product as well!!

  Mommy in PA:  Ok I just want to start with the first thing I noticed when I looked at the boxes...they actually have the "to and from" label on them already so gift giving is made that much simpler.  This would be a wonderful idea for a grandparent to give their grandchildren every year because the child will know who it was from the whole time they have it.  

  I also have to mention that these are high quality puzzle pieces.  We have never had any issues with the pieces bending or having those annoying frayed edges like some others do.  

 The dinosaur one was our favorite : )

  Even my twelve year old enjoyed putting them together, this totally surprised me as he is a major computer addict, but this gave us some good quality time as we turned it into a game of "how fast can we put these together : )

  My only disappointment was the fact that these puzzles don't have the shapes in them like the other ones we did.  But other than that they were a blast.  

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