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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Kristine's Shower - Christmas in July Gift Idea #1

disclaimer:  We received the following products for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

  Kristine's Shower

  If you are still looking for the perfect gift for that special lady in your life or perhaps a mother who has no idea what to get her daughter, then we recommend you checking out the products over at Kristine's Shower.

  Kristine's Shower offers a huge assortment of homemade products.  Shower Bombs, Bath Bombs, Bubblecakes, soaps, body sorbets, aloe vera body whips, and body frosting.  She even has product varieties for the kids and the guys.

  Kristine's Shower was kind enough to send us each a variety of products to try out and here are our thoughts:

  Mommy in GA:If you are a bath kinda gal or  guy......keep reading❤❤.  If you just like to pamper yourself like a spa but in the privacy of your own home at a fraction of the cost? 

Again keep reading😍😍! 
We had the privilege to try bath bombs ,a sugar rub and a whipped body lotion! My skin felt amazing and I smelled delicious lol.

I have all the kids so they used the bath bombs and really liked them a lot, when they were gone the kids asked when we were going to get more!

The whipped lotion goes a long ways too and my skin was soooooo soft BUT
My favorite is the sugar scrub.....i used it from head to toe started with my face which helped with blemishes and used it on my legs which exfoliate and even helps if you have a pesky ingrown hair all the way to your feet if you have a rough patch and the sunset colors and tropical scent make you forget you are in your own home scrubbing your feet you used to chase after your 5 kids all day...very relaxing!!!

  Mommy in PA:  Ok so even without looking at who sent the package I could tell what it was....that whoosh of scent when you open the box is just heavenly.  She always packages things so pretty with the tissue paper and you can tell she truly cares about making her customers feel pampered : )  

  My favorite product to try this time was the Shea Butter Body Frosting...this stuff is AMAZING!!!!  I don't know if my skin has ever felt that soft before, my husband even mentioned how smooth my legs were...couldn't keep his hands to himself lol : )  

  My favorite scent this time was the CocoVan.  It smells delicious lol, makes me think of a decadent dessert.  I got that in the Shea Butter Body Sorbet and it smells yummy : )  

  I also received a thing of the Aloe Vera Body Whip which is nice for my dry hands and feet and she sent along a good variety of bath bombs which I never get to try because my son LOVES them.  It is hilarious how much he likes these, claims them all as soon as they get here.  But I am ok with it because after he uses them in the bath then we get to enjoy how the house smells the rest of the evening.  We loved every scent : )  And the cupcake one with the elephant on it is adorable...not sure my son will use that one...he thinks he might be able to save the elephant lol : )

  So needless to say my household is HUGE Kristine's Shower Fans!!!!

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